There isn't enough information online about acting classes. Yes, there's plenty of articles and guides about acting coaches, but that doesn't tell you what to expect from acting class. Acting classes can be a great step for your acting career that can progress your acting career. You could be an aspiring actor or an experienced actor, everyone can benefit from taking a class. Acting classes help you work on techniques, auditions and so many other things. You’ll have an edge over the competition when you take an acting class.

There are two types of acting classes you can expect to look into. The first type is acting school. Acting schools have there own benefits that some will benefit from more than others. The second type is acting classes and again these will benefit some more than others. We'll touch on this below more so you can know what to expect depending not the type of class.

Actors on set.
Actors on set. Source: Stephan Muller, Pexels

Types of Acting Classes in Canada

The type of acting classes you decide to take is based on you. If you were looking to get started in acting its recommend to take acting school. If you already have some experience in acting and you're looking to work on the technique you can sign up for acting classes. Of course, you can always take acting classes or just acting school, but it’s more beneficial depending on what we talked about above. 

Acting School

The acting school will teach you several things that can help you propel your career forward. Acting schools give you the techniques and skills to start working as an actor. It’s these benefits that make acting class so beneficial for any actor looking to get there feet wet and start acting. The acting school helps you become an actor. They give you the tools so you can ace your auctions and pursue your dream of becoming an actor. Acting school is great for new actors because you can get hands-on experience without actually working as an actor. It prepares you for the real thing. Acting school is also taught about actors or theatre performers that are working in the industry so you can learn from professionals and make connections outside the classroom. 

Skills you Can Learn in Acting School:

Communication - Actors are communicators. It’s your job to read something and portray it to the audience so they can infer the message. Actors need to have communication skills at the highest level. You need to know how to play thousand of different roles. 

Public Speaking - Acting is public speaking, You can't be a bad public speaker and a good actor. These skills have to co-exist together. Acting school gets you ready to speak in front of anybody and act without worry. 

Memorization - Working as an actor you need to memorize lines. It just doesn't work out if you need to constantly remember lines. Acting school can give you helpful tips and plenty of practice so you can master this skill. 

Innovation - Some actors are notorious for being involved in a character too much. They have to think about how the character will talk, walk, or move around on stage. You don't necessarily get all that from the director. You have to be able to innovate the character. The acting school teaches you the skills to be able to get into character. 

Acting schools great welcoming experience for aspiring actors. You'll get to make connections with industry experts and be around like-minded people. It puts you in a great position when you leave acting school because you'll have the confidence in your abilities and be able to thrive as an actor.

Acting Classes 

Acting classes are different from acting schools because you can focus on certain skills. If you need to work on auditions or cold reading you can find a workshop or class near you and sign up. Acting classes are perfect actors that are already in the field working but may want to work on their skills. You can find an acting class for pretty much anything you want to work on. Acting classes give you the chance to meet new people as well as benefit yourself as an actor. 

Here’s a list of acting classes you can take. 

  • audition techniques,
  • camera techniques
  • stage acting
  • improv
  • voice techniques

These are only the beginning when looking for a certain acting class. Whatever the skill you need to work on there will be a workshop or acting class. Acting classes are still a good option for beginners. They give you a chance to work on your acting without making a long commitment and a cost commitment. Acting classes are usually a couple of weeks and cost less. You can pick the skills you need to work on and start enrolling in those acting classes.

Improve your acting skills with a class.
Improve your acting skills with a class. Kyle Loftus, Pexels

What to Expect from your First Acting Class? 

You may experience some first-class jitters. Your first day walking into acting school or acting class can be nerve-wracking. These nerves are completely normal and there is a good chance so many other students are experiencing the same thing. These nerves could also be mixed with a little excitement. You're on this new path for acting and that’s something to be proud of. Depending on your class it may be a little different, but the premise should be the same. At the beginning of the class, you’ll work on warming up. You don't want to be tensed or stressed when acting so you’ll spend a good portion of the beginning class warming up. After the warm-up, you may start to move into acting games. These usually result in improv games and you’ll be interacting with other students. After these take place you’ll start to jump into whatever your learning. Your first class will be more of an introduction. Your teacher will tell you more about themselves and the class. You shouldn't expect anything too scary your first day. 

Superprof Acting Classes in Canada

If you are extremely nervous about acting classes you can go the private route. Private classes mean you can learn acting skills by yourself. It’ll just be you and your teacher. Superprof has 100s of acting tutors all over Canada. They have years of education and experience to teach you acting. Working with a Superprof tutor also means you can learn online or in-person giving you freedom and flexibility to learn acting when you want to learn. 


Learn acting right from home.
Learn acting right from home. Source: Artem Podrez, Pexels

Ready to Take an Acting Class? 

Acting classes will be so beneficial for your acting career. It doesn't matter if you're just starting or an experienced actor everyone will benefit. You’ll be able to work on needed skills and stand out in your next audition. Start searching for the perfect acting class in Canada.

Reading this guide you should have no worries about walking into your first class. You still might feel nervous, but that's completely normal. You just have to think about the reasons you do this and the benefits you’ll get from taking in acting class. You’ll be glad you made that first step and enrolled in an acting class. 

To learn more about acting classes out these articles: Cost of Acting Classes, How to Find an Acting Coach? and Tips for Choosing a Coach. You can also find a complete guide about Starting Acting Classes in Canada.

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