It’s not easy being an actor. The uncertainty of work translates into the uncertainty of making money. Then you are constantly finding auditions to get that next part. It’s hard being an actor, but it’s also very rewarding. The chance to be on the big screen and do what you love would be simply amazing. Acting isn't for everybody but for those who know they want to be actors you can tell it’s what they are meant to do. Being an actor doesn't mean you have to have an uncertainty of making money or stressing about finding auditions. It's going to require work to attain these things, but it shouldn't completely stress you out. There is plenty of ways to find work and get paid as an actor.

You need to find work as an actor.
You need to find work as an actor. Source: Le Minh, Pexels

Working as An Extra Actor in Canada

We get it, extra actors might be a step back from where you are in your acting career but you shouldn't write this off. Extra actors can get paid well and gain some experience in the industry. This skill can be vital for you to have a successful acting career.

Extra actors don't seem like it but they play an important role in the acting world. Imagine a movie filmed in Toronto with nobody around. Let's say the scene was at a coffee shop, but it was just the actors and there was no one else. It would look odd and it wouldn't look natural. Extra actors are needed to fill into the background to create a better experience for the viewer.

To be an extra actor you're going to need some skills. Just like acting you don't necessarily need any qualifications or certifications but you're going to need these skills. Reliability, Professional Attitude, Mobility and Understanding of Policies. These 4 skills will ensure you can be successful as an extra actor. The last thing you want is to reshoot a scene because you messed up as an extra actor.

To start finding an extra actor job you can reach out to agencies. They’ll do all the leg work for you. You’ll just have to audition for the extra work. Working with an agency is a great way to get jobs, but you're going to have to pay an agency for their work. They're going to take a percentage off your earnings. Another great way to find extra work is to ask around. Chances are if you're already working in the acting industry you're going to know people that can help you out.

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Finding Acting Auditions in Canada

Auditions are the main reasons most actors find their acting jobs. You have to spend the time looking for auditions around you. Auditions are usually happening all the time, but this isn't the case for some cites. A lot of times if you're looking to get into acting it’s beneficial to move to the right city. Vancouver and Toronto are known for their acting scene in Canada. By living in either of these two cities you're going to increase your chances of getting an audition. It’s not impossible to become an actor in other cities but you may not have the same opportunities.

There are lots of ways to find auditions in your city. Your first option is working with an agency. Agencies make finding an audition for you simple. They do all the work for you in getting an audition you just have to make sure you ace the audition. Agencies have their ups and downs. They may get you your auditions but they're going to take part in your wage. It can be a fair trade-off. You're getting an acting role and they get paid. Your next option is word of mouth. There are usually lots of auditions happening around the city all the time. It can be hard to know everything going on. By talking to other actors or other people in the industry they can fill you in on other auditions happening around the city. Word of mouth can be a hard tactic if your new to the acting world. You can also enroll in an acting class. You’ll meet like-minded people and your coach will have connections in the acting industry. They can help you find auditions and help you ace the auditions.

Finding an audition is still going to take effort and time but you don't have to stress about it. Use these tips to find auditions in any city you live in. If you are looking to ace your next auditions you can work with a Superprof acting coach. They have 100s of acting coaches all around Canada. Superprofs acting coach offers lessons in person and online giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn acting when you want to learn.

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Every actor needs to be good at auditions.
Every actor needs to be good at auditions. Source: Daria Sannikova, Pexels

Working as an Acting Coach in Canada

A lot of actors end up working part-time. It can be hard to make a stable living working as an actor. Even working as an actor full time you might end up having some spare time. The last thing you want to be doing is working a job you don’t want to be at, but then again you're getting paid. This doesn't have to be the case. You can start working as an acting coach. Working as an acting coach would a rewarding part-time job, that you already share a passion for. You would love to go to work every day. Acting coaches can also make more than your typically part-time jobs.

There are two main ways you can become an acting coach. The first way is working as a tutor. You can set your own schedule and be your own boss. You could focus on teaching individuals acting skills to help them succeed in their acting career. Your second way to become an acting coach is by teaching an acting class at your local academy. You work with a wide range of individuals and help them excel. Being an actor you already have a lot of the requirements to teach acting. To teach at an academy or being a tutor the main 2 skills you need to know are acting knowledge and teaching experience. Of course, there are a few other skills that would be beneficial but these two skills are the fundamentals.

Working as an acting coach can be an exciting job while you continue to act. You can share your passion with the world and teach new actors how to become better actors. You don't need to get another job you're not interested in. Teaching acting could even turn into a full-time job.

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An acting coach working with her student.
An acting coach working with her student. Source: Anna Shvets, Pexels

Start Find Work an Actor Today

It’s not easy being an actor, but if this is something you want to achieve and excel at you're going to need to put in the time and effort. You’ll have a rewarding and exciting career working as an actor. By reading this article we hope you’ve gained some helpful tips so you can start working as an actor whether it be for extra acting, finding an audition or working as an acting coach. You just need to make those steps and put yourself out there.  The main thing about working as an actor is being consistent. Not everything about being an actor has to be perfect. You're going to have bumps in the road, that's normal. The important thing to do is you just need to stick with it and you will succeed as an actor.

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