Tutoring has become a multi-billion-dollar industry in the last few years. The global tutoring market has projected revenue of 227.2 billion dollars by 2022.

There is a good reason for the explosion in interest. The competition to get into academically rigorous colleges and universities is intense, in Canada and many other countries. Good students need to make their marks great to gain admission. The only way to do that is to work harder and longer with a talented, certified tutor or a peer tutor who can help them prep and perfect their skillset.

Then there are the students who struggle to succeed academically. They may have a learning challenge that requires a new way to approach schoolwork that is better suited to their learning style. Private tutoring or tutoring centres can identify their optimum environment and customize the supplemental instruction to the student.

Then there are the subjects that fall into the passion project list. These are skills that you’ve always wanted to learn, and now you have the chance. Skills like flying a plane, pottery, playing the cello, anything you can think of, there is a tutor available to teach you.

If you employ a tutor with the right skill set and put your mind to the task,

any subject can be learned and improved.

Academic Tutoring – Tutoring for Learning and Success

Tutors can provide homework help, test preparation, note taking, and study skills and that’s just for starters. Source: Verge Magazine

Teaching pedagogy has come a long way in the past fifty years. We know much more now about how children learn, how to deliver effective lessons, the different learning challenges. As well as the differences in cultures and genders that affect learning. It has been a great deal for the teaching profession to absorb, process and deliver properly.

Even if done perfectly, it’s not reasonable to expect them to have 100% success with each student.

That is where the world of private tuition comes in. Peer tutors are students who are a few years older than their tutees. Peer tutoring is particularly effective as they can be a mentor to their educational charge because they have recently gone through the same schooling. They understand the core concepts of the course, which ones are important to learn, and where the tests will focus.

Or you could attend a tutoring centre where a certified tutor will create a tutoring program customized for your child or put them in a group tutoring environment that can help them learn in tandem with other children their age.

Then there are the many subjects available to be taught. Let’s start with the most popular: math science, reading comprehension, writing process, anatomy & physiology, calculus, and the all-important French tutors and Chemistry tutors. Of all of these, the math tutors and the language tutors are by far the most requested academic tutors across the educational spectrum.

Here is what you can expect to receive from a qualified tutor:

  • They have reviewed the subject material thoroughly and know which exercises to focus on to best help the student.
  • They allow the students time to think and process what they have learned.
  • They go from general ideas to specific ones, so the student sees the whole picture of what they are learning.
  • When teaching a difficult concept, they ask related questions that show the steps needed to get to the right answer.
  • They use a real-life example to teach complicated concepts.
  • They are encouraging and give positive feedback to the student as they progress through each stage.
  • They simplify difficult terms by explaining them in everyday language.

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Different Way Tutors Can Support Their Students

The best tutors provide solid academic support that results in student success. Source: Observer

Weekly one-on-one tutoring sessions are the bedrock of a professional tutoring program. You can meet more than once a week, and that will only solidify your knowledge and chance at academic success.

There is also growing online tutoring services around the world.

SuperProf is one of the leaders of the industry in this market.

They have recently expanded into Canada and are offering tutoring services in

tens of subjects in every major Canadian city.

An online tutor has many benefits. They can reach students around the world. They are likely more flexible with their hours because there isn’t a need to travel to the student or have the student travel to them.

Tutoring online in a virtual learning environment is particularly conducive to those on a budget. Given the amount of competition, online tutoring costs are very competitive and can be up to 30% cheaper than home tutoring.

If you are looking for help with essay writing, an English tutor will teach you how to write an essay using this technique:

  • Use an essay question from a previous year
  • Tell the students to brainstorm all their ideas about that topic and write them down.
  • Create one main argument or thesis and draft the major concepts needed to argue their points persuasively.
  • Create an essay outline with enough points to support their argument.
  • Create an introduction that has a hook, background information, a description of the topic, the issue at stake, and the objective of the essay.
  • Flesh out the content of the essay or the body with adequate examples and source evidence to support each.
  • Draft a convincing conclusion.
  • Perfect their cite references and maintain objectivity so that their opinion does not come into play.

Tutors provide the academic support students need and help in critical areas like study skills, homework help, test taking, and exam prep. The extra attention and assistance make it possible for students to gain the confidence they need to move forward confidently.

On Superprof, you can find a tutor.

The Benefits of Individualized Tutoring Programs

Find a tutor and rise above the competition. There’s no free tutoring, but it’s worth every penny.
Find a tutor and rise above the competition. There’s no free tutoring, but it’s worth every penny. Source: peakpx

Private tutors get to know you, and part of this individualized service is they want to know how best you learn. They will give you an assessment to find out where you have gaps in your knowledge. They’ll go over homework, test results, and assignments to see where you are struggling and where you’re solid.

They will customize your lessons so you can focus on the areas where you need extra practice and explanation. They’ll give you extra assignments, test prep and if they are math tutors, they will drill you on concepts.

Who knows, after all this work and the inevitable academic success to come, you may be thinking of becoming a tutor? Certainly, the tutor jobs are there!

It’s a great career or a lucrative side hustle for those who love sharing their knowledge and making a difference in someone’s life.

Tutors Give You the Confidence You Need to Succeed

Tutors like any good coach, challenge, encourage, and celebrate your achievements. Source: peakpx

One of the key reason’s to hire a tutor is to undo the damage poor academic performance does to the student’s confidence and psyche. It’s a worsening scenario when you start to do poorly in a subject. It becomes hard to tell if your grades continue to slide because of the gaps in your knowledge or the panic and resignation you feel when you don’t do well.

It can become a self-fulfilling prophesy if you become depressed about your marks and start to believe that you don’t have the intellect or talent to be a good student.

Tutoring services give you back the confidence you need to do well. They will help you identify and address the areas where you are weakest. They will also help you study and do test preparation so you can do your absolute best on an exam.

A personal tutor will be more than an educational guide. They will become

your friend, your confidant, and your greatest supporter.

They want you to succeed as much as you do!

So, go out there and find a home tutor, a tutoring centre, an online tutor, group tutoring programs, or a professional teacher who tutors on the side. They will learn your strengths, weaknesses, study habits and learning style.

Once they have a clear picture of what you need, they will create a plan to help you find success academically, musically, in sport, or in whatever subject you decide. Leap and give yourself a chance to do even better than you are now. Whether you are a struggling student or an academic overachiever, a personal tutor will take you higher than you were previously.

There’s no shame in being tutored anymore. It’s a sign that you take your education seriously, and you want the education certification to do what you want with your scholastic career and life.

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