Picking an acting coach could either be a blessing or a curse. We’ve all had a few bad experiences with a teacher from school. You don't want to have a bad experience with an acting coach. You want to be able to learn and get as much value from your coach in a positive way. An acting coach should be able to motivate, inspire and lead a student to their potential. Your coach should have the right balance of experience in teaching and acting. This way they'll have the skills to teach you how to become a better actor. So how do you choose the right acting coach?

It’s kinda intimating looking for an acting coach. There are 100s if not 1000s of acting coaches around you. How do you make the right decision in picking the one that's right for you? You don't want to spend hours searching for one and you don’t want to pick the first one you come across. It’s these reasons we’ve created this article. Choose the right acting coach for you.

An acting coach helps with numerous acting skills.
An acting coach helps with numerous acting skills. Source: Rodrigo Souza.

Why Choose an Acting Coach?

Acting coaches are for everyone. You could be a new actor or a highly experienced one. Both will benefit from an acting coach. Your acting coach will be able to help you with several acting techniques such as cold reading, audition techniques, movement, or voice. These are only the beginning of having an acting coach help you. Having an acting coach doesn't mean you're a bad actor. It's quite the opposite. Having an acting coach by your side means you'll have an edge against other actors. Acting coaches are a tool for all actors to become better, even A-list actors hire coaches.

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A Few Reasons for Having an Acting Coach:

Prepare for Auditions - Auditions are everything. Auditions are your real-life resume. This is your time to show the producers or directors that you're the right fit for the role. You need to ace your audition. If you’ve been struggling to get through your auditions or feel nervous about them your acting coach will get you past your auditions. They’ll know the best way to help you ace those auditions.

Work on Mannerisms - Every actor needs to be able to get into character. Sometimes you don't get a lot of direction onset of how to proceed to play an actor. You need to be able to figure out the best way to play a role. This could be how to walk, speak, move, or interact. It's these things that help distinguish your character and helps you excel in acting. Your acting coach will have the experience to teach you how to get into character and how to play the character.

Tips and Practice - The best part of working with an acting coach is they have experience in the industry and teaching in the industry. They have so many tips to be able to help you excel in acting. Your acting coach will also be able to practice with you. It can be hard to practice scripts alone. Having someone to be able to bounce lines back fourth is such a good way to practice. It beats practicing alone.

Hiring an acting coach will help you succeed in your journey to becoming an actor. These 3 tips are only the beginning. Anything you need to work on that revolves around acting your coach will be able to help you with. Have an edge over the competition and hire an acting coach.

An acting coach can help you become better.
An acting coach can help you become better. Source: Magno Coronel.

How to Find the Right Acting Coach?

The problem is there's a lot of acting coaches around you. It can be hard to narrow it down and find the one that is going to benefit you the most. A bad coach can put a bad taste in your mouth about acting. It's just like that awful math teacher you had in school and now you’ve completely written off math. On the other hand, a good coach will make you feel good about acting and they will be able to help you grow and prosper.

Check our checklist for finding a good coach.

Research - Every acting coach will have their qualifications online or with the company they coach. Their qualifications should have experience, roles, or education. You want someone with a mix of all 3 of the things. You want someone experienced. A new acting coach might not be able to give the help you need. An experienced acting coach has worked with so many other students they’ll know the best way to teach you.

Speak with your Coach - Before you sign up with an acting coach speak with them first. You want to make sure you get along and feel comfortable around them. We're not saying you have to be best friends with your coach but you want someone you're going to be able to speak with and bring up concerns you may have.

Talk to Past Students - If they don't have client reviews online this isn't necessarily a red flag. Speak with the coach about past students and see if you can reach out to past students, if they're not willing to do this is a red flag. Past clients can tell you about the lessons, what the coach was like, what they learned to form them and if it was worth it.

Price - The price for an acting coach can be expensive. You should choose an acting coach that's perfect for your budget, but if they are a little more expensive don't rule them out. Hiring an acting coach means you're on the right track for your acting journey. Your coach will be able to help you prosper as an actor. The price is going to reflect their experience, skillset and qualifications. If they are expensive it’s because they're worth the price. Of course, if someone’s expensive that doesn’t mean they're the right choice follow the rest of the tips to make your decision.

These 4 tips are a good foundation to analyze the coaches in your area. There will be the perfect coach that fits your needs and that you’ll feel good about. Don’t solely pick your coach from popularity either. This doesn't mean they're right for you. Our most important tip is to speak with your coach beforehand. You’ll get a good indication of how the lessons will go. Your spending your hard-earned money. You want to make sure you get your money's worth. Follow the tips and find the perfect coach.

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An acting coach setting up for class.
An acting coach setting up for class. Source: Ruca Souza, Pexels.

Get the Right Acting Coach

Find the right coach by following this guide. We can't stress enough to meet your coach before signing up. It's a great way to get a feel for what each lesson will like. Most coaches will even offer a free session. This way you don't have to make any price commitments. You can see what the class is like first. Try out as many classes as you can with different coaches. You can then make an informed decision. Signing up with the first coach you meet isn't always the best choice. Start finding the perfect acting coach in Canada.

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