The city of Ottawa gives you every reason to love and want to learn chess. Its diverse chess clubs, groups, and associations perfectly communicate how exciting chess can be. This old but famous game is used as a fun activity, an educational tool and sport in Ottawa. As a result, several of its residents, without a doubt, enjoy the benefits of playing chess to the fullest.

Chess is one of the most popularly recognized board games in Ottawa and every country across the world. It is not as complex and challenging as popular belief holds. Instead, it is a game of simplicity and consistency. This two-player game involves one move at a time using one out of 16 game pieces to navigate through the 64-box game board.

The aim is to mastermind and play out a strategy to attain the game's final goal - checkmate the opponent's king. To achieve this, the players require an in-depth understanding of the rules and must carefully combine strategies, patterns, logical thinking, and planning skills.

Learning chess involves combining strategies for winning. Source: Unsplash

The ability of the players to maneuver this game through critical combination tricks, patterns, tactics, and strategies are the components that make the game of chess so thrilling and interesting. This is what drives the players to play more games and learn more about chess. In addition to the thrills, suspense, and excitement that comes from playing chess, this 1500 years old (or more) board game has several other benefits.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced chess player, there are tons of reasons why you should play chess and, most importantly, play and learn chess in Canada.

Superprof, by connecting you with chess tutors in Ottawa, allows you to enjoy these benefits.

Here are a few reasons why you should take chess lessons in Ottawa.

Ottawa has numerous experienced and skilled chess tutors who are outstanding chess players. Through their years of experience as players and tutors, they can help you learn and understand all you need to know about chess.

Due to their knowledge, they can see the learning process from the student and tutor's view. This allows them to devise teaching methods that make the coaching and learning process easier.

It doesn't matter what area you live in, in Ottawa; there's always a qualified chess tutor nearby who can take you on chess lessons at your convenience. You can connect with these tutors through Superprof to fast-track your learning process and increase your chess knowledge in Toronto.

  • Socialize with other chess players

Depending on the agreement made with your chess tutor, you can either have chess lessons alone or take group lessons alongside other learners like you. Having chess lessons with groups gives you a chance to socialize with people, learn from, and interact with them regardless of their background.

Even if you take chess lessons alone, you can join chess clubs, groups, and associations in Ottawa. By doing so, you can network, learn new skills, play more chess games, study other players' methods, test your skills, and improve on them.

  • Participate in chess tournaments

Your progress and the impact of your chess lessons can be measured through your performance in tournaments and competitions. In Ottawa, the Ottawa RA Chess Club organizes CFC-rated tournaments weekly.

You can join the club or any other and partake in any weekly contests to test your skills, see chess from other players' perspectives, and improve on your weak points. Through consistent participation in these tournaments, you can also learn to contain stress and emotions during games. If you want to play chess professionally, this prepares you for bigger games in the future.

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Many professional chess players are featured in tournaments. Source: Unsplash
  • Have fun!

As opposed to general misconceptions, chess isn't dull and boring; it is fun and can be fun for you too. You can make chess fun for yourself and your opponent. Taking chess lessons, learning chess, and playing the game with other players, helps you see and enjoy fun differently.

Every experienced chess player is aware that chess is filled with many exciting and thrilling moments. Because no two chess games are the same, there's never a dull moment in this game. It's even more exciting when you pull off a strategy successfully over a stronger player and win.

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At every point during a chess game, you need to think, plan, and strategize. Every move your opponent makes is either a threat or a potential threat. You should be able to decipher the intentions behind every move made and predict, correctly, your opponent's next moves. This is necessary if you want to play a good game and outsmart your opponent.

Through chess lessons and games, you get involved in critical thinking. Consistent practice and play significantly develop your critical thinking, problem-solving, and planning skills in other aspects of your life. This largely affects your life and performance in other areas positively in the long run.

  • Learning chess improves your memory

Among the many benefits of chess, memory enhancement is one of the most remarkable because most players notice one of the first benefits. Chess requires you to memorize and understand strategies, openings, patterns, tactics, previous games, etc. This is important because of the variations in piece moves, strategies, and openings of each player.

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Memorization allows you to identify your opponent's strategy or moves quickly and helps you to outwit them. Memory improvement is better appreciated in high school and college students, as their performance in school tends to get better as they play chess more.

  • Learning and playing chess makes you smarter

Several people believe that chess is only for the smarter ones. But in reality, playing chess is what makes the players smarter. Anyone can play chess if they are patient enough to learn the rules, basic mechanics, and strategies and apply them. Scientific studies show that chess boosts the IQ of chess players. Learning and playing chess increases your intelligence coefficient because it is a mental sport.

Learning chess could help you develop your critical thinking skills faster. Source: Unsplash
  • Playing chess boosts concentration and focus

It would be best if you focused on playing a good game, engineer your strategy, study your opponent's moves, and ultimately win a game. One moment of distraction can be very costly while playing chess. Your full attention is needed every step through the game. Learning and playing chess is fun and an interesting way to improve your level of concentration extensively.

With consistent practice, you will no longer have to worry about maintaining focus while participating in other activities such as exams, important conversations, office meetings, etc.

  • Chess activates and exercises your two brain hemispheres

Every individual has two cerebral hemispheres, with one being the most predominant. For most people, the dominant hemisphere is left, and for a few others, the right. Learning and playing chess puts the two hemispheres to use and exercises them. When you learn and play chess, you challenge your brain to develop pattern recognition, think logically, make visually and analytically-grounded decisions and enhance your memory. Regardless of your age, chess has the same effect on your brain and improves your brain's health.

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  •  Chess is health

Considering that chess is a mental sport that exercises your brain, it keeps your brain healthy and active. Learning and playing chess confers some protection against degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer's disease. It also stimulates the growth of dendrites (a part of your brain cells that relays information to the soma of the cell).

Chess helps develop fine motor skills, so it is thought to increase recovery in stroke patients or other individuals suffering from physically debilitating conditions. In such individuals, chess can also enhance their communication and cognitive skills. Chess also serves as therapy for those with autism, ADHD, and individuals with other developmental disabilities. Interestingly, it's been found that chess helps to improve the condition of schizophrenic patients.

In addition to these benefits, there are several others such as improved reading ability, learning, independence, creativity, and more. It is easy to see how much chess positively influences every other aspect of your life. However, the first step to enjoying these benefits is learning chess through chess lessons or personal research and learning.

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Do you live in Ottawa? Would you like to learn chess afresh or improve on your skills and game? There are tons of experienced chess tutors in Ottawa who are willing to teach you and guide you through the process. Regardless of your age, proficiency level, or the reason why you want to learn - for fun or professional reasons, there is a suitable tutor for you on Superprof.

With us, you have access to registered and skilled tutors everywhere in Ottawa. You can find chess tutors who will work closely with you to develop a structured learning and training framework convenient and effective for you.

As long as you are willing to learn and dedicate some time to it, you will enjoy most of the benefits that chess offers.

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