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Lessons offered by Margo
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Taught subjects
  • Vocabulary - English
  • Listening comprehension - English
  • Writing comprehension - English
  • Writing expression - English
  • All Levels

EdD Graduate gives university level students support in their writing, editing and organization of their work.


Work alongside students to edit and adjust their written work, focusing on formatting and grammar


Worked with students at York and McMaster University to complete thesis/dissertation submissions. Worked at Brock University for 5 years recognizing the expectations of university level submissions.


Transportation Fee : $10
Lessons offered by Margo
In group
The lessons will be held
at their home
at your home
Taught subjects
  • Vocabulary - English
  • Listening comprehension - English
  • Writing comprehension - English
  • Writing expression - English
  • All Levels

Margo's Resume

Proven leader and researcher with a focus on inclusion and diversity. Has expert knowledge within
inclusionary practices, curriculum and assessment programming, teaching and learning policy, and
has led and directed training opportunities within the wider community. Experienced in creating
teaching methodologies and strategic direction to support and embed an inclusive and welcoming
environment within higher education classrooms and institutions. Experience and expertise in
performance management reviews emphasizing successful and productive inclusive work
environments. Completed extensive research on social, economic and educational inclusion in an
academic setting as well as within the community. Developed and maintained schemes of work,
programs of study and operational strategies with a focus on equity, inclusion and social capital.
Partners with colleagues within the University as well as external community agencies in the
further development and engagement in inclusive policy and programming. Continues to broaden
knowledge in the areas of inclusive education, and healthy and safe communities through
publications, research and community partnerships within academic and social settings.

• Designed and delivered both elementary and secondary level teacher education courses on
Programming for the Inclusive Classroom (EDBE 8Y42 The Exceptional Learner, (EDBE
8P03 & 8P72) Student Assessment (EDUC 8Y63, 8P02), Classroom Management (EDUC
8Y61), Educational Psychology (EDUC 8P18) and Diversity Issues within the Classroom
(EDUC 8P03) for Brock University.
• Observed, assessed and monitored teacher candidate progress in their teaching practicuum and
cohort (EDUC 8D09) in a Faculty Advisor role at Brock University.
• Developed and analyzed research materials and advocated for a rights versus charity based
approach towards inclusion policy within an Ontario school board, as researcher with Brock
• Led the development and delivery of an alternative curriculum for a Technological Education
based approach for Brock Univeristy.
• Led colleagues in post-secondary environments in creating and delivering programs,
developing course outlines, suggested reading lists and schemes of work.
• Researched developments in curriculum and policy to ensure currency and expertise in leading
students understanding of the Human Rights Charter of Ontario and Accessibility for Ontarians
with Disabilities Act in relation to equity and inclusion.
• Taught in both mainstream and special education classroom settings with students ages five to
16 years of age.
• Worked closely with and advised other professionals on teaching strategies, responsibility and
facilitation of positive learning environments, as Advanced Skills Teacher
• Directed staff in the implementation of school-wide management plans.
Developed and implemented professional development opportunities, created process
improvement measures ensuring successful school operations, appropriate learning resources
and inclusivity.
• Acted as spokesperson for Brock University’s Department of Education (2015 Open House).
• Developed workshops for areas such as Equity and Inclusion for All at the Conference for
Exceptional Children (CEC) and the Canadian Society for the Study in Education (CSSE).
• As elected school governor provided leadership to city representatives and community
agencies (police, social services, healthcare professionals) in formulating school and social
policy ensuring quality and inclusion.
• Chaired social and academic reviews in updating student developmental records, placement
and curricular achievements, addressing child protection issues and identifying and evaluating
emerging issues and behavioural trends.
• Ensured open communication and information transfer between schools, teachers and parents,
as member of Halton District School Board’s Parental Involvement Committee.
• Collaborates with City Councillors and staff in creating a common vision and business plan
for Burlington’s Age Friendly Community and Charter Action Team.
• Mentored post-graduate students on Ph.D proposal, dissertation, and grant applications.
• Represents local school under Halton District School board’s Healthy and Safe School
Initiative (an initiative to improve physical, social and emotional safety in and around school).
• Continues to partake in professional development training workshops such as Mental Health
Awareness, Lagniappe Workshops, Health and Safety Awareness, Promoting Equity Literacy
and #Sick not Weak with Brock Univeristy and the City of Burlington.

BROCK UNIVERSITY, St Catharines / Hamilton, Ontario (September 2013- present)
Instructor, Researcher, and Program Developer
YORK UNIVERSITY, Toronto, Ontario (May 2015- present)
Ph.D Student Advisor, Tutor and Academic Support
ATHABASCA UNIVERSITY, Lethbridge, Alberta (2009–2010)
Study Circle Lecturer
OPEN UNIVERSITY, Cambridge and Leeds, UK (2004–2008)
Associate Lecturer
Vice Principal and Consultant
TRINITY & ALL SAINTS COLLEGE, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK (2006–2007)
YORK COLLEGE, York, UK (2006)
Foundations Degree Speaker/ Supply Lecturer
HAZEL LODGE, Rawcliffe, UK (2005–2006)
Assistant Principal/ Senior Teacher
ALTECQ EDUCATION, London, UK (2004–2005)
Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education, UK) Inspector
PRIORY SCHOOL, Essex, UK (2000–2005)
Head of Primary Department, Advanced Skills Teacher for Behaviour in Primary Phase, Staff
Year Group Leader, Numeracy Strategy Consultant and Religious Education Coordinator
Additional experience as at teaching and training ESL teachers for AMITY/AEON, Japan.

Doctorate of Education (2006)
· Thesis: Why on Earth Do You Want to Teach Those Kids?: Insight into the Initial and
Continuing Motivation of Teachers of Children with EBD (emotional and behavioural
difficulties): Paper with a focus on social, community and professional influences in
the pursuit of educational careers.
Master’s Degree in Inclusive Education (2000)
· Dissertation: Is Inclusion and Excellence through Government Education Programmes
Perceived as Beneficial for All?: Paper with a focus on the relationship between
education, government programs and community organizations.
Post Graduate Certificate in Education (1997)
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology (1994)

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