How much will your holiday cost when you visit to Portugal? It is a subjective question. Because sightseeing, accommodation, food, the duration of your trip all mean that your holiday to Portugal can be more or less expensive depending on the type of traveller you are and depending on the choices that you make.

A traveler who does some camping and cooks for themselves from supermarket brought foods and hitchhikes around the country will spend much less than the person who stays in a 4-star hotel, takes taxi’s everywhere and eat in Michelin star restaurants.

Of course, only you can know yourself and your habits, and with this knowledge, you need to come up with a sensible budget for your trip. When you are on holiday, and you want to enjoy everything that the country has to offer, the bill can quickly rise.

Here are some travel tips for your budget, whether for a romantic weekend to a cobblestoned town, white sand beach, or a city break to Lisbon, Porto, or Madeira. Let’s prepare your budget!

The Price Of Accommodation In Portugal

Modern villa, charming apartment, private rent, castle, palace or unusual tipi, from the most beautiful sandy beaches of the Iberian Peninsula to the Spanish border, finding the ideal holiday accommodation during your stay in Portugal can be done in different ways.

Although when you leave home, you won't pay your household bills for things like food or electricity. You will still have costs when you travel, and one of the largest of these costs is the transport/airfare and then the accommodation.

To find out the price of your accommodation you first need to ask yourself what is more important to you. Price or comfort, Although you can have both good pricing and comfort it is not guaranteed once the price of your accommodation falls below a certain range. Certainly travelling as a backpacker is not the same as travelling in luxury.

Your stay is dependant greatly on the type of accommodation, the comfort of accommodation, the services offered and the location of the accommodation.  For example, camping will not be the same price as a 4-star hotel, they do not have the same facilities or probably even clientele.

Generally speaking, like with many other countries, the price of housing increases when one gets closer to big cities and in the Summer months. A Traveller Staying in the heart of Lisbon (capital city of Portugal) Coimbra, Faro or on the Atlantic coast does not require the same budget as a small accommodation in the smallest towns or countryside.

You can guarantee a comfortable stay in Portugal, from about € 50 a night for a double room. For example, in Lisbon, the four-star TURIM Lisboa Hotel welcomes you for around €54 a night. Outside of the capital, in smaller cities like Porto, you can enjoy a night with breakfast for an average of €42.

Airbnb bookings are much more advantageous for singles and groups. You can meet Portuguese people and rent from them anything from a room, a studio or an entire house / large apartment and divide the price by the number of holidaymakers. An option like this will cost about €30 per night.

If you want to meet new people as you travel, especially if you are alone and would like some company. A bed in a youth hostel could be an excellent solution for you and the price drop significantly with this option. With prices for a bed from about €8+.

If you have an interest in meeting the locals and having completely free accommodation, then you can use a solution like Couchsurfing. The site connects travellers with locals who want to offer a sofa or even a room for one or more days. It is a great way to meet Portuguese people while saving money.

Portaguese culture is very interesting
Portugal cities to sandy beaches, from historical castles to religious monasteries, from bustling modern cities to mountainous villages with cobblestone streets. Photo Source: Unsplash

How Much Does Portuguese Transport Cost?

Once you have your accommodation sorted for the destinations that you will visit. Then you should start to think about your itinerary and plan the best places to visit and which transport you will need to get around the city/country if you plan to travel around.

Getting Around Travel Tips

To visit a museum, go to the restaurant to taste the pasties of Belem, take a day trip to a neighbouring town or just go out dancing and listen to Fado music. It is not always easy to do everything on foot, and so you will need to hire transport or use the public transport system where ever you are.

For example:

  1. In Lisbon, taking the metro costs € 1.40
  2. In Porto, you will have to pay € 20.
  3. The famous yellow tram in Lisbon Portugal will cost you € 85.

How To Move Around Portugal

To change the city, take a day trip to the cities around your location or start your road trip. You will have a few possibilities,

  1. Hire a car
  2. Take public transport such as the train, coach or bus.
  3. Hitchhike - The more adventurous can use this to go from one city to another and discover the country without having to pay for a train or bus. This method not only saves money but also takes advantage of the transport time to ask your driver for the best places to visit in the country. Try to learn some Portuguese if you want to try this option so you can get to know the driver.
  4. The bus is the cheapest form of public transport however if you book in advance you can save a lot on the price of train and coach tickets. It costs roughly about 20 € for a trip from Lisbon to Porto by bus and 30 € on the train. However, the bus will always take you longer so it may be worth paying extra to save time especially if you are on a short trip to Portugal. 
Lots of Fun awaits the traveler who visits the country of Portugal.
Prepare to fall in love. Portugal has secrets waiting to be discovered.

Let's Eat Portuguese Food, But How Much Is It?

Again how much you spend on food will depend on if you are a foodie searching for Portuguese Heritage on a plate or if you prefer to miss the Portuguese food to save a few euro. Portugal is a land flanked by Coastline on one side, With its long Stunning Atlantic coast Landscape, it's impossible to overlook seafood and fish dishes.

Visitors have plenty to eat and enjoy with cod-based recipes being the most popular fish cooked by the Portuguese. If you choose to go to a restaurant, expect to spend from around 13 € for a meal. This will be enough to fill you up and give you a drink to enjoy. If you are happy to pay more, you can enjoy a feast with a starter, main course and dessert. It is also possible to eat in cafeterias or fast food chains in shopping centres for about 6 € to 8 € per person.

And if you decide to go shopping in a supermarket you can spend as little as €15 - €50 per week depending on what you like to eat.

Portugal is just a stunning country with a bit of everything
A practical guide for your trip to Portugal. Photo Source: Unsplash

The Price Of Sightseeing In Portugal

Portugal, in addition to counting many scenic and picturesque landscapes, can boast many Awe inspiring sites, Journeys to the Coastline, Enchanting cobblestone towns, waterfalls, Roman ruins, tourist monuments, the Azores archipelago and a long list of Unesco world heritage sites to visit.

No matter what your itinerary, Portugal will offer a colourful and enchanting journey for any tourist. Let’s not forget white sand beaches and other sea discoveries. While a lot in Portugal is free, there are some heritage sites, museums, and other kinds of tourism that carry a small charge. For example:

  1. The beach is free
  2. Portuguese museums charge between € 3 and € 10 for admission.
  3. city tour in a City Tour bus in the cities including Bustling Lisbon will cost from 20 € to get a ticket.

Some tips can lower the price of entry to monuments or museums in Portugal. For example, if you are a student, you can benefit from a 50% discount on some of the best places. Some museums are even free for Europeans under 26 years old.

  1. The Lisboa Card, which is a discount card for tourists which offers free access to 25 museums and free public transport. Costs between €18 and €39depending on the number of days of use.
  2. Many museums and monuments are completely free on the first Sunday of each month so if your trip coincides with this make the most of it.
  3. Avoid the tourist streets which tend to have much higher prices. It is well known that restaurants and shops close to tourist attractions are particularly expensive. To eat at a decent price, stay away from historic centres

If you want to have a cheap holiday in Portugal or treat yourself with some luxury. Everything is available because Portugal is accessible to all kinds of budgets and travellers. Once you make up your mind about how you want to travel, you will then be able to make your budget and make the most of your visit to Portugal. Have a good trip!

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