We all learn differently, and schoolteachers can’t always cater to everyone’s learning style. Did you know there are seven different learning styles?:

  • Visual – you like to learn with images and pictures, using spatial understanding.
  • Auditory – you like using sound and music to learn.
  • Verbal – you learn best with words, in both speech and writing.
  • Physical – you like to use your body and sense of touch.
  • Logical – you like to use logic, reasoning, and systems to learn.
  • Social – you like to learn with other people in groups.
  • Solitary – you prefer to work alone and self-teach.

With so many ways to learn effectively, it isn’t surprising to find that the classroom is not a one-size-fits-all plan. So how do we know when we might need extra help from a private tutor? We’ve developed a 10-point system (great for you logical learners) to see if supplemental instruction is right for you or your child.

Does Everyone Have a Private Tutor These Days?

It can start to feel like it. In the age of Tiger Parenting, Helicopter Parenting, and the general hysteria of getting your child into the best university, hiring a personal tutor is the natural next step for any student who wants to excel. But it isn’t just for those kids.

Tutoring is for students who are struggling to understand and retain concepts. It can also be for those who have missed some classes and fallen behind. It can also help you add a new skill to your repertoire, like yoga or a new language.

There is a myriad of different ways to be tutored these days, which adds to the flexibility private tuition has overall.

You can receive home tutoring, online tutoring, group tutoring in a learning center. There’s also one-on-one tutoring for sports or music. The subjects and delivery are myriad and endless.

First, let’s look at the Top 10 reasons why tutoring is a good idea.

  • Catch Up on Learning You Missed

Perhaps your child was sick, or you went away on a prolonged trip that meant they missed a significant amount of school. The teacher cannot always stay behind and bring your child back up to speed if they have missed a lot of instruction. In this case, hiring a tutor is a marvellous idea.

Student success is guaranteed to improve with a tutoring program and hard work.
Student success is guaranteed to improve with a tutoring program and hard work. Source: The American College in Spain

Personal academic tutoring, in a subject, your child is struggling to learn, has been the backbone of tutoring services since Day One. The tutor will get to know your child, find out where they need assistance and cater their lessons to them.

Areas where elementary and secondary students typically struggle are in math, science, English, essay writing, chemistry, calculus, social studies, anatomy, and physiology. Assistance in these areas will ensure greater academic success in the future.

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  • Fill the Gaps in Knowledge

Sometimes you’re not sure where you went wrong, just that you don’t have all the pieces to the puzzle. For some children and adults, this can is due to a learning challenge or concepts that weren’t absorbed well enough for them to move on to more difficult problems.

A tutor can assess your skillset and tell you where you/your child sits academically.

The other main advantage to private tutoring is you can tell your tutor

exactly when you’re confused.

In a school setting, it isn’t always easy to put your hand up and be the only one in the class who’s unsure.

Peer tutoring and online tutors can give you the study skills you need to learn better.
Peer tutoring and online tutors can give you the study skills you need to learn better. Source: Arts & Humanities Research Council

Your certified tutor can provide homework help to reinforce your knowledge and provide intense tutor training to ensure you know enough to progress. The best tutors will teach you good study habits, note taking, test preparation, proofreading and give you the academic support you need to reach your goals.

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  • Exam preparation

For students whose academic performance is lacking, test taking is often a source of anxiety and stress. Tutors are brilliant at giving you a breakdown of what you need to know when studying for a test. They can also create mock tests and provide additional academic resources that will set you on the road to academic success.

Don't rely on luck! Use private tutors to prepare for an exam! (Source: Sud Ouest)

Test prep will also help calm the nerves that can get in the way of your child performing to the best of their ability. Tutors assist students by helping them overcome not only their academic gaps but also teaching them how to perform better in a test situation.

Whether this comes because of the extra confidence they gain from studying with a tutor or the success they experience in subsequent tests, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is to see their progress and celebrate it.

  • Making the Good Great

For some students, tutors can take them from good grades to great grades.

They are the talented students who want to perfect their high school math mark

because they need a 95 to get into the university of their choice.

They know their subjects, but they are interested in becoming as close to perfection as possible. Private tutors or a tutoring centre can provide a college level preparatory course that helps them sail through their secondary schooling, and onto a more challenging learning environment.

Sometimes your child is doing poorly, and they’re afraid to tell you. When you do find out, it can be well into the course work, and you must do something immediately. You often must help them catch up and prep for upcoming tests. It’s a lot of pressure on everyone to buckle down and work.

In this case, a tutor is an absolute must. There is no such thing as free tutoring, but the investment is worthwhile. I’ve been through this with my son in Grade 9 math, and after three poor tests, he came to me stressed out and panicked. We found a tutor immediately, and he passed with a much better mark than expected. He’s in Grade 12 now and still uses the same tutor.

Find a tutor and put the pieces together to rediscover academic achievement.
Find a tutor and put the pieces together to rediscover academic achievement. Source: Björn Larsson
  • Find Out How You Learn Best

A tutor can spend the time to find out your learning style and use that to teach and reinforce the subject matter with you.

If you are a visual learner, a math tutor will create charts and pictographs to assist you in your calculus or algebra course.

If you are studying a language with an online tutor in a virtual learning environment, they can help you with your pronunciation as you talk over Skype. They can also use whiteboards to show you spelling and grammar usage. Whatever way you learn best, your tutor will find it and make it part of your program.

  • Consistent Reinforcement of Core Concepts

Weekly tutoring by appointment, will create a routine where the student is consistently reviewing and studying the concepts. In elementary school or even high school, this is a great practice start. It’s never too late.

No more cramming for tests or exams or doing last-minute assignments.

Individual tutoring from peer tutors will help you learn better and faster.
Individual tutoring from peer tutors will help you learn better and faster. Source: Suit Engine
  • Customised Learning

Some kids enjoy the competitive nature of “drill and kill” when they attend tutoring companies, while others prefer guided discovery like the Montessori method. Whatever your preference, explore that style with your tutor and see which method brings you the most success.

If you are an auditory learner, then peer tutoring online might be the ticket for you.

  • Indulge Your Passion

Not all tutoring needs to be academically inclined. Maybe you’ve dreamed of learning to skydive or fly a plane? Or perhaps you want to learn to horseback ride or practice yoga.

When you take time to explore your passions

you will become happier and more settled.

You can make an appointment at a time convenient for you. Or if you are learning online, that opens many more times you can connect, and you won’t have to travel to meet your tutor!

Find a local tutor or a government program to teach you a trade.
Find a local tutor or a government program to teach you a trade. Source: Pixabay
  • Learn a Trade. It Can Become Your New Career.

It’s never too early or too late to learn something new. They say we change careers, on average, six times in our lifetime. Which seems like an astounding amount, but halfway into the adventure, I can tell you it’s true.

So if you want to learn a trade like being an electrician or a furniture refinisher, there’s a course for that either online, at your local college, or in your city. In Canada, often, the local municipal or provincial government will have different trade apprenticeships available. Have a look here to see the training and apprenticeship options in Ontario.

If you are thinking about learning a new skill, indulging a newly found passion, or helping your child get the best out of school, tutoring is a wonderful option. Who knows, after you become an expert, you may want to become a tutor too? The tutoring jobs are there!

For more information on whether hiring a tutor is right for you, whether a tutor will help you reach your goals or the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a tutor, have a look at these articles.

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