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1st lesson is free!

Cours de Français en ligne avec un prof natif de France --NATIVE French Professional Tutor with 15 years of teaching experience

About the lesson

I am Céline and I am a native French teacher from France. I offer tailor-made lessons for all levels.

Please refer to my website for my programs: (concealed information). I offer tailored-made lessons for all levels and ages.

-ADULT GROUP CLASSES AVAILABLE FOR ALL LEVELS: A0, A1, A2, B1/B2, Conversation Classes. You can book your class on my website: (concealed information)

-GROUP CLASSES FOR KIDS: Elementary French, High school French, IB French, DELF French, Reading Class and Immersion French (Please email me for Kids Group Classes)

*Elementary French Grade 1-2 and Grade 3-5:
This course is designed for children in elementary school who have a little previous knowledge of French. Students learn basic grammar and vocabulary on various topics of everyday life situations. We will practice listening, speaking, reading and writing around daily living topics. To stimulate their interest in French, we will also read fun children stories in French.
At the end, you will know how to:
-Introduce yourself
-Express likes and dislikes
-Talk about your hobbies
-Ask and answer simple questions
-Count up to 60
-Describe colors
-Read time
-Talk about your family
-Talk about food

*High school French Grade 6-10
This course is designed based on the BC French curriculum for students with some experience in French from elementary school. This course will help the students to improve their level of French to excel in their French classes at school. Students will develop new vocabulary, improve their listening and speaking skills, and polish their grammar.
At the end, you will know how to:
-Talk about your hobby, routine, family, and studies
-Communicate in basic conversations
-Make purchases and order food
-Describe someone
-Invite someone, accept and refuse an invitation
-Express yourself in present, future and past tense
-Understand short and simple texts and emails

*IB French
This course is designed based on the IB French Program and thus focuses on various social and cultural topics. Students will engage themselves in in-depth discussions on current issues to explain viewpoints, defend opinions and negotiate. The aim of this course is to gain more fluency and more confidence in using the language to excel at the IB French exam.
Students will work on these main IB topics:
-Identity, Experiences,
-Communication and Media
-Science and Technology

*DELF Certificate (A1, A2, B1, B2)
DELF stands for Diplôme d'études en langue française and it is designed for beginners and intermediate-level French learners. The DELF diploma can be served to certify the language skills of persons whose mother tongue is not French. The results of these exams are valid indefinitely. In the DELF program, we will focus on developing new vocabulary, perfecting the grammar, and improving listening, writing and speaking skills. The aim of this course is to gain more fluency and more confidence in using the language in a broad variety of familiar situations.

*Immersion French (grade 8-10)
This program is designed for French immersion students who wish to improve their grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing skills. In this course, we work on Informative text analysis, Poetry analysis, Literary text analysis, Essay writing and Advanced grammar. Students will have the chance to read novels from different authors, genres and literary movements. At the end of this course, students will gain a greater level of fluency in French and enhance their reading and writing skills.

*Reading class (grade 4-8)
Since reading is not included in BC French curriculum, children in BC have a little chance to read stories in French. Reading in French is an excellent way to expand your vocabulary, become familiar with French syntax, and learn grammar naturally by seeing how sentences are constructed and verbs conjugated. With effective reading strategies, students will gain the confidence and skills to read French texts on their own. This course is designed for children who want to immerse themselves in French by reading children’s stories, fairy tales and short stories which is a great way to naturally extend your fluency in French. The classes are fun and students will engage themselves into follow up activities after reading.

Examples of book that we will be reading: Le petit prince, La petite fille qui voulait voir le désert, Emma series, Le petit Nicolas, Le loup series etc…


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About Céline

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Bonjour! My name is Céline. I grew up in France, in a multicultural environment. French being one of my mother tongues, has always been my favorite. Passionate about the French language, I started a Bachelor degree in French language and literature with the idea of becoming a French teacher. Then, I wanted to deepen my knowledge in French so I decided to pursue a Master degree in French literature. After my studies, I taught 3 years at a prestigious university in Canada and decided to give private lessons. I immediately liked the opportunity to get to know each student better and to be able to create personalized lessons.

After 10 years of teaching French as a second language, I founded my language school to share my passion for my native language with students from all over the world. Make sure to be part of this amazing and growing community and join my online course; You will not regret it.

- Former French Instructor at UBC
- Completed Masters degree in French language and literature at UBC and Bachelors degree in French at UBC
- Native French speaker from France
- Completed UBC Instructional Skills Workshop
- Member of Golden Key International Honour Society (top 15% of students at UBC)
- Former French Provincial Exam Examinator
- French tutoring experience for over 15 years.

☆I offer the highest quality and tailored French lessons. For inquiries, do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you!



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