Becoming a good chef is no easy task. There is a wealth of knowledge to understand cooking. It takes years of consistent hard work, studying and learning from other great chefs. If you take it a step further there are chefs who are not only good but have mastered cooking. There at the top of their industry and it shows. As an aspiring chef, it can be motivating to learn about some of the best chefs in the world. It can help to learn from their mistakes and find the right journey for you. We've listed 4 chefs below that are some of the best chef's in the world. The list is in no particular order.

One of the great things about cooking is the different ways you can start. Some chefs find their way into restaurants, where others start in catering. Each of the chefs we listed below has had its own unique start to the culinary world. They've been able to stay consistent and become the best at what they do.

These top chefs are at the top of their game.
These top chefs are at the top of their game. Source: Rene Asmussen, Pexels

Gordon Ramsay

One of the best well-known chefs around the world, especially for his attitude in the kitchen is Gordon Ramsay. Ramsay grew up in England and always wanted to be a soccer player. He joined a pro team at the young age of 15. Unfourntuanley, after just over 3 years with the team he had a bad knee injury and had to find a new profession. He decided to go to school for cooking. After completing his degree he started working under England's best chefs. In 1993 Ramsay became a head chef at Aubergine. During his time there he the restaurant earned 2 Michelin stars. Gordon Ramsay eventually left Aubergine and opened up his first restaurant in 1998. The restaurant earned 3 Michelin stars.

After the success of his first restaurant, he would go on to open more restaurants in London. Years later he continued to open restaurants all around the world. In 1996 Ramsay had his first appearance on MasterChef as a judge. Ramsay is full of temperament in the kitchen but also had a passion for teaching others, Ramsay has gone on to do a lot of cooking shows like Boiling Point, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen. In 2013 Gordan Ramsay was into the culinary hall of fame.

Wolfgang Puck

He is a notorious chef known all over the world for his high-end restaurants, catering business and cookbooks. H grew up in Austria. He always watched his mother cook in the kitchen and became interested in cooking himself. He decided at a young age he wanted to become a professional chef. Puck’s father didn't approve of his cooking desire. Puck worked at a construction site to please his father but eventually realized he should focus on his culinary career. Wolfgang Puck trained as an apprentice. He ventured to France which allowed him to work under the finest chefs. This is where he developed his strong culinary skills. He later decided to move to the U.S. He worked his way up in the culinary world until he became part owner of Mas Maison in Los Angeles. The restaurant was a huge success. This led Wolfgang Puck to open a restaurant of his own in 1982.

Wolfgang’s restaurant continued to have great success which allowed him to open more restaurants. He started a catering company that became known for working with high profile events. He continued to have success in all his endeavours. He was inducted into the culinary hall of fame in 2013.

Photo credit: travelhyper on / CC BY-NC-SA
Photo credit: travelhyper on / CC BY-NC-SA

Rachel Ray

She is known for television shows and cookbooks. She’s spent her culinary career dedicated to helping people cook. She was raised in New York. Her family was always involved in the restaurant business. Rachel Ray had a few jobs growing up in the food industry and eventually got a job at a gourmet food shop in New York. She created a 30-minute cooking class. This class got picked up by a local t.v newscast. The 30-minute classes grew in popularity. The Food Network reached out and wanted to devote three other programs based around Rachel. She continued to have success on the t.v. Her next endeavour was a food and lifestyle magazine. The magazine became another success.

Rachel Ray has continued to be the people’s chef. She has helped millions of people feel confident in the kitchen with her array of courses and books. She started a talk show called Rachel Ray that has won multiple awards featuring a daytime Emmy award. Rachel was never part of the restaurant business, but she’s been able to have a career in cooking without it.

Lynn Crawford

Lynn Crawford is known for an array of things in the culinary world. She's been a t.v host, restauranteur, cookbook author and chef. She has over 25 years in the culinary world. She was raised in Toronto, Ontario. She decided on a Fine Arts Major when she was a teenager but soon realized she had a passion for cooking. She ended up dropping out of the Univesity of Guelph and enrolled in George's Brown College Culinary Arts program. After graduation, she went to study under the top chefs in California.

She ended up coming back to Toronto a few years after and worked for Four Seasons as a chef. She moved around with Four Season starting in their Montreal location but also ventured to Vancouver, New York and Toronto. She eventually was offered the role of overall executive chef for the Four Seasons Toronto hotels. With her success with Four Season, she started to appear on cooking shows. She eventually opened up her own restaurants and wrote several cookbooks.

Lynn Crawford. Photo credit: N A I T on Visualhunt / CC BY-ND
Lynn Crawford. Photo credit: N A I T on Visualhunt / CC BY-ND

Jamie Oliver

He has a passion for cooking and loves to share that passion with his viewers. He was raised in the United Kingdom. Both his parents owned a restaurant together. This greatly influenced Jamie as he decided to attend a catering college at 16. After he started gaining experience in numerous restaurants. He was working in London at River Cafe when it appeared in a documentary. Jamie gained a lot of fame on the documentary and was able to host a cooking show called The Naked Chef. The show has been widely successful. He then created multiple cookbooks and opened a few restaurants as well.

Jamie Oliver has continued to have success in t.v. He started Oliver Twists on the Food Network which ran for 2 years. Jamie started a cooking channel on Youtube which has now gained over 5 million subscribers. Jamie is known for creating easy to follow recipes. He loves sharing his passion for cooking as well as his knowledge with his viewers. He's sold millions of copies of his cookbooks and continues to produce great content.

Start Cooking Today!

We hope learning about each of these chefs has inspired you to start your own culinary career. You could become the next best chef in Canada. Having the motivation to learn from the best chefs can help you along on your journey. Another important factor is having the skillset in the kitchen. Hiring a cooking tutor or enrolling in a cooking school can be a good start to gain the skills you need to have in the culinary world. If you are looking to get started Superprof has 100s of cooking tutors in Canada that are ready to help you learn the skills you need. They have the experience and knowledge to teach you the best way possible. Superprof also offers lessons online and in-person giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn to cook when you want to learn.

If you want to become a great chef now is the time. You need to make that first step forward. Become the next best chef in Canada.

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