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Are you someone who thinks that "I am a bad writer"? Or Do you struggle in writing and can't even try to write?

Creative writing is a skill you can enhance better in time but can be frustrating at first. It's not supposed to say that you have bad writing, it's just that if you want to push a career in creative writing and go along its path, you need to take a step forward to be more competitive in the writing industry.

Every writer and those aspiring writers need writing tips from professionals to help them improve, you might not like the idea but it's true for everyone who wants to publish a book and become a successful writer.

The most effective way to be a great creative writer is to understand creative writing first and complete some exercises in writing.

What Is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is to write where creativity is the main focus. It is through the use of creativity and imagination, as well as innovative ways of telling the story by the use of great written visuals with emotional effects to readers. Such as  writing a novel, short story, poetry, and many more.

Creative writing is often viewed as the opposite of academic writing and journalism. There are various types of writing since all writing is being read differently.

Creative writing uses emotions and senses to create impressive visuals in the minds of the readers. Though other writing forms often leave information and facts to the readers intended for emotional impact.

And if you want to accomplish something big as a writer, Canada and it's writing instructor will help you with your writing goals.

Taking Creative Writing In Canada 

Taking Creative Writing in Canada. Source: Unsplash

Canada and some Canadian countries such as Montreal consist of various professional writers both in universities and online platforms. Here are some of the writing programs which Canada can offer : 

Developing and Structuring Great Content for Exposition or Narratives 

The good thing about taking creative writing courses in Canada and some Canadian cities such as Ottawa is that your idea can become clearer to define, since instructors will provide you with concrete steps and clear vision.

Even if teaching students with great writing skills seems so hard. Writing tutors will provide students with tools to assist them to come up with an amazing story for expository or narrative writing.

Once a student wants to share any story, they will have the motivation to work hard so that they can accomplish a story through their writings.

To Deliver Great Writing with Great Content 

This will help students to celebrate how words can be so amazing through sentence structure. This will let students to fully understand that they can take control of someone else's conception through alphabets. Students will also be introduced to some simple steps to make their first draft of writing easier. 

Editing and Revising

In this case, students can get an inside look at how revising and editing works to publish a book. 

Students will be able to gain motivation and confidence in their editing skills to make sure they have a great writing piece on their final draft.

​Complete Guide On Polishing Short Stories

Students will have access to tools and lessons on breaking stories into seven possible steps.

Canadian schools have included these structured methods to prepare students for provincial writing tests and acquire an improvement in their test results.

​Answering All Story-writing Questions

Writing instructors in Canada and Canadian cities such as Calgary will provide content and online videos that are always updated along with new resources.

So if students have questions regarding creative writing, writing tutors in Canada and some Canadian cities such as Vancouver will answer all their queries as well as give welcome student's feedbacks for them to improve with their creative writing programs.

Where To Take Creative Writing Programs In Canada

  • Vancouver Island University Creative Writing & Journalism
  • University of Windsor Creative Writing
  • University of Victoria Creative Writing Program, BFA and MFA
  • University of Toronto, MA Program
  • University of Saskatchewan MFA Program
  • University of Regina Creative Writing Program, BA (concentration) and MA
  • University of Manitoba Creative Writing Program
  • University of New Brunswick, MA and Ph.D. Program
  • University of King's College MFA Program
  • University of Guelph MFA Program
  • University of Calgary Continuing Studies, Creative Writing Certificate
  • University of Calgary Creative Writing Program
  • University of British Columbia - Okanagan - Creative Writing
  • University of British Columbia (UBC) Creative Writing Program
  • Sheridan College Honours Bachelor of Creative Writing & Publishing Program (BA)
  • Queens University Creative Writing
  • OCAD University (Creative Writing Minor)
  • Memorial University
  • MacEwan University
  • Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  • Douglas College Creative Writing
  • The Humber School for Writers
  • Dalhousie University Creative Writing Program
  • Concordia University
  • Brock University
  • Athabasca University (Distance Courses)

Creative Writing Professional Diploma ( Online Course ) 

Learning how to write gripping, original, and believable stories in just a month in an online platform with the help of a writing tutor in Canada and some Canadian cities such as Edmonton.

Course Details

  • 32 classes via Online
  • 16 weeks Duration
  • Creative Writing Diploma Certification

Character Development

Teaching students with essential concepts when constructing written stories using creativity. This will focus on private/public disparity needed for character motivation.

Also, writing instructors will look for more main character forms and will teach students some simple writing tips for creating characters for the modern audience.

The Essential Elements of the Story

It will give students an overview of the fundamental concepts of the story. Such as dialogue, character, setting, basic exploration of the main character, research and overview of some essential tools that are useful in professional writing.


A one step at time guidance to the publication process. Students will be able to look at the pre-publication phases of criticism and beta reading, handling the actual process of submission, assemble necessary and supplemental documentation, and the possible feedback of the readers to the writers

Writing Believable and Nuanced Dialogue

It is essential to distinguish the difference between a real-life speech and a dialogue. Writing tutors in Canada and some Canadian cities such as Toronto will teach you about dialogues, such as looking at the technicalities by making decisions in regards to regionalism, the use of slang, and guides to human intimacy.


Students will learn the core concepts they need to consider before researching their work. Students should determine the type of sources in which writers should explore, interact and integrate their research into a creatively written story. Poetic license, balance, and concepts of research should also be considered.

Humanity, Conflict And Character 

Students will learn to look deeper into the development of the character, particularly on its essential nature of conflict and subcategories. 

They will also learn how to write down character bio and design a cohesive cast.

Exercises That Can Enhance Creative Writing Skills 

Exercises That Can Enhance Creative Writing Skills. Source: Pexels

Writing is the same as some other skills. You need to work on it to have improvement. The more you exert effort on doing it, the better the outcome is. 

That's why exercising your skills in creative writing is very essential. One of the best authors in the field of writing recommends that to improve and accomplish something, you should do some writing exercises every other day.  

Here is some list of writing exercises that might be of help for you to improve your creative writing skills :

Describing Your Daily Routine With Creative Writing 

It is just a simple exercise to keep your writing in shape and sharp.

It's like writing in a diary, such as when you miss your gym sessions, the more you write, the more your skills will improve. 

All you need to do while doing this exercise is to sit down and write down how your day went. Begin with waking up, as if you are writing it for someone.

Use your skills in creative writing to put new life into boring moments such as brushing teeth and showering.

Describing A Picture 

If you are struggling with writing descriptions if you want to be good in all writing aspects, these description exercises will help you to make improvements in your description while writing them with a specific purpose.

The goal of this exercise is for you to write a description with a purpose, such as to show your character to the readers without even mentioning them.

To do this, you need to craft a character in your brain and be ready to create a new one. Just pick at least five qualities about those characters that you want to feature in your writing description. Then, describe their bedroom or living room without even mentioning the character to meet your goal.


Writing is one of the best ways to express yourself without even talking. All you have to do is write what you feel and be comfortable while writing. If you dream to become a passionate and professional creative writer and don't have any idea where or how to start. Canada and their writing instructor will provide all the help you need for your fantasy to become a reality. 

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