The vast majority of the population like some sort of music; so many different genres to enjoy from rock, pop, jazz, opera and many more.  Some may even say that they could not live without music!

However, many of these people never learn to use their singing voice to its full potential. Contacting a singing teacher is the first step to remedying this and discovering the joy of making music for yourself!

The fun and dynamic teaching methods of private singing teachers help students learn to control their voices and develop as a musician in their own right.

Here is our guide to choosing your ideal singing teacher for a successful singing course.

Choosing a Singing Teacher According to Your Vocal Register

There are many things you need to consider once you start looking for singing teachers. The first of these will probably concern the content of the lessons.

Before making contact with teachers, students and parents should carefully consider the description of each teacher’s services to make sure that their expertise aligns with the preferred musical styles and goals of the student.

Voice teachers can focus on different vocal registers, depending on the vocal range of their student:

  • Chest voice: This is the more natural register (in which we speak) which is produced by the contraction of the vocal chords.
  • Passagio: The passagio voice is the area of the voice between the upper and lower registers, where many beginners find tension when trying to change pitch.
  • Head voice: This is the higher register, where the singer will feel the sound vibrations in their head.

Usually, singing teachers will be able to cover all three types of vocal techniques in their sessions, however, you may find yourself focussing on one particular register should you wish to explore a certain musical style such as classical, opera or pop, for example.

Regardless of your usual singing register, your voice coach will teach you how to:

  • Warm up correctly
  • Maintain the proper posture
  • Efficiently use breathing techniques
  • Improve diction and enunciate 
  • Strengthen your diaphragm to support your voice and control your vibrato
  • Communicate the emotion of a piece

The singing teacher’s role is, first and foremost, to boost each student’s level of self-confidence by providing tailored instruction to each individual.

This means that regardless of your level or your musical interests, your teacher will adapt their voice lessons to you.

An important part of voice training  in order to get the most out of their sessions, must remember to practice what they have learnt from their voice coaches in their spare time.

Find a Vocal Coach within your Budget

Beginner singers have the most choice when it comes time to choosing the price that suits them, as prices increase in accordance with the level of teaching delivered.


Finding a voice coach can only be positive, regardless of your budget
Vocal coaching as an investment in boosting the confidence of the vocalist ¦ source: Pixabay - nattanan23

Location is another factor in the variation of average prices for singing lessons:

  • Toronto - $38 per hour
  • Vancouver -$40 per hour
  • Montreal - $39 per hour
  • Halifax- $29 per hour
  • Winnipeg-  $34 per hour

So, whether you enjoy singing gospel, choral or pop music, or you’re new to the world of singing, cost is a major point to consider when choosing an instructor.

However, bear in mind that price of singing tuition may serve as an indicator of the service being offered. Prices that seem incredibly low usually represent teachers who target young singers with no formal knowledge of music theory.

If you’re preparing for auditions, or you would like to pursue a career in musical theatre, paying slightly more will get you the expert help you need to achieve your goals.

Choose a Singing Teacher Based on Their Professional Experience

To work on your vocal technique and learn more about your tone quality, nothing is better than one to one professional vocal training.

Teachers with a high level of professional experience as musicians are naturally more inclined to training those hoping to start their own musical career.

Like learning to play a musical instrument, learning how to sing is about far more than simply producing a pleasant sound. As you begin to advance in your singing ability, you’ll start to learn more about the history behind music as well as the rules of composition.

This is what makes music teachers’ knowledge so valuable; once you have learned the fundamentals by learning your first instrument, you are equipped to learn others with ease.

The content of your lessons will rely on the expertise of the teacher
The professional experience of your music teacher indicates the potential scale of your progress ¦ source: Pixabay - WikimediaImages

This could mean that if you wish to play your own piano accompaniment whilst singing, learning the piano will be far easier having already been introduced to musical theory.

The same goes for the more specific aspects of singing. Voice coaches will not only help you to sing beautifully, but they will also teach you about performing and help you overcome any stage fright.

Here are a few things you may wish to consider when choosing a singing teacher:

  • What performance experience does the voice teacher have?
  • Do they perform as part of a group or solo, or both?
  • Do they play musical instruments?
  • Do they have knowledge of music theory?
  • What are their specialisms, or do they specialise in?

With the right teaching methods, any experienced singer will know the best way to help their student progress and inspire them throughout their musical career.

Choose A Coach  Based on Teaching Experience

Are experienced musicians always good candidates for teaching?

Contrary to what you may assume, professional experience does not always equal effective teaching.

As is the case for any discipline, teaching is a skill in itself which can be difficult for some to grasp in the beginning.

When looking for a singing teacher, students should pay particular attention to the teaching profile of each singer, as this will be most helpful in deciding, based on their credentials and experience.

Of course, this does not mean to say that those who are new to teaching should be ignored. A new teacher may be more creative and modern in their approach than someone with decades of experience – and this is why it is important to test the waters.

Having a good chemistry between teacher and student holds the key to the relationship of trust which is essential to learning success.

Regardless of their level of qualification, the success of a teacher is defined by how much their student learns
Even if you pick a music undergraduate to teach you, they will be familiar with your position as a learner ¦ source: Pixabay - mrjohn5

Superprof is an advertising platform for students to help them find their ideal tutor. Superprof highlights over 220 singing coaches from all across Canada, or the world (via online) from which to choose from.

On the platform, tutors can upload documents with their qualifications, some upload youtube clips of their performances,  others also write about their methods and lesson content, so those who may take a particular  interest in their services can learn all about them without having to make a phone call.

It is also possible for students to review their tutors for the benefit of future clients – so you’ll be able to see how other people found each tutor’s teaching.

How important are qualifications for singing teachers?

There are no official requirements when it comes to qualifications before you start teaching as a tutor. This may worry some, however, there are thousands of talented teachers offering their valuable time knowledge and experience, to those it will benefit.

Nevertheless, some students feel more reassured when teachers are able to prove their level of expertise with formal certificates and training.

If you’re looking for a highly-experienced singing teacher, you may prefer to put those with relevant qualifications at the front of your queue.

For instance, should you be preparing for conservatoire auditions, looking for teachers who have graduated from conservatoires themselves and may offer more advantages for the level you will require.

If you're still unsure about enlisting the help of a singing teacher, here are fifteen brilliant reasons to take singing lessons!

Choosing a Singing Teacher on Superprof

Finding singing teachers on Superprof is simple!

All students need to do is specify their subject (such as singing) and enter their location.

Superprof also makes it possible for students to take lessons via webcam on Skype – so you can overcome the obstacle that distance poses!

So, once you think you have found a tutor to suit you, how do you know that they’re the right one?

Tutors know the importance of a good chemistry between teacher and student, which is why 92% of them offer their first session for free.

This means that students can have a trial singing lesson before they make a decision.

Ido who is a student of Jacelyn,  a Superprof teacher and an award winning singer songwriter with an Honours Degree in Performance Art, had a most positive experience:

Perfect! Jacelyn is a talented, professional, and experienced singing tutor who I very recommend. Her lessons are enriching and also fun. You don't want to miss the opportunity of taking lessons with her! "

So, why not discover your inner musician with the help of a Superprof tutor?

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