Learning to paint and draw is necessary to put our thoughts on paper. We often have an image in our head, but we can’t capture it on paper. Therefore, there is a need to employ the services of a competent online painting teacher.

To learn the basics of drawing and painting online, you don’t need to limit your options to sites like YouTube. You can hire a professional to take you private online painting classes.

So get out your colored pencils and your brushes because this method is undoubtedly one of the most effective online learning techniques when it comes to painting lessons.

What does a private online lesson entail? It’s all about hiring a private teacher to teach you online via webcam. So the teacher can see what you are doing and correct you if necessary. Thanks to this direct contact between the teacher and the student, you will be able to ask questions directly, and therefore you will progress faster.

Choosing an online teacher will help you to follow a consistent program from start to finish and avoid abandoning your lessons due to lack of time or motivation. Establishing regular class schedule with a teacher allows you to set a particular assiduity.

Painting Lessons Online: Are they really what you need?

Online private lessons are just as practical as home lessons! Although, they require a different approach, the effectiveness of an art course, whether in class, online or at home, depends on the same factor: the student's motivation and the teacher's competence!

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Online art lessons can be dynamic ad tailored to your needs.(source:unsplash)

Whether in drawing classes, acrylic painting classes, art courses, or private lessons, a teacher must, above all, be pedagogical and passionate. He must have good listening skills to be able to help the student meet their learning needs.

So, Where Can I Find A Competent Tutor? 

Here are some tips to enable you to find an excellent online painting teacher:

Some private teachers post notices where they specify the kind of service they offer, alongside their rate and contact details. Take a look at art schools, commercial establishments, or in your neighborhood.

Look At The Ads!

There are lots of ads available on social networks or other service offering websites. From there, you can find a competent online painting teacher to guide you through each art class.

And of course, do not hesitate to take another look at private lesson platforms like Superprof, where you will find many private painting teachers in every province of Canada.

Evaluating the Competence of Your Online Tutor 

Evaluating the performance of your online painting teacher is essential. As much as this is sometimes hard work and challenging for students, it is necessary to establish efficient evaluation mechanisms to enable you to understand whether or not the tutor is the right one for you

What to consider?

  • Your relationship 

Observe how the teacher relates to you. Cordiality and respect must be present in any interaction in the class

  • Professionalism

Evaluate the basic and standard items that qualify your teacher as a professional, such as punctuality, conservation of the work environment, use of art materials, among others.

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A professional art teacher uses different techniques for teaching.(source:unsplash)
  • Didactic

Observe and try to learn more about how the teacher paints and transfers the content to you, checking if he can think of different methods to explain art work.

  • Contributions to pedagogical guidelines

Judge the teacher's participation in the class as a whole: if he comes up with good ideas, if he contributes to the pedagogical process, or if he is limited to just giving his lessons. 


How to Prepare For Your First Art Lesson

It’s important to know that you aren’t partaking in online university courses, such as MOOC, where you virtually have everything prepared ahead of time for you. Instead, you’re engaging in distance learning available for art students.

Hence, you have to make sure everything is well prepared from your end before the lesson begins.

To begin with, once the bureaucratic procedures have been completed, ensure to have these essential tools ready, namely:

  • A computer: with a webcam and a microphone that allows both you and your tutor to see each other clearly during each lesson.
  • A good internet connection: so that the painting lesson runs smoothly. And it’s understandable.
  • The video-call application: usually downloadable for free; this application allows you to call via video conference from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. All you have to do is create an account, and your teacher will have to do the same: you are ready!
  • Materials for study: Of course, you can’t forget this. Else, you probably have another plan of having an itch-free lesson. Your painting materials are as important to you as it is to your teacher. Ensure you have them handy before the commencement of the class.

Now that’s it. With each of these prerequisites in place, you’re one step closer to beginning your online painting class from the comfort of your home or anywhere you are in Canada.

Other tips for hiring an excellent online painting teacher

It’s vital to hire a tutor you can easily relate with during each lesson. Research has shown that students learn new skills faster when the tutor can teach in a manner that they easily comprehend. An art teacher that takes your feelings into consideration and leverage on your interest to introduce new lessons is a rare gem.

Taking proper steps before hiring an art tutor is never a waste of time. Remember you are going to be paying for these painting lessons, hence, it's only normal to desire the best from them. This is vital if you want to enjoy hassle-free art classes without switching tutors rapidly because their teaching style does not conform to your learning goals.

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Facts About Painting Classes You Should Know

The teacher you hire for painting lessons should be more knowledgeable in art than the student. Also, the teacher must be to adapt to your level during each lesson.

Every tutor has his own teaching style. Your ideal tutor should be able to use different strategies to make sure you get the best out of your painting skills.

Here are different methods applied by qualified art teachers

  • Project-based teaching

It is an integrative method that proposes the student's inclusion in a real situation or problem that requires a solution or verification. Part of the student’s interest is characterised by applying practically a painting that allows solving a real problem from various knowledge areas.

  • Flipped classroom

It is based on “going around the class,” redirecting the attention, giving it to the students and their learning.

Hence, the educational materials (for example, readings or videos) are studied by the students at home, and later, they are worked on in the classroom.

  • Problem-based teaching

It is a methodology in which the solution to one or more paintings is investigated, interpreted, argued, and proposed, creating a simulated scenario of a possible solution and analysing the probable consequences.

  • Design thinking

It is an innovative method that helps solve the student’s problems based on simple solutions adapted to the students and the context. It consists of five phases that help drive development: discovery, interpretation, ideation, experimentation, and evolution.

  • Creative-based teaching

This method focuses on developing pro-activeness, going beyond wishful thinking when working on sample paintings. It seeks to help students to analyse, argue, relate, so that the information becomes learning.

These five methods are the best techniques that can be employed by an art teacher. However, a good teacher should juggle between different alternatives to ensure that his student understand his point without having to compromise teaching quality.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring an Online Painting Teacher

It’s important to know that private tuition for art classes is not regulated in Canada. This means anyone can decide to become a home tutor and offer to teach other valid painting skills. In as much as this can be an issue for many students, knowing the common mistakes to avoid when hiring an art lesson teacher will help.

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Hiring different tutors for art lessons within a short time can cost you more.(source:unsplash)


That said, here are common mistakes you should avoid when hiring an online painting teacher:

  • Failure to make competence and experience a critical factor for choosing a tutor for paint lessons.
  • Making the selection process too fast or too slow
  • Not asking for enough references
  • Focusing on hiring generalists
  • Opting for the cheapest option

Painting is not a difficult art to learn. What may seem daunting at first is precisely the diversity of techniques, styles, and tools. To improve quickly, you will need to set goals that are easy to achieve. You will see how you advance by leaps and bounds! Learn how painting associations can help you.

Have we convinced you? Are you ready to jump in? As you try to practice these steps, ensure you choose the right platform to search for your ideal teacher for paint classes. You will find the perfect tutor for your level on Superprof. Wouldn’t you rather hire someone that is willing to take you by the hand and show you how to paint like a pro every step of the way?  Take advantage of the first free lesson and learn how to paint right away!

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