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1st lesson is free!

College instructor and experienced Toastmaster with excellent public speaking skills offering guidance, advice and productive critiquing

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Alyssa is one of our best tutors. High-quality profile and excellent qualifications, organised and responsive to lesson requests, appreciated by their students!

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To become a better speaker you need to speak. I offer a no-pressure environment with assignments designed to build speaking skills from the ground up. Plans can be personalized for each speaker's strengths and weaknesses - do you need to cut out filler words like 'umm', 'uhh', 'like'? Or is confidence through supported practice what you're looking for?


  • Stress management
  • Personal development
  • Public speaking


  • English


  • All Levels

About Alyssa

My experience in teaching and as a Toastmaster has given me many opportunities to practice both prepared and impromptu speeches. Through these opportunities I've learned what works and what doesn't - even on the spot speeches can be partially planned for using various templates that even the pros fall back on!



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    Supporting people is not just a job for me, it is my purpose and calling. I approach sessions with empathy, attentive...

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