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A lot of people still wonder why poetry exists today and it’s quite understandable why. 

First of all, people don’t really communicate the way they did before—using Old English where every sentence seemed like a poem. Second, a lot of people now just enjoy watching movies or reading through fictional books that don’t have any traces of poems in them. 

So why does it still exist and why is it still important today? If you’re curious to know why, just keep on reading. Here, you’ll also find information on where you can study poetry in Vancouver and where to find the best tutors in the city. 

Why Poetry is Still Important Today

As mentioned, a lot of people still wonder why poetry is still a thing these days. If you’re reading this, you might be rolling your eyes because to you it’s one of the best forms of art out there and there’s just a lot of reasons to love poetry.

But for others, your reasons can be a little hard to understand and—even—comprehend. After all, not everybody has the same amount of passion as you do when it comes to these poems. And there’s absolutely no denying that poetry has its challenges

So, what makes poetry important today? We’ll enumerate the reasons so that if somebody asks you, you’ll be able to answer them reasonably. 

Poetry Teaches Students to Look Past Literal Meaning

If there’s one thing that poetry teaches students, it’s that you shouldn’t take everything for what it is. There’s a deeper meaning to the words and phrases you can find in the poem. Being able to interpret and understand this meaning is a valuable skill, especially in life. 

A lot of the greatest poems known to mankind often establish an imagery that you won’t always get the first time you read it. But as you train your mind and imagination to look past all the literal interpretations, you find yourself stepping into a whole new world. 

This becomes useful when you encounter life situations that make you question your own existence. By helping students look past literal meaning, you’re teaching them to dig deeper and have more depth in their character. 

Poetry Makes People More Creative with Words 

It’s not surprising just how creative people can get with words. Back in the days, poems were one of the pieces that lovers give to their beloved. 

But this creativity doesn’t always come at birth for everybody. Sometimes—if not, most of the time—the lot of us need to learn and master it. This is why one of the best ways to master it is through poetry.

Poetry challenges a person to be more creative with words and bring life to every sentence they make. While some poems tend to be long, many of these are actually pretty short which poses a challenge on how to best deliver a message creatively. 

Poetry is a Way to Help People Reflect

We’re not just talking about history here. We’re talking about living through the minds of some of the greatest poets before our time. 

Poetry is one of the ways to understand how these poets lived their lives in the past. It’s also an insight to how society back in their days used to work. Some poems also tackle societal issues that may not exactly be like the ones we have today, but are similar in some aspects. 

More often than not, famous poems also help a lot of people take a good look into their own lives and reflect. The wise words of the past have indeed influenced the most famous and powerful people in the world today which is why they’re worth looking into. 

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Poetry Classes in Vancouver 

Since we’ve tackled the importance of poetry in our world today, it’s only reasonable that we give you information on where to study poetry in the coastal city of Vancouver. 

This seaport city is not just known for its seafood and fine cuisines, but also for the various learning opportunities—especially for poetry. 

Read on to know where you can learn the best tips and techniques to become one of the best poets in Canada today: 

Simon Fraser University 

Simon Fraser University has been around since 1971, providing flexible education to a diverse community of students from all over the world. What makes this university quite attractive is that it has evening, weekend, and even online courses that students can choose from. 

Not only that, the university is also quite committed to providing students customized training, public events, and community engagement projects for holistic learning. 

In relation to their poetry classes, the university currently has a Creative Writing program where aspiring writers—not just poets—have the access to the right tools, techniques, and support they need to become the best version of themselves. 

This program is known to take a holistic approach to help students truly master the craft of writing. By combining a dynamic curriculum and several hands-on experiences, you can expect to see students grow with their community. 

Currently they have two courses focused on poetry: Poetry 1 and Poetry 2. But they provide access to Lunch Poems which is an online activity for aspiring poets.

A similar program is offered by Algonquin College in Ottawa. If you’re looking to study in the capital city, better give this school a visit. 

The University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia ranks among the top 20 public universities in the world. In fact, it’s recognized as one of the most international universities in all of North America today. It’s actually quite known for being a global centre for teaching. Learning, and research. 

It was established in 1915, with the motto of Tuum Est which means “It Is Yours”. This motto has driven the school to commit to support students who want to better shape the world. And it’s undoubtedly evident in the graduates of this university. 

Currently, the university offers an undergraduate program for Creative Writing where students can learn from world-renowned faculty who are also authors themselves. Here, students are exposed to a variety of opportunities and learning from these experienced writers. 

This creative writing program focuses not only on poetry but also in writing fiction, screenplay, podcasting, video game writing, and graphic novels. 

You can also find a similar program in Toronto where you can not only learn poetry but also songwriting. Check out the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies for more information.

Vancouver’s Best Poetry Tutors

You’ve probably read this over and over again but we’re just going to say it anyway—not everybody likes group or class learning. Oftentimes, these people prefer learning through private sessions to ensure the time is maximized. 

For others, they just simply can’t meet the schedules laid out by group classes. This is fairly reasonable which is why a lot of them opt to hire their own private poetry tutors. 

You might be wondering, what are the benefits that come with getting yourself a private tutor? Well, first you can learn the best way you want to; it doesn’t have to be the conventional method. For as long as your chosen tutor is comfortable and familiar with the method, you’ll be good to go.

Finding the Right Poetry Tutor in Vancouver. Source: Pixabay

Another reason is that tutoring allows you to set your own schedule and length for each session. If you’re busy and have other commitments that need attending to, tutoring might suit your schedule better. 

Lastly, tutoring programs are personalized. So, whatever it is you’re learning and how fast the pacing is will be dependent on your progress alone. No need to worry about other people’s time or progress—just simply focus on your own. 

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You can also find a tutor in Calgary if you want to move to the sunniest city in the country.


It’s no surprise that a lot of people wonder why poetry is considered to be important even today. But given all the reasons justifying its importance, you would no longer wonder why it’s still being taught in schools. 

If you value poetry yourself, take up poetry classes in Montréal . You can also get yourself a poetry tutor if it suits you better. Regardless of how you learn poetry, be sure to spread its importance to other people as well. 

You can also check out poetry classes and workshops in Edmonton!

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