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Education has always been an important sector of society, especially in the city of Toronto. In fact, a large percentage of the working force is employed in this sector.

With a total of $7.2B of annual spending for wages, there are over 100,000 people employed in about 1,400 educational establishments in the city. Obviously, this big of a budget and number of employees shows just how important the education sector is in this city.

According to the city’s official website, about 50% of the employees are in elementary and secondary schools while about 34% are in universities and community colleges.

There are tons of programs that students can choose from but this article will be focusing on how to study physics in Toronto. Read on to know more about the options for why you should pursue physics and pursuing physics - whether in university or private tutoring - in this city.

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Physics’ Relevance to the World

Let’s start its importance with a small recap.

Physics is actually just a study of the physical world. But it gets really complicated because it also uses mathematical formulas that might not be everybody’s forte. It’s one thing to understand physics but another to apply math to this branch of science.

It’s quite relevant because it deals with how everything interacts with one another, may it be as small as atoms or as big as galaxies. In fact, physics touches every aspect of our lives - one way or another.

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Famous Physicists and Their Contributions

Ever since time immemorial, there have been lots of physicists who have made significant contributions during their time and even up to today. Not all of them are as famous as the other but they still deserve the recognition.

Starting with Galileo Galilei. This man is most famous for his discoveries in the field of bodies in motion. Back in the 1630s, Galilei was able to show how bodies have the same free falling action despite having different compositions.

And of course, we all know Isaac Newton. It’s because of him that we now have established three laws of motion and the universal law of gravitation. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, right?

Another physicist would be James Clerk Maxwell who is famous for his published theory about electromagnetism that shows how electricity, magnetism, and light are manifestations of the electromagnetic field.

If you’re familiar with the electron, then you’ve probably heard about J.J. Thompson who first discovered this subatomic particle.

Who doesn’t know Marie Curie? Both she and Pierre Curie, her husband, made significant contributions to what we know now as radium and polonium, radioactive elements.

Last but not least, Albert Einstein. The person behind the theory of relativity has made tons of contributions to physics and all these are still being used today. He also published a paper about special relativity - how the speed of light is always constant.

Albert Einstein. Source: Pixabay

The contributions of these famous physicists have since placed stepping stones for succeeding physicists to discover more relevant and useful applications to mankind. Without their efforts, progress might have been slow and we wouldn’t really be remembering them now, right?

Physics and Its Useful Applications

Because of this science and the physicists who devoted their lives to research and discovery, we get to enjoy many things in life - such as watching TV, getting from point A to point B, and getting through a cold winter night.

All of these are products of humanity’s discovery of electricity and physics’ help in harnessing it for good use. We can all agree that life would be so much different if physicists in the past didn’t figure out how to make physics useful for us.

Other than the more common applications in terms of technology, we also get to enjoy physics in food and health. Several institutions are discovering how to use physics in the food and medical field through surveillance systems and nutrition programs, respectively.

With the help of engineering, physics has also been used to generate safe drinking waters in rural areas through irrigation techniques and rainwater harvesting.

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Study Physics in Toronto

Being the provincial capital of Ontario, it’s expected that Toronto will be a populated area. But it turns out, it’s the most populous city in the entire country. Not only that, it’s even the fourth-largest city in the continent.

The reasons mentioned above are just a few of the reasons why people opt to study in Toronto. On a different note, this place is quite near to the world-famous Niagara Falls which is a must-see. There are other tourist destinations, like CN Tower and the Toronto Islands, that people can also visit.

However, in relation to education, this city has one of the most renowned universities in the country, The University of Toronto. This automatically makes the city a top option for students who want to pursue the best programs out there.

Toronto has four publicly-funded universities which include OCAD University, Ryerson University, York University, and the University of Toronto. The only private university in this area is the Northeastern University Toronto.

As for colleges, this area is home to four publicly-funded ones namely George Brown College, Humber College, Seneca College, and Centennial College.

While there aren’t many options for institutions, the ones mentioned above do guarantee quality education that won’t fail to meet your expectations. Each of the mentioned ones has their own strengths that attract students from all parts of the country, and even the globe.

In terms of studying physics, there are three universities in Toronto that offer undergraduate programs that major in physics. Here’s a list of them:

The University of Toronto

As mentioned earlier, this university is part of the top list of universities in Canada. Not only that, but it’s also a research-intensive university that prioritizes learning, discovery and knowledge creation among its students.

This university offers two different undergraduate programs that focus on physics and astronomy - Honours Bachelor of Science in Astronomy and Physics and Honours Bachelor of Science in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Both courses would cost about CAD 200,000.

York University

This university is also one of the leading institutions that offer more than 200 undergraduate programs to interested students and graduate students. It has two campuses in Toronto.

Currently, the university offers two undergraduate programs related to studying physics. The first of which is Biophysics which intersects physics and biology, and the other being Physics and Astronomy which examines physics in relation to astronomy.

Ryerson University

Famous for their DMZ incubator, this university ranks top one for the top incubators in North America. Currently, the institution offers 62 undergraduate programs and 55 postgraduate programs for interested students.

The institution offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry - Applied Physics which emphasizes physical chemistry and a focus on physics. The entire course would cost, more or less, CAD 110,000.

It’s a given that there are only limited universities in the area that offer undergraduate programs to study physics. But the main advantage of studying physics in Toronto is the quality of education you’ll be getting. These universities have their own strengths and will make your learning worthwhile.

Find a Private Physics Tutor in Toronto

In the modern world, it’s easy to just type “physics tutor Toronto” and find a list of tutoring services - whether face-to-face tutoring sessions or online tutoring. There are tons of options for you to choose from within the area.

One great resource for finding a tutor is Superprof where it gives you a comprehensive list of qualified physics tutors in Toronto. On this website alone, you can find tons of accredited tutors that won’t hesitate to help you.

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Prices are visible and they’re very competitive - reasonable for the help you’re going to get. You can talk to a tutor of your choice and schedule your sessions with them as soon as you can.

But in reality, finding the person to give you that much-needed physics homework help takes more than just scanning and clicking. You need to know if the person you’re eyeing to be your tutor will be able to work with you and vice-versa.

Another perk of looking for tutors on this website is that you can see the reviews of their previous students. You’ll get to see whether you’re compatible with their style of tutoring. Of course, when you’re paying someone to help you, you should at least work with someone you’re comfortable with.


There are a lot of reasons why people should study in Toronto. Aside from having one of the best universities in the country, the area is also filled with interesting sights and destinations. Of course, being a top city to visit, you can expect a booming economy.

More than just the destinations, the quality of education in this area is pretty much high. If you’re already studying physics, then finding a tutor wouldn’t be as difficult with the help of Superprof. Try to find someone you’re compatible with and check their rates.

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