The concept of tutoring may not be new to you anymore as it is a fairly common practice in most countries in the world and Canada is no different. Also considered to be one of the oldest teaching methods other than the traditional one, it’s a reliable way to learn all different kinds of subjects. 

However, many wonder if it can still be applied to post-graduate courses such as law. 

The quickest answer to that is, yes! It can be applied. A lot of law students hire their own personal tutors because they need the extra help when it comes to challenging courses. Everybody knows just how hard it is to be a law student so help is always welcome. 

But tutoring is quite different from traditional teaching. Tutors work towards making the student independent from tutoring and succeed on their own. If the student still depends on a tutor for his or her learning, then the tutoring is not actually working.

When done right, there are a lot of benefits that tutoring brings to whoever wants to engage in such learning methods. In this blog, we’ll enumerate all the possible reasons why you should get yourself a law tutor and where to find one in Montréal or Calgary.

Benefits of Getting Yourself a Law Tutor

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As we’ve mentioned, tutoring when done right, can bring so many benefits that won’t just be useful in law school. Some of these benefits can even remain as you pursue your career in law and even in your daily life. 

Of course, there’s also due diligence on your part. But for the most part, tutors know exactly what they’re doing in order to bring out the best in your abilities and make sure you achieve everything you set out to. 

Curious about these benefits? Here’s a list we’ve compiled for you:

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Personalized Learning Sessions

If there’s one thing about traditional classes, it’s that they’re very general because teachers handle several students in one class. This means that personalization is never an option. But for tutoring, it’s the main method of learning. 

Through these personalized learning sessions, the students’ needs and preferences are considered when creating lesson plans and activities for the entire duration of the session. This is quite beneficial especially if you find that you’re not compatible with traditional learning.

This is highly beneficial for law students because personalized learning means that you’re able to learn and understand the concepts, cases, and facts much easily. You won’t have to struggle on your own when learning these concepts because sessions are crafted just for you. 

Less Distractions

In sessions, it’s expected that your distractions will be minimized since there’s an external factor that will make sure of it. You won’t be able to check your social media accounts as often as you want nor will you make excuses to procrastinate or skip your readings. 

If you see this as a bad thing, then all the more you should get yourself a tutor. Once you are in session, these distractions will be controlled to ensure that you’re maximized every second of the session with the tutor.

Over time, you’ll notice just how beneficial this is. Moreover, sessions are just one-on-one with your tutor; so, you won’t really feel embarrassed or shy whenever you commit a mistake. These mistakes will also be corrected, helping you concentrate while learning.

Develop Great Study Habits

Each student has his or her own study habits, whether good or bad. Now, when it comes to tutoring, the goal of the tutor is to convert all your bad habits into good and improve your good habits even further. 

Since one of the main goals of the tutoring sessions is to help you become independent from your tutor, you can expect to develop good, if not great, study habits that will be useful in the more challenging years of law school. 

Your tutor can make an objective assessment of what you’re doing right and wrong and can help you progress based on that assessment. So if you know you have bad studying habits and want to correct them, try to find a tutor to motivate you.

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Benefits of Getting A Law Tutor. Source: Pixabay

Get Proper Guidance

Tutors are also professionals themselves who already have years of experience. These tutors can use their experience to give you proper guidance whenever you need it. With experience, they can nudge you when they see that you’re losing your way or that you’re not as motivated as before. 

There will be times wherein you will get lost or will get demotivated when everything gets too stressful. But your tutor will see to it that you’re back on your feet again and still pushing towards graduating from law school and passing the bar exam. 

More than just moral guidance, your tutor can also help you curate your thought process and help you think better and faster. Since they’ve gone through law school themselves, they would know how to properly assess and absorb materials to help you perform academically. 

Perform Better in Law School 

With personalized learning sessions, great study habits, and proper guidance from a tutor, you can expect that you’ll definitely perform better in law school. All these positive inputs into your studies will produce great results in terms of academic performance. 

It’s not just because you have a tutor, it’s also because as a student, you’re also performing better on your own. Sooner or later, once you’ve mastered the study habits and have created a schedule that you can follow, you’ll no longer need a tutor and the tutor’s task is complete. 

The motivation you’ll get from the guidance and better academic performance will also become your driving force to continue law school and push through the potential challenges you’ll face not just in the higher years but also in real life career events. 

Overall Improved Self-Confidence

Surely after getting good grades and being guided on the right path, you’ll see that you have an improved self-confidence. This new self-confidence of yours will also be instrumental in helping you become independent from your tutor and eventually, graduating from law school. 

In another way, you’ll also get the self-confidence from tutoring because you’re going to get challenged to do better without feeling the pressure of having so many people around. You’ll gain the ability to answer questions as you continuously practice recitations with your tutor.

Your study habits will also contribute to your self-confidence as you’re sure that the way you’re studying produces the outcome that you want. It’s not just going to be relevant in your law school years but also once you’ve started working as a lawyer for real. 

Where to Find a Law Tutor in Montréal 

With all those benefits enumerated, you might now be more excited than ever to find yourself a law tutor. The country is filled with all sorts of tutors, including law. Since it’s also a fairly common profession, you can expect a wide variety of options as soon as you look it up on Google or any other search engine. 

But the question is, where can you easily find one in Edmonton? what about Montréal?

The quickest answer to that is Superprof! At Superprof, you’re automatically connected to tutors who offer their services according to the field you specify. In this case, law. This virtual platform will also let you see their rates, descriptions, and reviews made by former students.

The task of choosing the right tutor might need more than just looking at the reviews they get; you might have to get to know them well or even conduct interviews just so you can find the most suitable one for you.

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Learning Better Through Tutoring in Montréal. Source: Pixabay

Lucky for you, the first session with your tutor is free which allows you to discuss your learning preferences and methods more easily. From strengths and weaknesses to schedule, you can all cover those at the beginning of your program. 

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You might be surprised that even law students get their own tutor. But there’s no shame in tutoring since it offers a lot of benefits that students can still apply even after they graduate. These benefits come in the form of better learning habits and self-confidence that they might not have developed on their own quite easily. 

If you’re looking for a law tutor from Montréal to Ottawa, then the fastest way for you would be to go to Superprof and type in your location and your field of interest. Within seconds, you’ll see a list of profiles and you might even find the most suitable tutor for you right away!

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