The weather is freezing right now. Nobody wants to be outside. This may be the perfect time to learn a new skill. Your friends may be asking you to go outside and enjoy some skiing, or your spouse may be asking you that you should be doing winter couple things, like skating or seeing Christmas lights. It’s like everyone forgets that we live where the wind hurts our face when we step outside. Do you really want to build a snowman when the weather is negative 10 with 1 ft of snow on the ground? It may be time to learn a new language. It’ll get you out of the cold and you will gain a valuable skill set that will benefit you for a lifetime.

Us at Superprof, we want to keep you warm. We’re nicer than your spouse or friends. We don’t want you to freeze. We want you to gain a skill that will make you more money, give you more opportunities and give you a chance to grow as a person.

Cold Winter
Cold Winter. Source: Kristin Vogt, Pexels

Is French Common In Edmonton?

Living in Edmonton and being a part of Alberta, we hear the French language all the time. The French language is the main language for 1 in 5 Albertans. There are even 4 municipalities that are officially bilingual and there all around Edmonton.

  1. Beaumont (15 km southeast of Edmonton)
  2. Legal (35 km north of Edmonton)
  3. Falher (420 km northwest of Edmonton)
  4. Plamondon (204 km northeast of Edmonton)

The French community is also prominent in other parts of Canada. Read our French classes in Ottawa and French classes in Toronto to learn more.

Benefits Of Learning French

Edmonton is surrounded by the French language and this is great for anybody that wants to learn. There is an unlimited amount of classes available to learn French. Now is the time to learn a valuable skill that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Like we mentioned above learning French will

  • Make you more money
  • Give you more opportunities
  • Make you grow as a person

Make More Money

Everybody wants to make more money. Learning French as a second language almost guarantees you’re going to make more. Bilinguals can make up to 5-20% more money per hour. For example: if you are making $20 an hour for 40 hours a week. That would be $38,400 a year. If you were to make 5% more on 20 dollars an hour that’s now $21 an hour for 40 hours a week. That’s $40,320. You’re going to making an extra $2000 a year. What could do with an extra 2000 dollars?

More Opportunities

The opportunities are endless when you learn French as a second language. For starters, Edmonton has lots of French activities you can partake in. Knowing French as a second language is going to give you the chance to travel. It can be awkward and difficult if you don't know the language. But if you know the language you're going to be able to navigate around different cities with ease. Imagine being France or Belgium and speaking the language. It’s going to make your time more enjoyable. or you could work abroad. We all have these dreams of flying away and working somewhere warm. Working abroad can seem like a dream but knowing the language puts you a step closer. Start looking at work abroad programs here.

If you're worried about learning French as an adult, check out French lessons in Surrey to learn more.

Busy Street
Busy Street. Source: Pixabay, Pexels.

Chances To Grow Personally

The obvious benefit that we shift towards when thinking about learning a language is always more jobs or more money. This is for good reason, but what about growing as a person? It’s amazing what learning a second language does. You’re going to be able to think differently and have more cultural acceptance. For those of us that only speak one language were blocking off entire communities and other wonderful cultures. This is especially true when living in Canada and maybe more so for us living in Edmonton. We’re surrounded by French culture and tons of French history. It would incredible for all of us to know and understand our other national language.

Types Of French Classes

The 3 most popular ways are group, private and online sessions. All 3 have their own benefits and disadvantages. These classes will offer you the ability to learn French. It is just going to depend on what option is best for you. If you want to know what to expect in your first French class read our article French lessons in Calgary to learn more. Here are the main factors in deciding between classes.

Group Class

Group classes are typically 5-8 people depending on the place. They're great for anybody comfortable in meeting new people. Group classes allow you to practice more as well with your classmates. It makes you more comfortable to practice around them because of your all-new at the language. Lastly, group classes are cheaper. Places can lower costs on teaching because of their teaching more students at once.

Edmonton Group Classes

Starting with Alliance Francias, they are known for exceptional French classes all around Canada. They offer group classes for anybody wanting to learn French. Their class sizes range from 5- 14. All their teachers are trained and qualified to teach French.

Another great place to check out would be the University of Alberta, which offers great class options running throughout the year. They offer French 1 (beginner French). The class is primarily in English but students will learn basic conversation skills in French. Their other class options continually build off of each other and reach up to French 5. You do not need to have any of the lower French classes as a prerequisite for other classes, but if you’re a beginner you should start in French 1.

Private Classes

Private classes are for anybody that wants a more personalized style to learning. It’s great if you're busy. You can book sessions around your openings. If your more introverted as well it can make learning French more comfortable because it would be just you and the teacher. You will pay a higher price for private sessions but you're getting the teachers full attention. The class can be tailored to suit your needs.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring has become increasingly more popular. They're just like private classes in a lot of ways. There more personalized and sessions are only between the tutor and you. Online tutoring offers freedom. You can do your sessions sitting at home or in a cafe. You won’t have limited options either. Here at Superprof, we have 100s of tutors to decide from. You can select your tutor based on location, cost and experience.

Pick the method that will suit you best. Every teacher or tutor will be dedicated to helping you exceed. Even when you're learning the language the French community will be welcoming you with open arms. It’s exciting that you’ll be taking the first step. If you have any doubts about learning French as an adult read our French classes in Montreal article. It may be nervous walking into to sign up for a class or calling about different options, but in the end, think about you. Think about the benefits of learning French. Think of how your life will be affected. You can look back at this moment and thank yourself for making that first step.

Studying on Laptop.
Studying on Laptop. Source: Pixabay, Pexels

What Can You Expect In A French Class?

So you’ve made the first step. You’ve decided on a class or private session, you’ve paid your fees and now your waiting till your first class. Don’t let overthinking ruin this for you. You should be excited not nervous or scared. The first thing you need to do is remember this takes time. You're not magically going to learn French in your first couple classes. It takes time. You’ll start to learn basic things at first then each class will build on each other. Another point to remember is you should enjoy the class time. You’re going to make new friends and learn a valuable skill. It’s okay if you don’t understand something or are lost some days. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your teacher or your classmates. After your first class jitters go away you’ll be loving walking into class every time.

Get Started

The rest is up to you! We’ve given you the benefits, the opportunities, and the reasons to learn French. We’ve also given you a reason to stay indoors this winter and stay warm.

For more reasons to learn French read our French classes in Canada or French lessons in Vancouver.


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