Some say maths is like marmite: you either love it or you hate it.

Some quite like algebra and calculus, others prefer geometry and trigonometry or mental maths.

Most can agree that studying maths has an important place both in our education system and in our society. But why do we need Maths?

We need it for maths problem-solving and making sense of our surroundings.

Getting help from a one to one maths tutor for exam preparation can set you up for a successful career in fields such as accounting, catering, chemistry, physics, and social sciences.

Maths instruction can cover a range of levels and even make tuition exam board specific. So whether your child needs maths help with year 1 maths or you're a sixth former looking for help to prepare OCR A level maths revision to get you through the semester, there's a math teacher out there for everyone!

Common Difficulties with Maths

Depending on your level, obstacles to really understanding certain areas of maths concepts can come from all quarters and many people struggle to solve different mathematical equations.

If you find maths difficult, why not try private math lessons?
Does maths leave you scratching your head? ¦ source: Visualhunt

Such possibilities include:

  • A lack of knowledge: Maybe difficulty understanding something in class has left you without a firm foundation to build your knowledge of the subject
  • Memory: Maths often requires you to learn formulae and equations by heart
  • Vocabulary troubles: Not properly understanding the specialist language can mean you miss out on vital information...Algebra, geometry, can all get too much!
  • Confusing concepts: You may not be able to remember which formula applies to which type of maths problems
  • Reasoning skills: Maybe you just can't get to grips with the logic behind what you're being taught
  • Visualisation: Perhaps you struggle to visualise how the shapes come together or how the graph transformation will look in the end
  • Some people are even scared of doing maths and need some guidance!

Why Study Maths?

It's not uncommon to see much of the population struggle with maths due to a wide range of difficulties, so supplemental math lessons can prove incredibly useful.

Improve your knowledge of maths with extra lessons with a private tutor
A private tutor can help you hone your skills in maths and work on any difficulties ¦ source: Pixabay

Maths is a very useful subject in everything from a child's academic career to their work life and the day-to-day.

Math tutoring has several objectives:

  • Revising school national curriculum maths concepts
  • Bridging gaps and working on weaknesses
  • Consolidating and building on previous knowledge
  • Prepare readiness for exams and conquer maths tests in school
  • Understanding the importance of mathematics as a discipline and the different math concepts
  • And, of course, becoming a maths pro!

Choosing the Right Maths Tutor

What are the qualities of an ideal math tutor Toronto? You need to find someone who can assess your strengths and weaknesses to build you a tailored learning plan that will help you to succeed.

Having the perfect math tutor will help you get more out of your lessons
Make sure you find a tutor that suits your needs ¦ source: Visualhunt

If you feel unsure about finding your own private tutor, why not call on a tutoring company? Tutoring businesses have a good level of experience of matching tutors with tutees and will be able to find you a teacher to help you beat that maths problem.

There are tutors who can provide appropriate maths drills and maths quiz questions for all levels, from primary maths to KS3 maths, maths GCSE and even further maths at A level.

One on one mathematics teachers are also there to help with homework assignments. As maths websites such as My Maths and other places such as BBC bitesize maths games become more popular among teachers, children learn that maths is cool and can show their maths homework to their math tutor if they get stuck.

With the help of a mentor, you will no longer face your difficulties alone.

The teacher will reassure you throughout your progress, explain the points you are having trouble with and find different methods of teaching difficult concepts to make you the best mathematician you can be!

Why Study Mathematics? Here Are 10 Good Reasons!

This is our list of the top 10 reasons to try maths tuition.

1. Private Maths Tuition

By choosing a private maths tutor, everything you used to struggle with will soon become a lot clearer as they deliver a personalised programme based on your learning style.

Before scheduling your first 'real' lesson together, the tutor may ask to meet you to discuss where your problems lie. They will use this to decide your starting level and how to approach the course content.

They might choose to use active maths games to teach core math or show you fun maths tricks.

Tutoring services provide tailored help to make sure that the teaching fits the student, so the student doesn't have to change to fit the subject.

2. Take Maths Lessons to Better Understand Your Surroundings

One on one maths lessons will help you develop reasoning skills that will help you make sense of the environment as well as improve your decision-making and problem solving skills that may come in handy in later life.

Maths skills such as counting, adding and subtracting, multiplying and dividing, fractions, decimals, rounding, graphing, reasoning and arithmetic are all part of our everyday problem-solving skills. Without them, we wouldn't be able to evaluate proportions or estimate to make informed decisions.

Our society is built on maths and understanding its importance can help you to find your place and interact with others.

Find your dream online math tutor.

3. Maths Tuition for Better Career Prospects

Having maths skills on your CV will make you attractive to employers in many professional fields. Jobs that involve math include accounting, medicine, catering, banking, and practical work.

Maths is becoming more and more sought-after.

4. No More Falling Behind in Maths Lessons

Unfortunately, class sizes today make it nearly impossible to give each student the support they need, and since maths is so important in the school system, any weakness left unaddressed can harm your overall academic progress.

Not paying attention, being too tired, lack of motivation, fear of what your classmates will think, there are a million and one reasons why a student might fall behind in maths.

Private maths lessons mean you get the full, undivided attention of the tutor who will work on your maths revision with you.

And if you have questions to ask, even if they're not maths questions, you can talk to your tutor without the pressure of asking in front of other pupils.

5. Studying Maths with a Learning Method to Suit You

Quite often, schools move too fast when teaching maths, which means some students inevitably get left behind. The other issue is that not everyone's learning style is on the school math curriculum - which takes a one-size-fits-all approach.

By delivering lessons on a one to one basis or in a small group, maths tutors are free to adapt the pace to the learner, addressing any difficulties along the way. This means it will appear that the tutor is teaching maths made easy when in actual fact, the method has just been adapted - you'll feel like a math genius!

By following a tailored learning programme which aims to help students overcome specific difficulties,  students see tangible results.

6. Improve Your Self-Esteem with Maths Tuition

Because of the student-focussed nature of private tuition, you will quickly find that your confidence in yourself and your abilities starts to grow. This means you'll feel more at ease when it comes to maths in the classroom or taking a big maths test.

You'll find that you're not so bad at maths after all, and you may even start to like it!

7. Can Maths Tuition offer Value for Money?

With private maths lessons in high demand and plenty of people willing to supply them, one on one tutoring is no longer reserved for those with a lot of money to spare.

By signing up to tutoring websites or doing some research on home tutoring, you'll soon find out that having regular maths lessons won't break the bank.

Rates for private maths lessons are generally quite low in comparison to other subjects with the UK average at £19.26 per one hour of tuition. This price does, however, vary depending on the level at which you want to study maths.

8. Get a Lot Out of Your Maths Classes

The level of effectiveness of your academic tutoring will lie with the skills of your maths tutor, who must have relevant qualifications and enough experience of teaching maths to lead you to the level of success you desire.

If the home tutor is lacking any of these essential qualities, the tutee is wasting their time and money for counter-productive sessions.

If you find a tutor through a platform or go through tutoring companies such as Superprof or Kumon maths, there's no need to worry since they check this information for you!

9. Choose From a Huge Range of Maths Tutors

If students see no progress after 1 to 2 months of private tuition, we recommend finding a different tutor or changing the type of lesson.

Most types of maths lesson can be delivered on a private basis, however, it's also worth considering intensive maths refresher courses which are delivered on a short-term scale.

Group lessons tend to suit students who work better with peers and only need focused maths help in the run up to exams, but for those who tend to lag behind and need support throughout the school year, one on one tuition is ideal.

10. Different Maths Learning Situations

Extra-curricular maths lessons come in 3 categories: private sessions, intensive courses and workshops.

Private home tuition offers regularity and promotes the comfort of the learner since the tutor generally comes to them.

Intensive courses such as a maths boot camp tend to be aimed at those who are motivated enough to give up their holidays, for example.

Take group maths lessons in the school holidays or in the evenings
Taking lessons in a small group can promote peer mentoring ¦ source: Visualhunt

My Maths homework and working through Edexcel GCSE maths past papers can get pretty lonely, so working together on maths SATs papers or GCSE maths revision can be a breath of fresh air.

Students go to a tutoring agency where they are taught in a small group for around 2 to 4 hours per day.

These courses are particularly popular before the start of the new school term as pupils and parents want to get off on the right foot.

Organisational workshops are gaining popularity.

During the school year, students are brought together in small groups to learn how to best approach their work and efficiently complete exercises.

There are many other ways to take maths lessons including:

  • Maths online tutoring
  • Weekly support sessions
  • Individualised academic support
  • Courses during the holidays

As you can see, having a good knowledge of maths and being able to apply it is essential to everyone regardless of their level. Primary school maths is one of the pillars of the school syllabus and can pave the way for further study of the subject. Achieving a grade C in GCSE maths is a minimum requirement for many higher education establishments and employers.

Although private tutors don't need any specific teaching qualifications, they put be equipped with an appropriate level of knowledge to aid their students.

To make sure that a student succeeds in maths, confidence is key. Reassuring the student will give them the motivation to overcome their difficulties and be curious about what they can learn.

Turning to a private maths tutor for help is not as all shameful or embarrassing, in fact, it shows honesty and a will to succeed with the help of a professional.

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