Every artist needs good supplies. Of course, drawing supplies aren’t the be all end all, but they help. Drawing supplies can make your time easier when learning to draw. Using old supplies or not having supplies you will run into problems. Taking drawing lessons you want to be able to focus on drawing. You should have your drawing supplies ready before your first class starts.

The drawing supplies won't make you better at drawing, but they can assist you. It's the skills and techniques that you learn from drawing that can make you good at drawing. But, you also need to have the right tools. Having the wrong tools can lead you to have a harder time. If you start with good supplies beforehand you start learning the right way.

Every artist needs the right tools.
Every artist needs the right tools. Source: Karolina Grabowska, Pexels

Benefits of Taking a Drawing Lesson in Canada

Drawing is one of the hobbies you don't need to be good at to get the benefits from. Anybody can start picking up a pencil and begin to feel the effects of drawing. This is what makes drawing so special. It's something you can start at a young age and continue to draw well into your adult years. It also can become a family activity, whether it's drawing around a table with your kids or playing Pictionary. It's the perfect hobby. You'll eventually want to be able to create the images you can see and picture. This is when taking drawing lessons comes into play. Your drawing lessons will teach you the skills and techniques so you can continue to get better at drawing. There are so many other great benefits to taking drawing lessons we'll list more down below.

Accountability - In order to get better at anything you need to put in the time. Having drawing lessons one or two times a week will hold you accountable to keep your progress forward. Your teacher will be with you every step of the way. On the days you don't feel like practicing your teacher can keep you motivated.

Pathway - Learning on your own can be tough. There is a ton of information online, it can be confusing to get started. Drawing lessons with a teacher create a pathway for you to continue to learn. During your drawing lessons, your teacher will be able to actively access your strengths and weakness and devise a lesson plan that meets your needs.

Corrections - Drawing lessons with your teacher means they'll be teaching you the best way. If you're messing up different techniques and skills your teacher will be right there with you. They can make any corrections needed for your work. You don't want to start learning things the wrong way it will be twice as hard to re-learn the right way.

Create the images you want with the right drawing supplies.
Create the images you want with the right drawing supplies. Source: Dzenina Lukac, Pexels

Interested in starting drawing lessons? Superprof offers 100s of drawing tutors in Canada that are ready to teach you how to draw. They have years of experience and knowledge so you learn the best way possible. Superprof offers lessons online and in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn drawing when you want to learn.

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Essential Supplies You Need to Have to Start Drawing

There are lots of drawing supplies out there. You could end up spending easily over 1000 dollars on drawing supplies. Every salesperson will tell you it’s essential for drawing and you need to have it. We’ve created a list of our essential drawing supplies. These 8 essential supplies will give you a good foundation to get started.

Drawing Pencils

Drawing pencils should be your first purchase before your drawing lessons. You need a good set of pencils so you’ll be able to create good quality lines. Most artists will tell you they love certain brands more than others so you just have to do your research and find the one you love. Drawing pencils will mainly be sold as a set. This means you would have pencils from HB to 9B. The grade is the difference between light and dark. A quick money-saving tip when buying drawing pencils is don't buy a set. You can end up spending a lot of money on a lot of different sets, but you can purchase drawing pencils for individuals. A set maybe is a good idea when your first start, but as you continue learning how to draw you’ll realize you're not using some shades of pencils


Sketchbooks are one of the most important items you need to have if you want to learn how to draw. A sketchbook should be high grade and have lots of pages in them. You won’t necessarily use your sketchbook during your drawing lessons but you need to have one. Your sketchbook is your way of practicing. Most artists will sketch every day. Even if your taking drawing lessons as a new hobby, you're still going to need to practice. Going to drawing lessons once or a couple of times a week is not enough to practice.

Every artist needs the a sketchbook.
Every artist needs a sketchbook. Source: Messala Ciulla, Pexels


Erasers are the next needed drawing supply. You're going to make mistakes, but erasers have two purposes in the drawing. The first use is to erase mistakes. The second use to help create different mediums. You’ll need different types of erasers to ensure you can properly use the right one. Rubber erasers are used to remover graphite. They're not the safest of erasers so you can end up damaging your paper. Gum erasers will crumble when being used. They're perfect on delicate papers. Kneaded erasers are mainly used when working with charcoal. They can help create different mediums but also can be used to eraser small details. Vinyl erasers can erase anything, but their the hardest of the erasers. If you're not careful you will damage your paper.

Pencil Sharpeners

Your pencils are going to get dull and not be as effective. Learning to draw will also lead to plenty of broken pencils. You need a pencil sharpener. Any pencil sharpener that is good quality and durable will be perfect for your needs. Manual pencil shapers will work just fine, but if you want to spend the money there are always electric sharpeners. They’ll give you a little more convenience when sharpening your pencils. Electric pencil sharpeners are easier but some don't work well. You're going to need to spend more money on a good quality one.

Colour Pencils

You're going to want to bring colour into your sketches and just like pencils you want to make sure you're using high-quality colour pencils. There are different types in the market of colour pencils but when you're just starting any set should do you just fine. The only reason we say this is you may not work with the colour right way and they can be expensive. Colour pencils are considered essential because you're going to need them to create colourful images.

Start Drawing Lessons Today in Canada

You don't need to have a long list of drawing supplies, especially if you are just starting out. We've given you 5 drawing supplies you can start with. You can walk into your first drawing lesson with confidence knowing you have the right supplies. Now is the perfect time to take a drawing lesson. Drawing lessons can teach you everything you need to know about drawing. You'll also be able to learn faster and easier compared to someone that has never taken a drawing lesson. Gather your supplies for drawing and sign up for drawing lessons in Canada. What's stopping you?

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