Most students find maths challenging. It is for this reason that we are publishing a list of great maths resources websites. What follows are what we regard as the top GCSE Maths websites:

  • GCSE Bitesize Maths: The BBC’s Bitesize sites have been a useful source of study for children from pre-school age upwards, but their GSCE Maths site is particularly good, since it covers all major areas covered by the GCSE course and makes often difficult algebra, statistics and probability and geometry problems easy to understand. The structure of the site is useful, featuring revision, activities and tests for all areas. Revision videos on everything from fractions to powers, Pythagoras and quadratics are available, as well as useful mock exams.
  • Khan Academy: The Khan Academy, founded by Salman Khan (who has no less than three MIT degrees as well as an MBA from Harvard) is proving to be no less than a revolution in the world of online learning. Currently attracting over 10 million users from all over the world, it not only contains short video lessons on practically anything and everything to do with maths (search by topic to hone in on one particular area of difficulty); but also provides each user with a personal set of exercises based on their weak points. When you log on, you are invited to take a test to identify all the lessons you need to officially become an authentic maths whiz. This site is also useful for teachers and parents, since it contains a virtual teacher workshop which highlights how easy it is to become a ‘coach’ to a group of students, assigning them work and observing which areas are proving to be a stumbling block for particular students.
  • Class Clips – Maths: Teachers will find a host of useful videos to stream to their class, covering practical issues (algebra and geometry problems, for instance), as well as the historical and cultural roots of mathematics. The site also features fun logic problems the whole class can work together to solve.
  • Study Maths: Specially created to help students revise for their GCSE Maths exam, this practical site includes revision notes and tutorials on key GCSE maths topics, worksheets (study points are awarded for the completion of interactive maths activities), games and puzzles. Students and teachers will find the Question Bank section useful, since it contains a host of exam style questions. The site also includes a Formulae section (which contains the most important formulae needed by GCSE students) and an exhaustive glossary explaining key mathematical terms.
  • TES Collection Maths GCSE Revision: This site provides a plethora of material, including Mr Collins’ GCSE Table Sheets: a set of 24 bright, colourful, informative tests, each of which contains 10 GCSE questions. Each test is written by hand and contains handy hints that will help students avoid typical pitfalls. You do have to register to use the tests, but once you do, the material is completely free. The site also contains GCSE question prompts for teachers to use in class, as well as a functional exam question booklet, which teaches students how to answer dreaded asterisk (*) questions that require answers that are logical and well-structured. The site also contains advice on the language contained in GCSE maths exams, problem solving cards, revision videos, revision treasure hunts and much more.

We hope that you have found these recommendations useful. If you have come across other resources websites which you think should be added to the list, please tell us about them via the comments below.

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