“Dancing is a poem in which every movement is a word.” - Philippe Collas

Are you passionate about music or theatre? Would you like to learn to dance?

Why not learn about new styles of dancing and learn to move your body in time to the music?

Nowadays, aspiring dancers in the UK can get in touch with qualified and experienced dancers looking to transfer their knowledge of the art form to students. In just a few sessions, beginners can learn new dance steps and broaden their musical repertoires.

Whether you're interested in salsa, Latin dance, Zumba, tango, or ballroom dance classes, a beginner with no sense of rhythm, an intermediate dancer looking for dance workshops, or an expert dancer wanting to attend the best dance school, you should check out this guide to where you can find a dance class or tutorial in the UK.

Get Dance Classes at a School

Dance Lessons in Academic Establishments

Thanks to growth in the arts, it’s now possible to dance as part of the curriculum.

There are primary schools, secondary schools, and colleges offering dance classes to children, teenagers, and young adults. A variety of dance classes and different dance styles are available at both GCSE and A Level.

Can you learn to dance at school?
Just a couple dance classes in school or college might awaken the passion for dancing inside of you. (Source: pixabay.com)

While not of one of the most popular classes, all dance classes have to be taught by qualified teachers, something you can't guarantee in some other cases.

Furthermore, young students have the opportunity to prove their passion for dancing with recognised exams. In fact, students who’ve decided to take dance at A Level are one step closer to becoming professor in the future since a level 3 qualification is the minimum requirement for becoming one.

Regardless of where you are in your schooling, don’t hesitate to start getting dance classes near me!

Private Dance Schools

Some dancers are so passionate about their art that they opened their own dance studio or started their own dance company.

Regardless of your level, you can start learning how to dance from an experienced and gifted instructor. Of course, the rates for classes at private dance schools and academies can vary quite wildly depending on the level of instruction, the type of choreography, and who the dance instructor is.

Generally, dance studios will expect you to pay your tuition either every month, semester, or year. In a lot of cases, you can attend a taster session or meet up with your tutor so they can evaluate your level and work out which classes would be best for you.

Additionally, these kinds of places have workshops over the summer for kids, introductory sessions for those who don't know anything about any styles of dance, and more advanced classes for those wanting to further their dance education.

The main advantage of attending these types of establishments is that there are usually several different styles of dance available. Students can also learn about different styles of dance (rumba, Viennese waltz, pasodoble, etc.) and improve their musical repertoire.

Find dance classes Vancouver here.

Dance Lessons at University or a Conservatoire

Attending a Conservatoire

These establishments are for the most promising dancers in the country and offer some of the best dance classes around.

If you want to get into a conservatoire or university, you’re going to have to have good results and put together a good application. In fact, since places at the top conservatoires and universities are so rare, you’re going to have to make sure you stand out.

Once you’ve completed your application, you’ll probably have to complete an audition, too. Generally, if they like your application, they’ll want to see you dance. When it comes to proving yourself, different institutions will have different applications and probably ask you different questions and expect different things when it comes to your auditions.

You’ll have to show that you’re both capable and passionate about dancing and interested in attending a prestigious school of dance.

Which are the best dance schools in the UK?
You'll be surprised at all the different ways you can learn to dance. (Source: Dana Tentis)

The Best Dance Conservatoires in the UK

The Conservatoire for Dance and Drama includes 8 different schools around the country and some specialise in different dance styles:

  • BOVTS (Bristol Old Vic Theatre School)
  • Central School of Ballet
  • LAMBDA (London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art)
  • London Contemporary Dance School
  • National Centre for Circus Arts
  • Northern School of Contemporary Dance
  • Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance

If you get into one of these schools, you can be sure that you’ll be able to move on to even more advanced dancing classes once you finish your degree. Some dancers move on to master’s degrees and even PhDs in dance or the performing arts.

How much do dance degrees cost?
Why not consider learning to dance at a prestigious school instead? (Source: Silvio Barbosa)

Conservatoires and universities are the routes to take if you’re serious about making dancing your career.

Take Private Dancing Lessons

Whether you’re looking for Latin dance, African dance, or rock ‘n’ roll classes, why not get in touch with a private dance tutor?

There are a lot of advantages to private dance lessons. Firstly, aspiring dancers can learn how to dance from the comfort of their own home with more support than they’d get in a group class or workshop.

Where can I find private dance tutors?
Whether it's for putting on a show, the first dance at your wedding, or participating in a flash mob, a private tutor can help you come up with the choreography. (Source: pixabay.com)

With weekly classes, you’ll learn to dance with interesting and useful exercises and you won't have to worry about your class schedule like you would at a conservatoire.

You could learn one or several of the following dance styles:

  • Argentine tango
  • Bachata
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Bollywood Dance
  • Chacha
  • Cuban salsa or Puerto Rican salsa
  • Dance fitness
  • Flamenco
  • Hip-hop dance
  • Latin dance
  • Oriental dance
  • Ragga Dancehall
  • Swing dance
  • Tap
  • The Foxtrot
  • Waltz

If you want to hire a private tutor, you can sign up to a tutoring agency that’ll organise private tutorials for you. However, a lot of these agencies tend to offer only the most popular styles like modern, jazz and ballet. However, the good thing is that it’s the agency’s job to find your tutor or choreographer.

On the other hand, you could always look at the classifieds and find a tutor yourself. On Superprof, students can check out tutors from all over the UK and the world (thanks to online dance tutorials via webcam).

With private dance tutorials, you can take anything from beginner’s lessons to intensive dancing courses. The main advantage to working with a private tutor is flexibility; you can choose when you work with your dance teacher, the type of dance lesson you want, and, in some cases, the dance studios where your lessons will take place.

If you just want to gain some confidence on the dance floor or learn a few new dance moves, then you can find someone who teaches dancing for fun with very competitive rates. Even if you've never danced in your life, there's a tutor out there who'd be happy to introduce you to dancing and encourage you to start cutting a rug!

There are also wedding dance lessons for couples looking to improve their dancing before their big day. If you're getting married and are in desperate need of some dance training for your first dance, you should look for tutors specialising in this type of dance instruction.

To make sure you don’t lose money by choosing the wrong tutor, remember that most tutors on Superprof offer their first hour of tuition for free. Make the most of this hour to establish your goals, see if you get along with your tutor, agree on rates, schedules, and the other fine details of learning how to dance.

If you want to learn a new routine for a particular event (like a wedding, for example), private lessons are ideal. You can tell your tutor this is what you want and they'll be able to focus on your routine during every session. Of course, keep in mind that they're the expert and don't tell them how to do their jobs!

The best dance tutorials should be educational, encouraging, energetic, and fun. If you're learning to dance and you're not enjoying yourself, it might be time to work with another talented tutor. Of course, rather than wasting time and money with the wrong tutor, make sure you make the right choice by carefully choosing your tutor.

Go have a look at the tutors available on Superprof to find the right dance tutor for you and start learning how to dance like a professional dancer. Or click here to read about the cost of dance lessons.

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