Drawing is one of the skills everyone can benefit from. Young kids and older adults will enjoy picking up a pencil and start sketching, but how do you take your skills from beginner to expert. It seems like some people are just born with the ability to create any images they want through drawing, but this isn't the case. Drawing is a skill. You need to put in the effort and time to get better at drawing. There are no shortcuts.

Hiring a tutor can be the best way to increase your drawing skills. Drawing tutors have years of experience and education to teach you the best way to draw. They've also taught so many other students just like you. They know how to teach you. It may seem like drawing is impossible, but with the help of a tutor, you'll be able to get better.

Drawing could be your new favourite hobby.
Drawing could be your new favourite hobby. Source: Julia M Cameron, Pexels

Where to Find Drawing Lessons in Canada?

Drawing lessons can be found anywhere. You can learn to draw from a tutor, a local class or a university/college. Each of these locations will benefit some people more than others. We feel tutoring is the best way to take drawing lessons. You get an individualized lesson plan that's built for you. The tutor will be with you every step the way so you can continue to progress forward. Your tutors are also going to be able to hold you accountable. You are going to have days when you are unmotivated. Your tutor will keep you motivated on the days you don't feel like drawing. You're also going to have a dedicated time each week so you continue learning.

Another popular method for drawing lessons is through a local class. Local classes are offered in a group setting or privately. Private sessions can be costly. Group drawing lessons can be a great way to meet new people and can make the class fun. Lastly, your option for taking drawing lessons is learning at university or college. We only recommend attending if you're looking at drawing full time. It would be perfect for your career.

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What’s the Price of Drawing Lessons in Canada?

After understanding the benefits of drawing lessons your next question will be what's the cost of drawing lessons? Each drawing lesson price will be different based on a few factors. Your biggest factors will be location and experience. Learning to draw from a university can cost over $1000 but learning from a local class can cost $30 an hour. The two most popular drawing lessons are going to be from tutors and local classes. The average price for drawing lessons in $25 an hour.

The next biggest factor is experience. Someone that has 10 years of experience should be more expensive than someone who is just starting. The person with more experience is going to be able to offer you better tips and tricks. You're paying for their experience. You have to look at the value each drawing lesson is offering. The price should be higher if they have the experience and are tutoring. You're getting personalized learning from a drawing professional.

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Improve your drawing skills with the help of a tutor.
Improve your drawing skills with the help of a tutor. Source: Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels

What Supplies Do You Need For Drawing Lessons?

Every artist is going to need good supplies. Of course, supplies aren't going to magically make you better at drawing, but they can allow you to get better. Having good quality materials means you can focus on getting better at drawing techniques and skills and not worrying about your art supplies. The first thing you're going to need is pencils and a sketchbook. It’s a good start for any beginner looking into drawing. Your pencils need to be of high quality. You need to be able to create high-quality lines and have the grades you need to draw.

Pencils usually come in a set from HB to 9B. As you gain more practice in the drawing you’ll realize you only use a few shades. Buying a pencil set is a good idea as a beginner, but if you're only using a few shades you can buy individuals pencils. Buying pencils individually is cheaper than buying a set. Your sketchbook also needs to be high quality and have a lot of pages. Sketchbooks are used to practice. Most artists will sketch every day. Having drawing lessons one or two times a week is sometimes not enough practice time. Using your sketchbook every day is a great way to get better.

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Drawing Exercises to Improve your Drawing Skills in Canada

Drawing lessons are the perfect way to get better at drawing. They allow you to learn from a professional that has the skills and knowledge to teach you. If you’ve already signed up for drawing lessons or want to start practicing immediately there are a few exercises you can begin to work on. These exercises can help improve your drawing skills and give you a feel for what a drawing lesson will be like. The first skill you can start with is shading. Shading is something every good artist knows how to do well. Shading can help create shadows and give your drawings depth. Practicing shading will give you the 3 skills: Pressure control, understanding light and smooth lines. To practice shading use an apple. Pretend the apple is being hit by the light in a certain way. You can practice shading the light and dark areas.

Another great exercise to practice is edging. Edging is used to differentiate shapes in your drawings. You should be able to see when a line starts and stops. To practice edging first look at other drawings. Try to understand how they used edges to create their drawings. You can start by drawing basic shapes. Make your edges clear and known from their move on to harder sketches.

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Anybody has the chance to get better at drawing.
Anybody has the chance to get better at drawing. Source: Karolina Grabowska, Pexels

Get Started Drawing in Canada

Now is the time to get started in drawing. Using this article you can take those first few steps and become better at drawing. You weren't born bad at drawing you just need to put in the effort and time to get better. Hiring a drawing tutor can also be a faster and easier way to improve your drawing. If you're looking for a drawing tutor Superprof has 100s of drawing tutors all over Canada. They have years of experience and knowledge to teach you the best way to learn. Superprof tutors offer lessons in person and online giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn drawing when you want to learn.

Everybody can benefit from taking drawing lessons. Drawing is the perfect way to relax after a long day. It can be a new and exciting hobby with friends or family. Everybody can draw from kids to adults. Drawing can even turn into a career or a way to make some extra cash. There's a lot of exciting opportunities that drawing creates. Using drawing lessons to get started is a perfect way. You'll be able to learn the techniques and skills that can instantly help you become better at drawing. You just need to take those first few steps and hire a tutor. Get started drawing in Canada.

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