In Canada and around the world, more and more people are seeking help from private tutors and teachers. People may seek private tutoring services for different reasons, while some may be struggling with keeping up in school and need help improving their study skills, others may not be challenged enough and wish to explore other topics outside of the school curriculum.

Many students are on the fence about private tutoring. While many consider that it may be a good idea to work with a tutor, they may be unsure as to whether it's worth the money and time. Some may feel that they do not have enough time or they may intimidated by the high prices and time committment required.

However, it's important to remember that with the right tutor and a true motivation to learn, that private tutoring can be a great personal investment in one's education. a private tutor can help you to overcome any difficulties and bring you closer to achieving your academic and personal goals.

Pass your exams with the help of a home tutor!
Private tutoring can help you to ace your exams. Source: Visualhunt

Excel in all your classes

Private tutoring is one of the best tools you can use to improve your academic attainment. A private tutor can help you to prepare for your next algebra exam,  which can put  you at a significant advantage relative to your peers. You'll be able to review exercises together, work on areas you may be struggling and your tutor will help you to identify which points are worth revisiting to prepare for your exam. You'll feel reassured and confident going into the exam.

In addition the math and science classes, private tutoring can also be  extremely helpful for language classes, particularly when learning a foreign language. For example, having private lessons in French can allow you to get the one-on-one attention you need to really prepare for your exams. This is particularly true for oral expression, as you'll have the chance to converse face-to-face with your tutor, helping you to improve both your pronunciation and expression.

A Long-term Solution for Academic Success

Private tutoring is not just a short-term solution when it comes to writing exams. Private tutoring can help you in the long run to really develop your knowledge and understanding of a subject, develop your study skills and give you the motivation you need to excel in school. In that way, tutoring is a long-term solution that can help you work towards your future academic and career goals. This is an important consideration when deciding whether private tutoring is worth the money.

However, it's important to bear in mind that a tutor can't do everything. It's also up to the student to put in the time, effort and dedication in order to truly benefit from the tutoring lessons. If the student is open-minded and willing to learn, then a private tutor can help them to overcome any learning difficulties or mental blocks and help them to believe in their own ability to succeed.

In order to achieve long-term success, students should consider working with a tutor in the long-term, for example throughout high school to support their entry into university. This can help them to really build their knowledge and confidence in a specific subject.

Even younger children in elementary school can benefit from tutoring as it can spark their interest and curiosity and can help them develop the right study habits that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

It's up to the tutor to adapt their lessons based upon each individual student's needs. Every tutor should aspire to help their students to not only do well in their assignments and exams but also to cultivate a love of learning and a passion for their subject.

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Spark your students' curiosity and love of learning

Many students try out tutoring services because they are struggling in a certain subject. This is because the current education system is not always conducive for students with different types of needs and abilities, especially with a classroom full of thirty or more students. It's impossible for our teachers to give each student the full attention that they deserve to learn the material. As a result, many students may have potential that is not always being fulfilled in the classroom.

In  response to this issue, parents may hire after-school tutors to help fill in the gaps in the education system and help their child catch up with the rest of the class. Sometimes a tutor can make all the difference, bringing a student up from C's to A's.

it's also a great idea to find areas of interest or aspects within a subject which may spark your students interest. For example, your student may be a musician but struggling in physics. As a tutor, you could try to relate their course material to their personal interests, for example learning about the physics of sound.

Many parents hire tutors in multiple subjects, to help their student to succeed across the board in all of their subjects. You may even find a tutor that is skilled enough to teach both english literature and mathematics to their students. This just goes to show that parents and students perceive tutoring as an important investment in their education and a key to their child's success.

Private lessons are tailored to each student!
The current education system may not be conducive for all students. Source: Visualhunt

A majority of students do seek tutoring services in the long term in order to support them through their elementary schooling or high school. For subjects such as Math and English, these are subjects that students will be continuing to develop all throughout their education and potentially into university, so it's important to have a solid foundation in order to invest in a student's future.

Before hiring a private tutor, it's always essential to put your child's safety when employing a tutor for home tuition or online tutoring.

Can tutoring really guarantee academic success? 

There is no magic formula that will guarantee success in exams or assignments. A great deal of effort, time and dedication is required by both the tutor and the student in order to guarantee success. While private tutoring can certainly improve your chances of succeeding, it's up to the student to put the work in as ultimately, it's the student that will be writing the exam.

Moreover, private tutoring can provide the additional support your child may need in order to excel in all of their classes. There are so many benefits that private tutors have to offer, whether it be for in person or online lessons. For example:

  • Ongoing evaluation of their progress
  • Suppport in setting achievable goals
  • Individual attention throughout the lesson
  • Customised classes based on your child's learning needs
  • Greater confidence and improved outlook for challenging subjects
  • Improving a student’s attitude towards a challenging subject
  • Inspire the student to love learning
  • Help the student to develop positive study habits
  • Help to prepare for exams, tests and university applications
  • Encouraging the student to ask questions and speak up

Filling the gaps in the current education system

It's important to remember that not every student is the same. However, the national education system often fails to account for differences in learning types, personalities and interests amongst each student. Although it's impossible for students to get personalised education in schools, a private tutor can offer this level of personalisation during their lessons.

This is particularly true for shyer students, or those who have greater difficulty putting their hand up in class. Although they may have great ideas to contribute, they may lack to confidence to speak up in front of their classmates. A private tutor can reassure them and give them the confidence they need to share their ideas with others.

Face-to-face tutoring can help students to build up their confidence in class in the long-term. As they become more confident in their abilities to respond to questions and share their ideas, this will reinforce their sense of self-esteem within the class environment.

Even for students who are already doing well in school, private tutoring can be a great way to fine tune their skills and to help set them apart from other high achieving students. Private tutoring could be the difference between doing well and being the best in the class.

For older students reaching the end of their high school years, they may be thinking about sending their applications to universities and preparing for entrance exams and SAT's. A private tutor may be able to provide guidance for university entrance and career options based upon their own experience. They may help with writing letters of motivation and fine-tuning your resumes. This helps to reassure students and parents during this stressful time in a student's life.

So think of the price for private tutoring as you would an investment in their education. A private tutor can help your child to build the foundation they need for academic success in the future.

Recent growth of the tutoring market

It's important to note that elementary school education has shown the most rapid rate of growth within the private tutoring industry in Canada. This demonstrates the fact that parents are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits that private tutoring may have for their children. Parents recognise the fact that tutoring is not only for students struggling for school, but see private tutoring as an active investment in their child's future.

Tutoring younger pupils can bring them out of their shell!
Tutoring from a younger age can improve understanding and confidence. Source: Visualhunt

So whether you are looking to improve your grades in Math, learn a new language or prepare for university entrance exams, private tutoring can be the key to long-term academic success.

Private tutoring is  a great way to invest in your education by giving you the skills, knowledge and confidence you'll need to succeed. In order to guarantee long-term success aim to keep your tutoring lessons as regular as possible.

For more information, check out our article on the pros and cons of private tutoring.

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