From adolescence, the guitar has remained a fascinating musical instrument. Everyone has their preferred selection of singers, musicians or favorite bands that use a guitar.

We've all wanted to reproduce what musicians have done, to imitate what we've heard, and in order to do that, playing the guitar is one of the best ways to achieve it. Besides, it allows you to impress your friends.

What are the advantages of learning to play the guitar?

Don't wait any longer to start guitar!

Guitar As a Form of Expression

Music is a universal language that soothes the soul and connects all human beings together.

It allows you to express and interpret emotions and cause sensations. It is an art that fosters harmony with your feelings and intersperses sounds with silences.

The guitar allows you to interpret emotions and deliver sensations. It is an art that harmonizes your feelings and sounds interspersed with silences.
Guitar is not the favorite instrument of many stars for nothing!

By choosing to take guitar lessons, or find online guitar lessons for kids, you've decided that this instrument will be an extension of your own body, your sensitivity. The guitar becomes your means of artistic expression.

Depending on the style of music you want to play (blues, rock, reggae, pop, classical, alternative, etc.), you can exhibit a new facet of your personality to others, show them what your tastes, musical and artistic affinities are.

The Benefits of Guitar

The guitar offers a multitude of benefits: it is simple enough to understand, the steps for first starting are easy to follow and practicing will allow you to progress faster.

It is an instrument that can be played anywhere, with anyone. You can play any song by ear. Thousands of guitar scores and guitar tabs are available on the internet and in specialty stores.

The guitar is the preferred instrument of younger and older generations alike. There is no age to begin playing the guitar.

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 There is no age to start the guitar
You can learn to play the guitar at any age!

Finally, it is an instrument that can be learned in different ways. You can go take lessons with a guitar teacher at a classical music school, at a Conservatory and in a cultural center. You can even learn with books, ebooks, DVDs, tutorials on the Internet, with your musician buddies or just by yourself.

Reasons Why You Should Learn Guitar

Learning the guitar fosters a passion that will allow you to discover a new universe.

You're passionate about the guitar

This is surely the best reason to be motivated about learning an instrument such as the guitar. Your passion will help you in your learning and it will allow you to overcome the moments when you encounter obstacles.

Discover the musical world

With the guitar, you'll have access to a new musical world where you can discover and develop different styles, play numerous repertoires and learn multiple techniques.

Do you know of any other musical instrument that allows you to play both classical music and heavy metal rock?

The opportunity to play with friends

It is well known, the guitar is one of the most unifying musical instruments.

Playing the guitar solo is great, but when you play with your friends, the dynamic that ensues is even better.

Moreover, by having rehearsals and group practices together, you'll become more motivated and inclined to improve quickly.

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Reasons Why You Shouldn't Learn Guitar

Above all, you need to focus and understand why you want to learn how to play the guitar.

Is playing the guitar simply strumming a few chords in front of your friends, staying alone in your room and playing, or learning to master a wonderful instrument with multiple facets?

Entertaining others

This is bad reasoning to learn to play the guitar. Even if the experience can be very gratifying, the significant need for learning to play the guitar should be a strong self-desire, firstly.

Enjoy yourself before trying to entertain others.

Guitar playing demands a lot of practice, hours of repetition and a good dose of motivation to face the difficulties that come with playing well.

Take it from a friend

Theoretically, guitar playing starts with a good feeling but practicing is done over time. It requires diligence and constant motivation to master this instrument.

Learning to play the guitar is not done in two days. It will take several months (years maybe, or even a lifetime to become a perfectionist) to develop all techniques

In this light, your motivation to play guitar must be personal and not guided by others, even if a close friend originally turned you onto it.

A fad

By definition, a fad is something ephemeral; a temporary phenomenon linked to a collective behavior.

 Follow your motivations to learn how to play the guitar.
Whether you notice it as a trend or because most of your friends are doing it, you should play guitar because you want to!

Because everybody does it, you do it too.

However, with the guitar, being a fad is not a good enough reason: you need a strong, personal and lasting motivation.

Do not try to imitate others, as your learning will take a hit quickly with early difficulties.

Guitar is simple

To say that the guitar is simple to learn is not a valid reason, it is more an excuse.

To tell you the truth, the guitar is not an easy instrument to harness. Even if the basics are simple enough to learn, it will be necessary to practice for hours in order to play smoothly and imitate the pieces you love.

And if you want to have your own style, the hours spent are priceless. The search for this instrument is limitless when you want to become a professional.

Fun Reasons to Learn to Play Guitar

Here's a non exhaustive list of different reasons why you should learn to play guitar

Fast learning

Effectively, after a few months of regular practice, you will pass for an experienced guitarist. By manipulating the main major and minor chords as well as knowing how to create them, you will be able to replay more than 80% of the musical pieces that you love.

Who doesn't love listening to the Beatles, Blur or Oasis?

You can learn guitar quickly if you put some time into it.

You're in the front row

Unlike the bassist or the drummer, you are often in the forefront. Whether you are singing or not, you will be in the limelight. We will listen to you and most likely only look at you.

If You Sing, You Quickly Become an Idol

 Try to become a rockstar by playing the guitar.
Become popular by playing the guitar!

The singers always exude a fascinating aura, but if you also use this difficult instrument that is known as the guitar, you will pass for a god of the stage, a real performer that lives and transpires music.

You can play wherever

Compared to the piano or the harp, it is certain that a guitar is most portable. You can take it anywhere with you: in the evening with friends, on the beach, in the street, or in a bar for an improvised concert anywhere.

The guitarist adapts

Whether it's rock, blues, reggae, pop, funk, flamenco, or country, the guitarist can play all types of music.

While some instruments are exclusively dedicated to a specific style of music, the guitar adapts to everything.

You can even learn to play the guitar with video games.

Long hair

It's a bit of a cliché but learning to play the guitar also gives you an excellent excuse to grow out your hair.

Everyone knows that the longer your hair is, the more of a rocker you are.

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You don't need to be centerstage

While the drummer sweats profusely behind his cymbals and bass drums, as the singer jumps all over the stage, heating up in the spotlight, you can quietly play in your corner without a sweat.

Plus, if you want to play a little complicated solo, nobody will mind you suddenly jumping in centerstage. The effect is quite the contrary.

Guitar Inspired Home Decoration

Try to hang a drum set to a wall! Or find a cello that is personalized for your taste?

There are dozens and dozens of guitar models with different colors and different shapes you can exhibit in your home space.

Never Give Up Learning Guitar

As with any learning process, guitar lessons require personal investment and motivation.

It's going to happen that you will experience ups and downs, long slow periods, but you have to keep in mind the reason(s) for your desire to learn to play the guitar.

That's why, in order to never give up, you must know why you want to embark on this adventure: what motivates you the most?

Ask yourself why so few people manage to reach an impressive level of guitar while most of them drop their arms at the rise of a difficulty. Generally, most people who will start to learn to play the guitar will give up early on because they will not see progress quick enough to their taste.

When you watch guitarists play on stage and it seems easy, you have to know that it took hours and hours of regular training to reach such a level and to give the impression that playing the guitar is easy, to smoothly play and be able to improvise.

If you really want to play guitar, your motivation will be the key: where others will give up, you will continue and progress.

Only then you will have the satisfaction of being able to play the guitar and reproduce the songs you love so much.

The more you persevere, the better you will get.

Always keep a long-term vision, set goals and take everything step by step.

Learn about the advantages of guitar lessons.

The guitar is a wonderful instrument when you have managed to overcome it.  It is waiting for you to take this path!

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