In recent months, many people found themselves spending more time at home than usual. Hence, their cooking skills were put to the test countless times. If you have excellent cooking skills, we would like to say kudos. But if not, it’s time to put in some effort and acquire this unique life-long skill.

Not only will you be able to defend yourself in the kitchen anytime, but you would also experience the fun of knowing how to prepare a variety of cuisines and delicacies to satisfy your taste bud. And whenever the restaurants didn’t open due to certain restrictions, you don’t have to panic. All you have to do is visit your kitchen and prepare whatever you like.

Fortunately, we are no longer limited to grandma's and other outdated learning how to cook methods. Nowadays, if you want to learn how to cook in Canada, there are plenty of options for you. To learn how to cook, you need to understand how the art of cooking works and why it is done in a certain way instead of another. This will also help you to debug the myth that accompanies many cooking processes.

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You can explore the various learn to cook options one at a time. Source; unsplash

There are different ways you can do this. It includes the use of cookbooks, videos, and online platforms. We will explore these learn how to cook options one after another to see which one suits you best.

Learning How to Cook For Beginners Using Cookbooks

We have selected a selection of brand new releases and others quite old but have stood the test of time. These cookbooks make a lot of sense even if you are a beginner and barely know your way around the kitchen.

  • Ministry Of Food: Anyone Can Learn How to Cook In 24 Hours by Jamie Oliver

Many great chefs today can attest to Jamie’s Ministry of Food magic. To date, it’s still one of the best cookbooks for beginners who want to learn the rudiments of cooking. The instructions are quite easy to follow. The cookbook chapters teach how to prepare everyday meals such as omelets, egg sauce, pasta, and other local favorites.

The cookbook covers lots of beginner cooking series and great for anyone who wants to master the basics and learn a tip of advanced/intermediary skills. Therefore, it’s undoubtedly a confident booster in the kitchen.

  • Cooking on a Bootstrap by Jack Monroe

Jack Monroe is a no 1 best-selling author that easily captures her audience’s attention with the manner she writes. In the cookbook, she discloses 100 budget-friendly ways to prepare your favorite dishes.

Each meal’s steps are carefully outlined in an easy format to ensure you do make any mistakes. She also attached photographs to each complicated recipe to make it look as simple as it ought to be—a great find for anyone who wants to explore various learning to cook methods.

  • Super Easy One Pound Meals by Miguel Barclays

In this cookbook, Miguel reveals amazing ways to prepare a variety of dishes with a one-pound budget. If you want to prepare a nutritious meal without investing so much in ingredients, then you may want to explore the options in this well-curated cookbook.

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Many cookbooks will tell you the various ways to prepare a single meal. Source: Unsplash

There are more than 90 easy to follow recipes, which are enough to prepare a meal for one person. So it’s easy to scale up if you are preparing a meal for the entire family. It would help if you had this cookbook handy those days when you would like to prepare something nice for less.

Learning How to Cook For Beginners: Discover the Best Videos

In this golden age, videos are one of the best ways to acquire any culinary skill in the universe. This is due to their visual appeal and the fact that you can “easily learn by doing.” But not all video sources are worth your time if you want to learn how to cook in style.

In the online tutoring terrain, YouTube has the most extensive video tutorials database to learn how to cook. But still, not all of these videos are worth your time. If you must learn how to cook, you should find time to do your research about the best channels for learning to cook.

But we have done all the work for you. Therefore, all you have to do is follow our suggestions and find out how accurate they are for these popular learn to cook channels on YouTube.

  • New York Times Cooking

This popular YouTube channel comes in handy for anyone who wants to learn cooking skills from the pros. They feature various classic and trendy recipes, using a step by step approach to ensure you don’t miss out on any stage as you follow through.

The channel owner features appearances from renowned chefs in the cooking world such as Antoni Porowski and Samin Rosrat.

  • Babish Culinary Universe

Andrew Rea, who is the owner of this famous YouTube channel, created it to reconstruct food shows from popular TV programs. He goes with the nickname “Babish,” which tells a lot about his cooking career and how he quitted his full-time job to become a self-taught chef.

His videos undoubtedly show that he is very good at recreating iconic cuisines. He also formulates special recipes and tips on how to master kitchen basics like a pro. A visit to his famous YouTube channel will explain more about his culinary skills and how you can learn from him.

  • How to Cook That

This channel started as a simple food recipe channel. Still, it quickly blew into a highly sought after channel on the internet when it began attracting thousands of subscribers who trooped in their multitude to learn one or two things about learning how to cook from scratch.

The channel owner, Anna Reardon, is a renowned cook and baker who made waves in her career when BBC asked her to make a cake for Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary. That was how she became a celebrity YouTuber. In all, her videos are worth watching if you want to discover those simple yet impossible projects you can execute with your oven.

There are also hundreds of Facebook pages and groups where you can learn how to cook for less. Some of them might have existed for ages, while others are entirely new. The bottom line is that you would learn the rudiments of preparing a good dish anytime.

Note that most Facebook learn how to cook videos are premium videos. This means that you may need to pay a small subscription fee to enable you access all content. Nevertheless, they are a great find anytime. 

Learning How to Cook for Beginners: Discover the Best Websites

If you are not a fan of cookbooks, and you won’t oblige to watching YouTube videos either, then maybe you may want to explore the best learn how to cook websites. If that is the case, grab your computer or smartphone and explore these websites that have been rated as the best find for learn how to cook.

  • Blue Apron

This is one of the best websites if you want to learn cooking skills at any level. They run a subscription service, which you sign up for a small fee. And they will occasionally send you a box of ingredients together with recipes to prepare a sumptuous meal out of it. All you have to do is follow the instructions they sent and discover the delicious meal you can make.

  • Budget Bytes

This website focuses on helping others get some kitchen experience and get their hands dirty trying out different tasty meals on a low budget. They also provide you the cost estimate of preparing each meal, so you know how much you will be spending in advance.

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Many learn to cook websites are geared towards helping those on a tight budget. Source: Unsplash

The best side is that they have an app, so this makes practice much more comfortable. All you have to do is place your phone or tablet beside you in the kitchen as you practice.

Many professional chefs swear by the Budget Bytes as one of the best websites to acquire cooking skills for professions and amateurs alike.

  • The Kitchn Cooking School

This school will get you started on the basics of cooking and walk you up to becoming a professional cook. So whether you want to learn how to cook for fun or you plan to kick-start a career as a chef, this school can meet all your needs in one place.

Their teaching methods are relatively simple, and they assume you are learning it for the first time. Each cooking lesson ends with a series of homework for you to choose from and report your results.

One of the many reasons why learning to cook is the great idea is that it helps you enjoy ready-made and healthier meals. If you are on a low budget but still want to acquire some cooking skills so you don’t have to rely on restaurants, these sources can help.

Whether you want to prepare vegetables, pasta, stew, soups, or even omelettes, these resources will help you get started right away.

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