Learning any new language can be challenging. There are so many factors in how to learn. You start to question so many things. Questions like How do you start? Should You Take lessons? Should you learn on your own? What do you need to learn Italian? It’s questions like these that can leave you stumped and it may lead to you never even starting. There's so much unknown out there so you start to find the best way to learn, but you never do. This is why we have created the step by step guide to learning Italian. We’ll list down below the steps you need to take to start learning Italian from start to finish. You can get your questions answered all in one place.

Our Number One Tip in Learning Italian

In our guide to learning Italian, the number one tip is hiring a tutor. It’s completely possible to learn a language on your own, but it's not an easy thing. Hiring a tutor offers you so many benefits when trying to learning Italian. First, there's so much information online it can be hard to find a good and trusted source to learn Italian. You don’t want to be learning the wrong information. Your tutor will have years of experience teaching others and speaking Italian. They’ll know the best way on how to teach you. Second, your tutor can create a customized learning plan. A lot of language programs are for the general population they're not designed for you. Your tutor will be able to actively assess your strengths and weakness so they know what you need to focus on. Third, we all want to learn quickly. Learning on your own will take more time. You won't have someone there guiding you and to hold you accountable. You and your tutor will a dedicated time each week to keep you learning Italian.

Again, it's not impossible to learn without the help of a tutor, but we want you to be able to speak Italian. We have listed some free resources in step one if you do want to learn by yourself or just want to start learning right away.

Free Resources to Learn Italian

The internet has been a wonderful thing. You can pretty much learn anything online these days for free. Of course, paying for things still has its benefits but if you're not ready to make that cost commitment you start with free resources to begin learning Italian.

Language apps are worthwhile checking out. You can learn from the palm of your hand and most apps advertise learn for just 5 minutes every day. Apps are a good first step in learning because you start practicing Italian as soon as you sign up. Most apps go over things like vocabulary, phrases and conversational knowledge. Duolingo or Memorize are great options for learning Italian. Both offer Italian courses for free. Apps do have a cutoff point. Most free apps only can teach you so far. You’ll reach a point where you can't progress anymore and you’ll have to pay to continue. Books are another great resource to check out. You can visit your local library to check out the books they have on learning Italian. A quick tip of library books. if there is a certain book your looking for about learning Italian and your library doesn't carry it you can ask your library to order it. They'll usually be able to do this for you and yes it is free.

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Learn Italian Anywhere!
Learn Italian Anywhere! Source: MariusMB, Pixabay

Hire an Italian Teacher

If you are serious about learning Italian we highly recommended learning from an Italian teacher. You also don't want to just learn from anybody that knows Italian. You want to learn from someone that has taught others. You're going to have the option of working with a private or public teacher. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The cost can become an issue when wanting to work with a teacher privately but others don't want to be around other students. You're also going to have the option of learning online or in person. Again this will have its advantages and disadvantage. We’ve created an article breaking everything down so you know how to find the best teacher for you. You don't want someone with little experience teaching you Italian. It might turn out good or might turn out bad. You don't want to end up paying someone that isn't teaching you Italian.

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Finding the Right Price

Price is important when finding the perfect lesson for Italian. You don't want to end up paying to high. You also don't want to end up paying low for awful and Italian lessons. This does go hand and hand with finding the perfect Italian teacher. At the end of the day, you want someone that can help you with a fair price. We’ve also created another article specifically going over a fair price for Italian lessons. This gives you the chance to make your own formed decision if you getting a fair price or not. The average price for Italian lessons is anywhere from $20-$50 dollars. There are so many factors that go into pricing check out the full article to learn more.

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Find the Right Price
Find the Right Price. Source: Jarmoluk, Pixabay

Studying for Your Italian Proficiency Test

A lot of times we have reasons for learning Italian. The biggest benefit of learning Italian or any language is to study or work abroad. This would provide an amazing experience that will benefit you for a lifetime. To study or work abroad you're going to need to pass a proficiency test. Proficiency tests let whoever you're applying for that you know how to speak Italian. It shows you would be able to communicate in the language. The proficiency test is the last step in learning Italian. After passing one of these tests you’ll be considered fluent in Italian. Tests are something we all hate but it’s something we have to do. We created a guide for helpful tips so you can successfully pass your tests and start moving on to your next stage of knowing Italian.

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Shirts of Italy.
Shirts of Italy. Source: Skitterphoto, Pixabay

Your Next Steps for Learning Italian

We've given you the tools and information to start learning Italian. Now the rest is up too. You just need to start. Start searching for Italian tutors in Ottawa. You have a great list of options you can pick from. Use this article as a guide and come back to it for your wondering about the steps. We've provided in-depth articles about all the steps. You do have the option of working with Superprof. We offer tutors all over Ottawa that are ready to teach you Italian. We have online or in-person tutoring giving you the option to learn Italian when you want to learn. All our tutors are qualified to get you from 0-100. They have the education and experience so you can learn Italian quickly and efficiently.

No more putting off learning Italian. If it's a thought you've always had, you just need to make that first step. Your dreams of working or studying abroad can start to become a reality. Or you can start learning the most beautiful language in the world. You just have to start. You can sign up for any of the free resources to learn Italian today. You'll one step closer to being fluent in Italian.

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