The Cost Of A Course In The Hindi Language

Unless you are lucky enough to have a good friend who is able to speak Hindi, or to be given the opportunity to travel to Indian territories and discover the language and culture for work or pleasure thus picking up some conversational skills on your own, then you will most probably need to look at spending some money on language classes if you want to learn Hindi.

That said, it is almost impossible to put a price on knowledge so you will have to, alongside our guide below, do your own research into classes and tuition designed to help you learn a new language to find out what is the best deal going for you. One thing we can say is that everything is proportionate - don't expect to pay a fiver for a lesson and to progress as quickly or as easily as someone who is paying £25 per hour learning Hindi.

You get what you pay for, so be sure that you know what it is you want to gain before you set out to study the beginner words and phrases of Hindi so that you don't wind up disappointed.

Be sure to set out your criteria before committing to a course or tutor.
Do some thinking and write down what you want to gain from language lessons. Photo credit: zacharyc on Visualhunt

To introduce you to what you might expect to find when you begin your search, below are some of the various types of Hindi language course on offer within the community and what their instructors charge to pass on this language of India.

Lessons For School Aged-Children

Hindi On The Curriculum

As it stands, British schools following the conventional curriculum do not currently offer Hindi as a foreign language option, let alone as a compulsory subject. Yet, some schools do offer non-European languages, such as opportunities for learning Russian, learning Mandarin and learning Japanese, for example, as well as learning Italian, Spanish, German and French courses.

If you search very hard, particularly within the inner-city of London, you may find some international schools offering Indo European languages such as Hindi. That said, this is normally a language program at a dedicated language school which could cost you dearly in tuition fees. Scholarships for studying linguistics are sometimes available from the government or education sector.

Hindi Study Centres

Hindi Bal Bhawan

One of the establishments where you can find Hindi lessons in London is Hindi Bal Bhawan, and their classes, in fact, stretch across the whole of England. Teachers spread themselves across the country along with members of UK Hindi Samiti and India High Commission to review teaching and raise awareness of studying Hindi in the UK.

What's more, every year, selected winners of the elocution (linked to phonology) competition join the winners from other European countries for a sponsored trip to India. Some of the centres in UK where Hindi is taught are:

-Enfield : Ba Vikas Kul
-Ealing : Ealing Arya Samaj
-Surrey : Maha Lakshmi Hindu Temple
-Reading : Reading Hindu Temple
-Heston : Brahmrishi Ashram
-Southall : Vishva Hindu Mandir
-Southall : Shri Ram Mandir
-Slough : Hindu Cultural Society
-North and Midlands
-Birmingham : Kriti UK
-Leicester : Geeta Bhavan
-Nottingham : Kala Niketan

There are many more study centres up and down the country including in Liverpool and Scotland.

Unfortunately, prices are not listed for the various different courses however if you know which entry level you need then you can always contact your chosen centre to find out more details about pricing.

Virtual Teachers

You may wish to look for a tutor specialising in one-to-one tuition in Hindi, but you can also find a virtual teacher for your little ones.

Dino Lingo

This online resource has been adapted to children aged 2 to 12 and offers Hindi lessons (with free trial lesson available) for toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children, giving them a foundation in Hindi vocabulary, everyday words, and common phrases. Your kids will learn greetings and, through listening and speaking, will learn the basics of the Hindi language.

With Dino Lingo, your first taster lesson is free and then you can opt for a subscription based plan, either spanning 6 months (costing around £75 or £12.50 per month), 1 year (20% discount applicable, so £120 or £10 a month) or 2 years (30% saving, costing approximately £215 or £9 a month).

College And Further Education Courses

City Lit, London

City Lit in London, which offers a long list of short courses for adults, offers a number of Hindi courses including Hindi for Beginners, Hindi 2 and 3, Hindi: an introduction to Devanagari script, Hindi Holiday Kit, Hindi beginners intensive, and Hindi: an introduction. Each Hindi speaking course is priced individually and is tailored to suit a range of needs in terms of learning this language.

Courses cost between £90 and £180 depending on the content and length of the tuition.

Linguistics departments don't always stretch to Indo European languages at universities.
Language schools and universities offer courses in Asian studies, some of which include Hindi. Photo on Visualhunt

SOAS Language Centre, London

SOAS recognises Hindi as an important language, both culturally and for business administration purposes.

As such, it has designed two courses to expose the language and cultural aspects of Hindi, including the ever-growing Indian literature and film industry, BollywoodHindi Beginners and Hindi Elementary each offer learners a range of skills in the subject.

Course fees aren't yet available for 2019, however, the one-year course is made up of 3 terms consisting of 10 weeks per term and 2 hours per week. When they are published, the course fees quoted will be per term of 10 weeks.

Degrees In Hindi

SOAS University of London

As well as the short courses offered by its multi-cultural language centre, this establishment additionally offers postgraduate degrees and masters degrees linked to Hindi and Asian studies.

The two-year long MA Intensive South Asian Studies, for instance, "offers comprehensive language-based training across a wide range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences."

The first year is split into four sections with a course in Bengali, Hindi, Nepali or Urdu being core, as well as 'The Politics of Culture in Contemporary South Asia'. Students can choose the two other courses they study from various options, which include Anthropology, Art and Archaeology, Cinema, Cultural and Regional Studies, Economics, History, Law, Literature, Music, Politics, and Study of Religions.

In their second year, students become affiliated with a university or research institute in India, Pakistan or Nepal (the location depending on their choice of language), where they will further develop their language proficiency and conduct research for an extended dissertation on the subject of Asian Studies. During the second half of the second year, students will be busy writing their dissertation back in London.

The UK/EU Fees for this course are £9,225, whilst overseas students can expect to pay £18,980.

The fees are priced per academic year and can go up each year.

See the website for more information.

Other courses in their prospectus include MA Asian Studies and MSc Contemporary India Studies.

The Cost Of Individual Lessons

Paying For Private Sessions With A Hindi Teacher

Hindi lessons can cost just about anything, depending on a number of factors.

Check for different Hindi courses London.

Private tutors will normally hold lessons at their house, come to your premises or arrange to meet you in a quiet place where you can chat and study.
You may choose to find a tutor online who can come to your house or meet you at a quiet place to study. Photo credit: amtec_photos on

Instructors will base their pricing on their level of knowledge and training and years of experience, as well as on the length of the lesson or course being run, how many pupils are included in the session (this will determine how much one-to-one time can be spent with each learner) and perhaps the starting level of the learner(s).

Teachers may also need to adjust their pricing according to what you want to gain from your lessons. For instance, if you want to learn technical language for a job fast, then they may have to prepare a whole set of new resources tailored just for you and the specified timeframe.


Superprof is an online platform allowing tutors to advertise their services and to connect with prospective pupils.

Here, you will be able to search for a Hindi language tutor, filter them by area (however this may not be necessary if you are happy to carry out online lessons via video call) and also sort in order of price.

In London alone, Superprof has 15 Hindi tutors listed, each offering their own wealth of unique skills, teaching methods and life or work experiences. Some are native of India, whilst others have mastered the language as a second language or mother-tongue and have become qualified to teach what they have learned.

Furthermore, some focus on writing skills whereas others help you to advance your spoken Hindi skills to enable you to get by during simple conversations.

While not all are certified teachers, many have experience of teaching students of various levels and can adapt a series of online or face to face lessons for you. Upwards of £6, you can benefit from lessons in Hindi from those with the knowledge and skills to offer you structured Hindi classes.

As with any class, however, be sure to have put together a list of your priorities for learning Hindi, so that you can be sure that your instructor can meet your demands at the price arranged. One great of way of doing this is to take advantage of Superprof's one free lesson policy, which will enable you to speak to a tutor and decide if they are the right person for you to continue working with.

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