All over the world, the government and its citizens are concerned about how they can allocate their scarce resources optimally and get the most of them. For this reason, they hire economists to help them frame effective economic policies that would benefit the nation and its populace.

On the other hand, most people develop an interest in the workings economy, and even decide to study economics and render their expert service to the government and people s well on how manage their scarce resources – this is what the study of economics entails.

Economics is one of the significant career options in Canada. If you have decided to pursue a career in economics, we would like to say congratulations. No doubts, you want to learn more about your career prospects and peep into the future to know what lies ahead of you.

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Many students develop an interest in economics because of the problems it solves. Source: Unsplash

This guide has the solution you seek. You will learn all you need to know about your chosen career path. To begin, let’s evaluate one of the pain points of many students taking economics courses at the university.

How Useful is a Degree in Economics?

The study of economics has several immense benefits. During your undergraduate years, you will acquire many skills in statistics and math that will get you prepared for the “world” ahead of you.

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Economists apply certain concepts to enable them understand and interpret complex data. Aside from this, there many other skills an economics degree will help you to acquire, such as:

  • Effective communication

Economists are trained to analyse data and other records accurately. Therefore they can communicate and present their ideas using an organised manner.

  • Problems solving skills

With a degree in economics, you can help people and even the government solves their vast economic problems. This is because you will be trained in identifying the financial implication of specific actions. Subconsciously, you will become a problem solver, providing an immediate solution to anyone looking for viable ways to allocate their scarce resources.

  • Analytical skills

With the knowledge of economics, you will understand how society works. This usually involves the ability to analyse trends, compare data and make forecasts. An economics graduate with provable analytical skills is highly sought after in many organisations too.

One of the perks of having a degree in economics is the ability to diversify into related fields quickly and choose career paths that require specific knowledge of economics.

Now that you know the usefulness of a degree in economics,  you might be asking where you can enroll for an undergraduate program in economics.

The Best Schools to Study Economics in Canada

If you desire quality education in any university in Canada, then, you may want to explore the many options available. This entails that you know the top schools for economics study in Canada. Here they are:

  • Queens University

To succeed in your study of economics, you need a strong combination of skills and knowledge. Queen’s University has a strong reputation for its unique approach in teaching critical areas of academics. As a result, the school attracts students from different countries of the globe. Located in Kingston, Ontario and ranked as one of the top schools for international students, the school boasts of excellent teaching facilities to aid learning in all fields including economics.

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If you major in economics, heading over to Queen’s college for your undergraduate studies is a step to take in the right direction. Aside from the quality of teaching, students enjoy robust relationships with their teachers. The school aims at teaching the students what it takes to become an economist as well as prepare them to become productive when they eventually join the workforce.

  • University of Waterloo

The university is known for its various cooperative education programs across Canada and it’s also ranked as the largest in the world. The school has 13 faculty-based schools, six faculties and three satellite campuses.

The University of Waterloo is a public research institution located in Waterloo, Ontario, with many campuses scattered across that country. The school was ranked as the 12th from the top 50 best Canadian research universities.

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Since most courses in economics are centered on research and development, students who choose economics as their major should have nothing to worry about because the school has all their needs covered from beginner to advanced courses in economics.

  • Western University

Enlisting the top universities for studying economics in Canada wouldn’t be complete without Western University. The school has a reputation of having 24000 students and more than 300,000 alumni living across the globe. The school’s library is known as one of the best in the world with 2.45 books that are housed in 6 libraries. Also, the university has other facilities scattered across southern Ontario, Canada.

The school is a public research university. Therefore, studying economics in this reputable institution could be a dream come true for any student.

  • University of Montreal

If you are looking for a French-language school to study economics, then, the University of Montreal is your best option. The school is committed to building a society of skillful people who can contribute to the growth of the economy with their expert knowledge.

For this reason, the university offers its student access to a variety of learning resources and tools, especially in economics studies. Thus, it provides a suitable learning environment that fosters intellectual growth, experience and understanding.

  • McGill University

Ranked as one of the top best universities in Canada, McGill  University offers innovative courses with world-class teaching experience. Little wonder why many students from all over the world enroll for undergraduate programs at his downtown campus in Montreal.

Its high standard of teaching and the value it impacts on its students are among the reasons why many international students find the school to be encompassing and the best for studies in social science and management.

The school uses the latest teaching approaches and methods to impact knowledge. It exposes the students to many ways they can acquire relevant skills which they need to learn during their undergraduate years in the university.

If you decide to enroll in the bachelor’s degree program in any of these universities outlined above, you must ensure you meet their admissions requirements. You can do this by checking the various schools’ websites to find out if you are eligible for admission.

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It's recommended to do research on the university of your choice to know their requirements. Source: Unsplash)

Also, you must have the required grades and have an excellent foundational knowledge of economics before applying in their undergraduate programs.

One of the major problems many students face, especially during their first year at the university is lack of good foundational knowledge. Economics is a complicated and broad study that is highly intertwined with other related disciplines such as accounting, business management, history, international relations and political studies.

Hire a Tutor from Superprof to Help You

We highly recommend you attend preparatory classes before and even after securing admission into the university. Fortunately, there are many tutoring websites in Canada such as Superprof, where you can hire professional tutors for economics lessons and get the help you need with your studies.

These tutors can help you if:

  • You want to start on the right foot and acquire basic knowledge about economics.
  • You want to understand specific terms used in economics and their applications in real-life scenarios.
  • You are already a student of a university and need help with course work, or an explanation about any topic in economics.
  • You are preparing for exams at the university and help to enable you to get good grades.

However, it’s highly recommended to let your tutor know in advance the specific areas you are having challenges in your studies. This will help the teacher to know the area of his teaching that needs to be prioritized as well as the appropriate approach to use for subsequent lessons.

Do I Need to be a Math Expert In Studying Economics?

Since economics involve some math courses, it’s normal to evaluate your math skills before you begin your undergraduate programs in economics. Still, many students want to be sure if they need high math skill to study economics.

You will need to have basic math skill to excel in your study of economics. Source: Unsplash

The fact is that there isn’t as much math as you might expect for you to major in economics. It also depends on the university you choose for studies. Some schools integrate only basic math courses into their course outline for each year. At the same time, others have more math courses even at the beginner level or first year.

In order not to miss any chances and be on the safe side, you should have a good grasp on essential calculus, algebra, and statistics.

Even if you are bad at math, you can still study economics. How is this possible? Head over to Superprof and hire a tutor to help teach you math lessons. You don’t have to bother about understanding complex fractions and other calculations. These tutors know how to teach math skills using the best approach that appeal to your senses. Discover how you can study economics without math.

Suppose you need a tutor that can help you with academic studies from high school until you graduate from the university. In that case, you can easily find a private tutor for a variety of lessons on Superprof, the world’s best tutoring platform for everyone.

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