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1st lesson is free!

Digital Marketing Specialist, Programmer, Teacher, Entrepreneur, and Life Hacker teaching Positive psychology, Personal coaching, Stress management, and Seduction coaching. Willing to give back some l

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My teaching methods are one on one sessions where we discuss life, goals, and aspirations. I will give my most honest thoughts and advice on Positive psychology, Personal coaching, Stress management, and Seduction coaching. My methodology is around patience and motivation, being yourself and being the best at it.


  • Positive psychology
  • Stress management
  • Personal coaching
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    Life coaching

    Conflict management

    Dating Coach


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I am an Engineer by diploma, a teacher by heart, and an entrepreneur by birth. I have experience as a Digital Marketing Specialist, and I work as a professor for kids 10 to 14 year old. Living in a big, busy city, in a different country for over 5 years and helping my mother for 15 years overcome her depression provided me the experience and motivation to give back to the community and help others get through hard times, find their other self, and live a happy life!



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  • Psychology major and business graduate gives psychological well-being and positivity classes to GTA students. Academic classes also available.



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  • Living Well, You've got this. 20 plus years coaching. Career mapping, Stress management, pro-active hope Learn new Essential skills to further your career path. Public speaking, grant writing, Intervi



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  • A youngster, cancer survivor with a positive outlook which can change lives. Overcame mental illness and cancer by power of my thoughts .



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  • Situation surrounded you are created by you, so make sure you create it remarkable and the moments you love to live in.



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  • Delivering lessons on re engineering of human networks, given the disruptions to societal development



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  • The best investment is investing in yourself—online personality Development classes from an International student.



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    Rather than having a bookish conversation, I believe in practical experience. Creating such environments and making them...

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  • A dedicated wife, a mother of two boys, business owner, epidemiologist, and teacher, gives the most valuable life advice, coaching, and techniques for success.



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    My lessons are practical, easy to follow, and dynamic. I prepare beforehand and custom tailor each lesson to my student's...

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  • Public Speaking, Elocution, Accent Reduction, New Accent, Presentation Skills and Voice coach - graduate from top London Drama School


    London, United Kingdom

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    The key to performing and speaking, whether it's a monologue, a scene or a presentation, is to be yourself. There's only one...

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  • A good speaker can rule the world, learn the tricks and you can be the one.



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    Learning something does not have to be pressurized but must be an enjoyable task. I approach a method that involves life...

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  • Conflict is something involving at least two sides. At the beginning start with the one you can control better.



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    Slowly approach the learner and the curriculum. Either one has particularities, which if properly studied, can be organised...

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  • Cualquiera que sea tu emoción, meta, objetivo... podemos lograrlo. La clave está en tí

    Juan Carlos


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    He utilizado el coaching para transformar diferentes escenarios de la vida, en un espacio de simulación de realidades que...

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  • Leave the friendzone for good : I teach you how to seduce women (Workshop and follow-up by webcam)


    Paris 1er, France

    4.8 (94 reviews)

    My method : Let’s meet and have a drink. We discuss about your needs and I tell you my vision, and see how I can help. NB...

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    • 1hrs free
  • Psychologist gives classes for Postive psychology subject to high school, college  and Graduate students in Durham Region



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    I believe in using varied learning styles like audio-visual and kinesthetic learning methods. I also like to make notes in ...

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    • 30min free
  • Learn to take public speaking - to overcome fear - to gain self-confidence -


    Paris, France

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    Recently graduated from SciencesPo Paris and the School of Public Speaking in Paris, I teach public speaking classes at all...

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