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Anything that involves using words is bound to get difficult. 

There are only so many words in any given language that sometimes, you might not know just how to express a thought clearly and creatively. With that being said, challenges can be expected—especially for something like poetry. 

Poetry has been known to intimidate a lot of people, especially those who are still in the process of learning it. Poems written in Old English, for example, take a bit more of your time just to simply understand and interpret.

But this doesn’t mean this is an impossible task. It only shows that if you truly take the time to understand the meaning behind it—or perhaps learn it—you’ll eventually get what you need. 

So, if you’re one of the people who wants to learn poetry, keep on reading to know more about the challenges poetry brings—and how you can best overcome them. You’ll also get to read about the available poetry classes in Montréal and where to find yourself a poetry tutor in the area. 

What Makes Poetry Challenging

High school or college homeworks on different famous poems might have left you quite interested in learning more about this form of art. Well, obviously, since you’re reading this blog post right now.

But moving past that, these pieces are not that easy to interpret and they’re certainly not everybody’s cup of tea. If you’re still fairly interested in pursuing it, then it means that you’re ready for the challenges that you might face ahead—while, of course, learning the fundamentals.

These challenges aren’t meant to deter you. Instead, they’re meant to motivate you to get past them and eventually become a great poet yourself. 

Here are some of the challenges:

Finding the Right Words

Poems are all about finding and choosing the right words. 

You have to choose the right words to create a poem that makes sense which is why this can certainly be difficult at times. Regardless of the type of poem you wish to create, knowing the right words to use requires one thing: extensive vocabulary.

Your mind may not generate a thousand words within seconds but there’s a way to get around this. It’s by constantly reading books or poems to allow yourself to get accustomed to words. By reading them, you’re able to store them for future purposes. 

As you constantly equip your mind with one of the main ingredients of poems, you’ll notice that it won’t be as challenging to come up with the right word almost immediately.  

Creating the Perfect Imagery

We all know that poems have a way of creating the perfect imagery in our minds. 

A lot of the greatest poems of all times have created a vivid and vibrant imagery in our minds that make them hard to forget. And it’s not surprising if this is one of the things that poetry classes will really focus on. 

By creating the perfect imagery for each poem, you’re showing just how great of a poet you are. It’s not always that easy to paint a great picture with only just words, but it can indeed be learned. 

You can improve this skill by being brave enough to use descriptive words, similes, and metaphors. Use all of the five senses to establish a different kind of experience and don’t stop with that. 

You shouldn’t be afraid to be weird at the beginning because proofreading will eventually polish out your thoughts. 

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Crafting the Right Poem

Lastly, one of the major challenges is crafting the right poem each time. Sometimes, you might come up with poems that don’t necessarily reflect what you had in mind. 

You might have chosen words that don’t necessarily fit or maybe created an imagery that doesn’t really make sense. But all these are just stepping stones that you can lay out in front of you towards your goal of becoming a great poet. 

Learning poetry will not be a walk in the park and you won’t always create good pieces. Some pieces might even be quite bad enough for you to be tempted to throw it away. However, don’t. Keep these poems and come back to them at a later time.

As you progress in your studies, you can even remaster and recreate the poems you’ve set aside and use the things that you have learned along the way to make them better. 

Poetry Classes Available in Montréal

Now that we’ve tackled the challenges of poetry and how to overcome them, it’s time that we direct you to where you can study poetry in Canada, specifically in the francophone city of Montréal. 

This city is filled with culture and arts that it’s only reasonable to have several learning options for this piece of literature. Curious to know about your options? Read on. 

Quebec Writers’ Federation

The Quebec Writers’ Federation offers different English-language programs, services, and opportunities for all sorts of writers in a wider community. One of this federation’s goals is to increase access to literary activities for underserved communities through their programs. 

This federation was established in 1998 where two organizations merged into one. These organizations were the Quebec Society for the Promotion of English-Language Literature and the Federation of English-Language Writers of Quebec.

Today, the federation has expanded their activities dramatically and continues to grow and innovate. 

Currently, they offer several workshops to help the participants develop their writing abilities with the help of professional writers that serve as facilitators for these events. 

Some of their poetry workshops include: Crafty Poetry — Section 1 and Section 2, Crafty Poetry, and workshops with established poets in the city. 

Calgary has a similar poetry group that you can also look into when you’re in the area. Check out the Online Poetry Cafe for more information!

Dawson College

For those who want to pursue a career not just in poetry but also in creative writing, Dawson College offers a course that will explore different forms of literature. This college is one of Quebec's long-established educational institutions that forge academic life in Montréal. 

This Creative Writing course is over 30 hours and does not have any prerequisites that you must accomplish. The class time will be divided into writing exercises, discussions, editing, and criticizing the works of the students. Some readings will also be given for participants to learn from. 

The content of the course will include some aspects of short fiction, poetry, writing habits, the creative process, and writing opportunities. 

If you want to study in the busy city of Toronto, best to check out the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies’ poetry and songwriting program. 

Getting Yourself a Poetry Tutor in Montréal

If you’re the type to prefer learning on a one-on-one session with an established poet or you’re just looking for supplementary learning to your current poetry classes, then maybe getting yourself a poetry tutor might just do the trick. 

Finding the Right Poetry Tutor in Montréal. Source: Stocksnap

By hiring a poetry tutor, you’re able to hone your skills under focused supervision and you won’t have to feel conscious about other people. Moreover, you’ll also be able to dictate what kind of learning you prefer. 

This learning option is, of course, more suitable for people who don’t really have much time on their hands yet are very much willing to spend for more quality learning. It’s fair to mention that tutors—given their expertise—may charge premium rates.

But don’t worry! even if you're in Edmonton premium rates mean premium and more in-depth learning. 

So the only question that remains is where do you find these tutors in Montréal? Simple answer would be from Superprof! 

At Superprof, you’ll find several profiles of established poets and professionals who are very much willing to teach you all the basics of poetry and everything you need to know to create a great poem. 

Other than their personal descriptions, you can also find their rates and reviews made by their former students. These pieces of information will surely help you choose the right tutor to get you started with poetry. 

Want to start learning ASAP? Find a tutor on Superprof today!

You might also want to find yourself a tutor in Vancouver, if you’re even in that coastal city for a long-term stay. 


Poetry may seem like a difficult piece of art to learn but there’s more to it than just glamorous words that are challenging to understand. With a bit of practice and patience, you can turn yourself into a poet by mastering all the techniques while exploring your creative side. 

In Montréal, there are several classes and workshops that you can enrol in to get access to the basic knowledge of poetry. You can even get your own tutor if you really want a one-on-one type of learning. 

Regardless of learning method, don’t let the challenges of poetry hinder you from learning this magnificent piece of literature.

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