Whether your a violin teacher or a violin student you want to know one thing. What’s the price of violin lessons? It’s an important factor, but the cost of violin lessons isn't everything. The value of being a violin teacher is exponential to your students. It’s the difference between learning the violin and not learning. Learning from a good teacher is going to excel students learning, but you know this already. You're an asset to every person that wants to learn the violin. You need to be paid accordingly for your skills and service.  Of course, the price has its place. You don't want to overcharge. You could be too expensive for your demographic. You also don't want to undercharge and not be paid what you're worth. There are a lot of variables you need to understand when setting your prices for your violin lessons.

The average price of a violin lesson is 65$, but this price isn’t necessarily the average for you. It’s going to depend on location, teacher experience, class size and location. Each of these variables will affect your prices. If you took the same teacher and moved them to a different city or province it’s going to affect the price. If you have one student or 5 students it’s going to affect the price. Carefully go through each variable and then make the informed decision about your violin lessons.


Living in an urban city you're going to end up charging more than living in a rural city. In an urban city, your expenses will be a lot higher. The cost of living is also going to higher in an urban city. You need to pay for your expenses and pay yourself. If you're undercharging living in an urban city you could have a harder time paying bills. Think about all your expenses and set your prices based on the amount.

Teacher Experience

Being a more experienced violin you should charge more compared to an average violin teacher. You have the experience and knowledge that has taken years and countless hours to gain.  You can provide so much more value than someone with less experience than you. Someone that chooses you over a less experienced teacher that student will gain more knowledge, learn faster and be a better violin player. If you have the experience charge what your worth.

Class Size

Most teachers have two options for teaching. They’ll teach group classes or individuals. You can charge less for group classes because you'll have more students in the class. This means you can still make enough money to cover everything and pay yourself. The more students you have in the class the cheaper you can lower your prices, but group classes are more work. You wouldn't want a big class of more than 10 students. You want to keep the class sizes around 5-7 this way you focus your attention on everyone. Don't spread yourself to thin to lower your prices. Teaching someone 1 on 1 you can charge more. You're giving this student your undivided attention. Your price should reflect the value your providing.


Online violin lessons are becoming more popular for violin teachers. You can offer violin lessons online at a cheaper rate. You don't have to worry about overhead costs or equipment. You’ll just need a computer and a violin to get started. Online lessons also give you more opportunities. Being a violin teacher online your reach more students, either all over Canada or the world.

Teach the Violin Online
Teach the Violin Online. Source: Bruno Henrique, Pixabay.

Now understanding the variables of violin lessons you can make the informed decision about setting your prices for violin lessons. Each of these variables will reflect your situation right now. For example, if you live in an urban city, have little experience and are teaching individuals in person. Your price would be right around 65$. Now, if you took the same example and you had more experience you could charge over the 65$. The price will depend on each person differently, but you can always reference this article.

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Does a Higher Price mean a Better Teacher?

The simple answer to the question should be yes. The keyword is should, but this isn't always the case. The more expensive something is the better quality it should be or the better the service should be, but we know again this isn't always the case. Setting your prices high doesn't mean you're going to be seen as good. If your prices are set high you need the amount of value your providing to be worth the high price. Using all the variables listed above you can make the informed decision if you're over the average or should be under. On the other end of the spectrum, you don’t want to set your prices too low. This could come off as questionable to your clients. Your clients can ask themselves Why is the price so cheap? They might not be good? We all do think about these things instantly in our head whether it's expensive or cheap. You want your prices to be fair. You want the people you're trying to teach to be able to connect with you and learn from you.

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Charge what your worth as a violin teacher.
Charge what your worth as a violin teacher. Source: Jana T, Pexels

Start Teaching Violin Today!

Setting your prices for violin lessons doesn't have to be stressful, but we know it greats a lot of stress for a lot of people. This is why we have created this guide for all violin teachers that are struggling to set their prices. Using the variables above you can now make the informed decision about your prices. Also, remember the average cost. If you have more qualifications than the average teacher you can set your prices higher. You know the value you provide to your students. You're an asset to anyone that wants to learn the violin. You have to be paid accordingly.

Being a violin teacher is a rewarding career. You'll get to wake every day doing what you love. Working as a violin teacher you'll get to share your passion with so many other people. The cost of violin lessons shouldn't get in the way of living your dream. Start setting your prices for your violin lessons today.

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