Thinking about taking drawing lessons is a great idea. It can fast your track way to becoming better at drawing. Some people seem like they were born natural drawers, but this isn’t the case. To be good at drawing it takes time and effort as well as a lot of practice. People don't pick up pencils and magically start drawing amazing things. If you look at any early work done by professional drawers they aren't that good But as the years go by you can see the progressions. You just have the will to learn and drawing lessons definitely helps you learn faster.

After you’ve made the decisions to take drawing lessons your next question will be price. What's the average price of drawing lessons? Are you overpaying for drawing lessons? The price of drawing lessons is going to vary. There's a lot of factors that go into the price of lessons. We’ll talk about each of these factors through this article. Make sure you're paying a fair price for your drawing lesson.

Drawing lessons will take your skills to the next level.
Drawing lessons will take your skills to the next level. Source: Abby Chung, Pexels

The Factors that Effect the Price Drawing Lessons

To start analyzing if you're getting a good price for drawing lessons your biggest factor will be where you're learning your drawing lessons. You can learn with a tutor, take a local class or learn from the university or college. Each of these offers different price points. Each location will also offer different positives and negatives when you're deciding on where to take a drawing lesson. The average price for drawing lessons can be around $25 but again this price will be different in each scenario.

Drawing Lessons from a Tutor

Learning to draw from a tutor provides a lot of flexibility and freedom in your schedule. You won't have to guarantee a time each week. It can be based on your schedule. Tutors provide an individual learning experience making the learning process quicker and easier. The tutor can focus on your strengths and weakness and help you progress forward. The average price for tutoring is $20 an hour. You can end up paying more for a more experienced teacher and you can pay less for a less experienced teacher. Tutors can offer lessons online as well which again can help lower the price of your lessons. With online lessons your only paying for a tutor's time.

Tutors are perfect for anyone that wants the personal learning experience when learning who to draw. The $20 you can expect to pay is well worth the price. You’ll gain so much value from working with a tutor. If you want to start learning from a tutor you can work with Superprof. They have 100s of drawing tutors online and in-person all over Canada. Superprof offers freedom and flexibility so you can continue to learn drawing when you want to learn.

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Drawing lessons help you learn faster and easier.
Drawing lessons help you learn faster and easier. Source: Dominika Roseclay, Pexels

Drawing Lessons from a Local Class

Depending on the city you live in you could have a lot of local institutions that offer drawing lessons to the public. These classes can be offered in a group or privately. Group sessions can be cheaper than private lessons. Choosing a group lesson you’ll get to meet like-minded people while being able to learn how to draw. In private lessons, it can offer the same experience as a tutor. You're getting the personal learning style. These lessons usually take place at the same time each week. If you have a flexible schedule these classes can be perfect because you’ll be able to attend each class. These classes usually make you pay upfront, but each lesson can cost you $30 or more for group lessons. Private lessons with these institutions are likely higher.

Learning how to draw from a local class is perfect if you want to meet new people. It can turn into a fun hobby you get to do with friends. It can nerve-wracking at first walking into a room full of people you don't know. Feeling nervous about your first few classes is completely normal. You just have to remember everyone else in that class is experiencing the same thing. After your first few classes, you'll love going to drawing class.

Drawing Lessons from a University or College

Numerous universities and colleges all across Canada offer drawing programs. Learning to draw from a university or college means you'll be spending countless hours and money learning. It's perfect if you want to pursue drawing as a career. You'll learn everything you need to know about drawing as well as the career outcomes. You can also make the connections you need to get hired. Taking a university or college program isn' the best option if you're looking to improve your drawing. You can gain the same skills from your local drawing class or a tutor. You don't need to spend the time and money.

The price for learning at a university or college will vary, but you're paying more than $1000. It's a traditional degree or diploma course. You're paying for the added value and help when you enroll at your local school. It's a great way to start your career off if you're looking into drawing full time. Most schools will have industry professionals so you'll learn from the best.

Drawing is fun for all ages.
Drawing is fun for all ages. Source: Cottonbro, Pexels

More Factors for Price of Drawing Lessons

There are a few other factors that go into the price, but one important factor is experience. If your drawing lesson is higher than the average you most likely going to be learning from someone that has the experience. Who would you rather learn from? Someone who has 10 years of experience or someone who is new to teaching drawing. Of course, you're going to choose the person with more experience. You're spending your hard-earned money and you want to be sure you'll get your return. You could always go with the person that has less experience, but you're taking a risk. Paying money for someone that has more experience is worth the price.

Are Drawing Lessons Worth the Price?

Drawing lessons are worth the price. It allows you to learn from a qualified drawing teacher who has years of experience and knowledge about drawing. Being able to learn the tips and tricks from professionals will help you learn quicker. You'll learn at a much faster rate than someone who is learning on their own. Drawing teachers also provide you with a lot more benefits. The biggest benefit is accountability. It's not always easy to find the time to work on drawing. You want to get better but you also have so many other life commitments. Having a teacher means you'll guarantee the time you can practice drawing. If you want to get better drawing, it's worth the price.

Start Learning to Draw

Now is the time to enroll in drawing lessons. We've given you three fantastic options you can take drawing lessons in. You can finally get better at drawing. Remember each drawing lesson class will have more positives than negatives for some compared to others. If your unsure about what class to take a lot of drawing teachers will offer the first lesson for free. This way you experience the class first hand before making that price commitment.

What's the price of drawing lessons for Canada? As you've learned throughout this article it varies. The price is an important factor but you also need to consider the teacher's experience. If someone has years of experience and knowledge they deserve to be paid a higher rate than someone who is just starting out. With the more experienced teacher, you're going to learn more and learn faster.

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