Deciding that you want to start doing yoga is the first step.

It's easy to get stuck, though.

Don’t be intimidated!

Here's all the information you need to start reaping the pleasures and benefits of yoga.

Where can I find yoga near me in the UK?

How to Dress for Yoga Classes

To know what is the best outfit for your yoga class, keep in mind that your clothes should not be too tight, not roll up when stretching and they must also be breathable because you will sweat (much more than you would think!) during your yoga session.

In terms of actual items of clothing, here are some outfits ideas.

For you gentlemen:

  • Shorts, but not ones that gape at the sides! Choose running shorts or jogging pants that are not too thick to keep you warm. During a hot yoga or bikram yoga class, you will sweat a ton. Forget jogging shorts and opt for cycling shorts instead.
  • On the top half, it depends on the temperature, but a short-sleeved T-shirt is usually fine. You can go for a long sleeve top if the room is cool or during the winter.
  • For yoga classes in winter, always take a jumper or sweatshirt with you for the start of the session and the closing relaxation or meditation section, during which you stay still.

For you ladies, there is a greater selection of yoga outfits than for men for whatever yoga class you chose: hatha, vinyasa or ashtanga yoga!

Choose appropriate yoga attire so you feel as comfortable as possible.
For many women finding the right yoga outfit is half the battle. Many brands offer a wide range of ladies sports-wear specifically for yoga. Source: Visual hunt

For many women finding the right yoga outfit is half the battle. Many brands offer a wide range of ladies sports-wear specifically for yoga.

Simple, fashionable, colorful outfits, you have a great choice of clothes for your yoga session! Remember these points for a simple and easy yoga session:

  • Do not use "city" leggings for your yoga class. They are too thin and often transparent. Opt for more technical leggings, for example elastane, which are incredibly comfortable thanks to their high elasticity.
  • Choose a top with built-in bra. As with running, it is important to have the best support for your chest. It can also save you form any embarrassing situations!

As explained in this article by Wanderlust on the importance of comfortable yoga attire:

You’ll want to practice in clothing that stays put, too, because if you’re constantly adjusting your shirt or pants and worried about a wardrobe malfunction, this can take you out of the zone or “flow” of the experience.

For pregnant women interested in prenatal yoga, these tips are even more relevant.

Choose loose clothing to be comfortable in all positions and don't hesitate to ask your yoga teacher if you have any doubts, especially if you are a beginner. Think about the well-being of the unborn baby!

Superprof top tip: our star material for a 100% successful yoga session is merino, a wonderful material from the wool from lovely New Zealand sheep.


Because this material will keep you warm you in winter, will be very breathable in summer and will not emit any bad odours when you sweat, unlike synthetic materials (polyester, polyamide) which most specialised sportswear is made from. This material is certainly more expensive than other textiles you find in sports shops but with it your yoga moves will be on point!

No shortage of comfort, serenity and relaxation! All the benefits of yoga without any restrictions!

Discover all the yoga classes Toronto hear.

What Equipment do you need to take to Practice Yoga?

The most important item of yoga equipment of all is the yoga mat. The yoga mat is to the yogist what the bike is to the cyclist! Without it, it's impossible to achieve good yoga poses! If you are a beginner, you should be able to get a mat from your yoga school, sometimes at a little extra cost to your yoga class (about £2).

If you enjoy vinyasa yoga, asthanga yoga or any other variant of yoga, it is recommended that you buy your own yoga mat, for hygiene reasons (think of all the, not necessarily very clean, feet that have stepped on your yoga mat!) but also for your own comfort.

Indeed, if you are rather thin, you will need a relatively well padded mat to give you comfort and let you properly relax. If you are relatively well built, then there's no need to take a camping mattress, your muscle shell will protect you from the ground!

To maintain your mat, you can get a mat cleaner, disinfectant product usually a spray that is sprayed after each yoga session. Its a good habit to get into if you do several yoga classes a week or if you are doing a yoga training course.


Come prepared to your Yoga class with the right equipment.
It's important to invest in a good yoga mat for effective muscle building without the pain! Source: Visual hunt

For some yoga poses, you may want to use a pillow or zafu that will help you hold positions better, like the lotus pose. A useful accessory to prevent too much compression of the pelvis and sacrum on the floor. For breathing exercises, bending the knees and sitting on your heels, a meditation bench can also be very useful for getting comfortable in this position.

The last accessory you may need in hatha yoga is mala beads.

"Mala beads are a necessity for a rounded yoga practice...the beads assist you in counting chants and meditations without breaking your stream of consciousness." As explained in an article published by life on the 10 must have yoga accessories.

In short, as you will know, there are lots of useful accessories for yoga, even if the most important is the yoga mat. In this respect, prices can vary dramatically with some models reaching the hundred pound mark! But aren't all the benefits you get from yoga worth the price tag?

What Music to Listen to during Yoga Workout

So, you regularly practice yoga and, what's more, you actually enjoy it! What about music? Is it important?

Relaxing music is often played during classes at yoga schools, with a teacher, during the final relaxation part. It can help to achieve full awareness and help you to let go when doing the corpse pose, known as savasana. In short, music soothes the mind and enhances the benefits of yoga, provided it is well chosen!

Your environment is very important for Yoga sessions.
Some people enjoy playing music during yoga class, others love listening to nature, it's up to you! Source: Visual hunt

In general, avoid rap, electro or pop and opt for soft and relaxing music, promoting well-being and relaxation. Natural sounds (sounds of the forest, lapping waves of the ocean, cascading waterfalls...) go really well with an active yoga session.

Music is a good option if you can not disconnect from your work day or think about all the tasks and activities that await you once you leave your yoga class. Be sure to turn off the sound if you are used to meditating or concentrating.

Music is really a personal matter. As your yoga sessions progress, you may not feel the need to listen to music or add music!

The Best Apps for Yoga

If you don't have the time to go to a yoga class with an instructor, you might like to have your yoga sessions in the comfort of your own home! You just need to be motivated and browse online to find sites offering yoga classes and videos online.

Now that everyone has access to a smartphones, it is hard to get away from all the apps offering yoga sessions.

Available on Android or iPhone, these apps are often free and quite well done. If you're an expert in breathing exercises and other yoga poses, you'll also be able to access comprehensive yoga classes by subscribing to a premium, often paid for, subscription that entitles you to more videos and detailed yoga poses.

Yogi Influencers to Follow (Twitter / Instagram)

If you're an influencer/follower and you like social networks, be aware that they have also been invested by yoga experts who post pictures every day of their best postures.

Discover the best apps and websites for easy yoga sessions at home.
Kerri Verna loves to give her yoga classes on the beach, hence her name! She also gives pilates lessons and sports coaching. Source:

You often see female yoga teachers posing in swimsuits in magical locations (white-sand beaches, Caribbean shores, ...) but rest assured ladies, you will also have something to fantasise about by following the most beautiful yoga gurus on Instagram and Twitter, like Taylor Harkness or Patrick Beach, specialist in reverse vinyasa yoga poses and with more than 330,000 followers!

The Best Websites for Practising Yoga

Yoga, beyond promoting a better physical condition through muscle strengthening, developing vital energy and improving the joint functioning, also has therapeutic benefits in that it reduces anxiety as well as helping with depression.

A better life, spiritually and physically, is guaranteed if you stick to only one yoga class per week!

Stay motivated with cool online blogs and websites all about Yoga.
What are the Best Yoga Blogs? Source: Visual hunt

Keep up-to-date with the latest yoga trends by following all the information on hatha yoga, sutra yoga, dynamic yoga and the "yoga lifestyle" with the Superprof selection of the best yoga sites.

As an English speaker, you're in luck! There are lots of resources out there for you!

What Makes a Good Yoga Blog?

The first selection criterion must be reliability => Are the authors of the articles credible?

Secondly, resources must be sufficient and updated frequently. And yes, we judge a good marathon runner on their time.

There are other criteria, but keep it simple.

1/ Daily Cup of Yoga

A great blog with loads of tips and yoga classes!

Th guest bloggers are good.

2/ J. Brown Yoga

This well-designed blog is easy to read.

There are tons of really informative comments.

Continuing on the theme of a quiet yoga revolution, based on healing, J. Brown seeks to change the dialogue and direction of yoga practice in the West.

3/ As a bonus

  • MindBodyGreen
  • Rachel Yoga
  • Yogadork

The best way to start doing yoga is to take a beginners class.

But what kind of course should you take?

Choosing one on the calendar at your local gym or yoga studio can be confusing, as there are so many different types of yoga.

Sometimes your body wants something different from your mind, so be open to suggestions.

Hatha vs Vinyasa Yoga

Hatha and vinyasa are two very broad categories of yoga.

Deciding which of them is right for you is the first step towards discovering yoga.

Hatha tends to be soft and slow, making it a great way to learn the basic poses.

For a more dynamic and vigorous yoga class, try vinyasa.

In these classes everything is a bit faster, so you may have trouble keeping up at first, but in a beginner level class everyone will be more or less in the same boat.

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