The ability to create our music brings joy that cannot be explained. The piano is one of the most popular musical instruments that both the young and old enjoy playing.

It helps us to develop emotional and physical skills that prove to be of immense benefit as we get along in life.

Perhaps, you are interested in playing the piano, and you don’t know where to start from, or you think piano lessons aren’t worth it. Most people think they can learn how to play the piano in a few easy steps. How true is this? Continue reading to discover the facts.

The Significance of Taking Piano Lessons

Music has a relaxing effect on the mind. In particular, playing the piano has been described as one of the easiest ways to sooth the human mind. But is that all there is to playing the piano? How about learning how to play the piano? Here are some valid reasons you should not just invest in this skill, but commit yourself to learn how to play it and develop your passion for this magical instrument.

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Many experts have opined that learning piano skills increase concentration(source:unsplash)
  • Increase in concentration

Research has shown that students who take piano lessons find it easier to concentrate on complex tasks. This is due to the stimuli between the hands and the mind. While playing the piano, the hands make quick movements translated into computations by the hands within the twinkle of an eye.

  • Great educational value

Learning to play the piano is complex. And that is why anyone who can produce unique sounds tend to have a high sense of accomplishment. People who take piano lessons have a higher rate of spatial cognition.

More so, you will find it easier to understand absolute mathematical equations such as fractions and calculus due to their musical applications when playing the piano.

  • Music appreciation

As the student deepens his knowledge of playing the piano, he tends to appreciate music more. When kids are exposed to music learning early enough, they grow up to appreciate all types of music.

  • Memory improvement

Students who enroll for piano lessons find out early enough that this unique skill has enormous benefits to their mental health, including functional memory. As the students learn to understand patterns in the sheet music and learn their favorite lyrics, they automatically develop a functional memory that will benefit them throughout their lives.

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Should You Skip Beginner Piano Lessons?

Many piano enthusiasts have asked: do I need lessons to understand the piano? Well, many self-taught pianists are doing the magic with their fingers. So no rule says someone must teach you how to play the piano before becoming an expert.

Therefore, if you are an adept player and can get along on the piano quickly, you may do well without a piano teacher beside you. So who is a piano teacher ideal for?

Many students worry about picking bad habits, such as sitting and finger positioning. But this fear can be alleviated when you get yourself a piano teacher to take the necessary lessons. A piano tutor knows how to structure the lesson to concentrate on the mind.

As you learn how to play the piano, a tricky question might pop up in your mind struggling to get an answer. If you already have a piano teacher, all you have to do is ask your teacher instead of searching the internet endlessly for possible answers. The best part is the tutor will explain using simple terms, and in a manner, you can comprehend easily.

There are more than a thousand reasons why you need a tutor for your piano lessons irrespective of your current skill level.  If you take the self-teaching route, you will make significant progress with your studies, but it will be much slower.

A piano tutor has a lot of resources for teaching. Aside from your piano, what other resource do you have to teach yourself piano skills?

Beginner Piano Lessons: What You Should Expect

The piano is a daunting musical instrument: so many keys (white and black) and little time to explore them. If you are nervous about starting your first piano lesson, it’s normal. But the reality is that there is nothing to be scared of; with much practice and a right tutor beside you, you should get your fingers mastering those keys in no time.

That said, it’s important to know what to expect from your piano lesson, especially if you are a beginner with no previous knowledge about this magical instrument. You need not worry. We have outlined some tips to help you prepare for the most exciting journey ever – learning to play the piano.

Piano lesson
It's important to take note of what you are expecting from each piano lesson(source:unsplash)

It’s good to think about your goals first before you take your first piano lesson. Where do you want to go? Do you see yourself playing for a band or want to use the instrument to sing sonorous songs at home? If you discuss your goals with your tutor, you can have a good headstart. However, it’s good to start from the basics.

Your first lesson will be a detailed introduction to the instrument, as well as an explanation of the terminologies used in piano playing. Your teacher would also focus on building a robust relationship with you. This is essential because the journey to playing the piano like a professional musician is not a smooth one. There are some bumps on the road for which you would need someone to lean on as you sojourn gradually.

Your tutor will also ask you about your learning objectives. Feel free to reveal all of them. If there are any songs you have always wanted to play on the piano, enlist them as well. Ask your teacher what tools you would need for each lesson and how each class would be structured. This will go al long way to ease your tension and make you feel relaxed.

You also have to be patient. Your tutor might start teaching you with a significant scale, so you aren’t going to be playing your favorite songs yet. Your teacher would advise that you train your fingers first so you can easily control the piano dynamics.

What You Should Know About Piano Tutors

No two piano tutors are the same. Every tutor has his unique style of teaching. So ensuring you both are on the same page before the commencement of your first lesson is a critical step you don’t want to miss.

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The piano is a one-of-a-kind instrument that needs a lot of time to understand. It’s normal to be scared about little things during your beginner classes. Therefore, if your tutor encourages you to speak about your fears, don’t hold them back.

A professional tutor takes time to understand the needs of the student. If you hired the right professional, you should expect that they would carefully understand your needs and tweak their lesson style to fit in without altering the core lesson topics that need to be addressed.

Knowing the facts about a tutor for private piano lessons will give you a good start for your beginner lessons. Starting your piano lessons on a strong foundation are some of the things that will determine how far you go on this exciting journey.

The Perks of Hiring A Piano Tutor From Superprof

Are you expecting a thrilling experience as you take piano lessons? This is not something you can make out on your own. It has more to do with the expertise of the tutor you hire to take your piano lessons.

A piano tutor mustn’t just know how to play the piano; they should know how to teach as well. Many students expect to have a lesson teacher by their side throughout each lesson, but they unexpectedly find themselves switching between different tutors in a bid to find the perfect one.

Piano tutor
It's vital to hire a piano teacher from Superprof that will meet your needs(source:unsplash

So how can you hire a well-trained piano tutor with ease? This is a no brainer! Head over to Superprof and discover the plenty of options available for learning the piano. Right there, you can easily find a tutor even if you are a complete novice in piano playing, whether you need one for a group lesson, home, or online tutorials.

These tutors are up to the task. They put your needs ahead of theirs while taking your lessons. If you feel you need someone to help you take baby steps until you can play the instrument independently, you are most welcome.

Our tutors offer many exciting perks to their students. This includes enjoying the first lesson for free. So if you are wondering what your first piano lesson would look like, you have a chance to experience it without paying – isn’t that awesome?

That’s not all! If you want to know why thousands of piano enthusiasts enroll for lessons with us each year, then you should come and have a taste and see how it works. Experience the joy of learning this wonderful instrument and go places with your skills intact. This can be achieved with the right tutor behind you.

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