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1st lesson is free!

1st lesson is free!

EDM Artist with over 7 years of experience with a Diploma in Sound and Audio engineering, will help you achieve "pro" sounding-mixes and productions!

About the lesson

Music Production can seem like a daunting process. From vague terminology to very complex looking software, it can seem impossible to know where to start...

Or maybe you’ve had a fair amount of time dipping your feet in the water and want some guidance on your next project.

If so, I've got you covered! By engaging with my online or in-person EDM production lessons, you will learn everything from the most basic fundamentals of sound mixing and engineering, to producing high quality sounding music right from your home/studio!

You learn at your own pace. We always recap on subjects you need help on or want more knowledge on.

- A Mac that is compatible with macOS Mojave or later
- Your Mac needs to be running Logic Pro 10.5 or later
- Good pair of Headphones or studio monitors

Who these lessons are for:
Absolute beginners who want to delve into the art of making electronic dance music and Intermediate Music Producers who are looking to up their game and acquire new knowledge.

Looking forward to making music with you! :)

Lessons are split into chapters. Each chapter has a central point/theme around it to help students remember the topics. Here's a look at what you'll be learning:

Chapter one:
- Navigating the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)
- Organizing, customizing your preferences
- Introduction to frequency ranges
- Understanding the basics of frequency manipulation (EQ, Filters)
- Using Apple Loops to make a simple pattern/beat.

Chapter two:
- Navigation tips and bonuses
- Frequency range guide
- Understanding Basic Compression and waveforms
- Using drummer to create unique drum loops + applying EQ, Compression

Chapter three:
- Basic music theory (Melodics, harmonies, triads etc.)
- Building chords with the piano roll editor using software instruments
- Piano roll note velocities and quantization
- Using Automation in the piano roll to create realistic performances
- Using Arpeggiator and MIDI Plug-ins to create unique rhythms

Chapter four:
- Creating sound from…nothing!…(well, almost nothing) In a synthesizer.
- Navigating Alchemy and learning about oscillators
- Using oscillators to generate sound, LFO’s
- ADSR (Attack, Decay, sustain, release)

Chapter five:
- Basics of layering
- Using and understanding reverb/delay to create spaces and effects
- Using and understanding distortion on sounds
- Using and understanding saturation
- Familiarizing yourself with the frequency ranges for better critical listening

Chapter Six:
- In’s and out’s of Sampling
- Creating your own sampler instruments
- Using effects to customize and enhance your sounds
- Learn and understand normalization

Chapter Seven:
- Vocal Mixing
- Learn how to spot and fix problems in a vocal recording
- Tune vocals
- 7 Step process on getting a clean vocal mix

Chapter Eight
- Understanding the elements of a good mix
- Starting to mix your first song

Chapter nine:
- Learning the various tools and plugins to aid your mixes and productions
- Learning to express yourself creativity, (mixing/producing)

Chapter ten:
- Finish your tutorial mix-down and start your very own production with the knowledge you’ve acquired and continue your journey with the aid of your instructor.
- Learn in-depth techniques, tips and tricks a professional Music Artist uses in his projects.
- Get professional and exclusive sample packs and sounds to use in your projects

There is still so much to learn in the world of music production. Everything listed above was just the tutorial! :)


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About Chris

I have obtained a diploma in audio and sound engineering from Recording Arts Canada. I release music on all streaming platforms and have collaborated with renowned singer and songwriters.

Music is my passion, so naturally having the opportunity to teach people my field of expertise, which I've had over a year of experience in, has been met with praise and gratitude which all means a lot to me.

I am very patient and understanding of others. I will listen to your concerns and questions as they arise and help you solve problems as best as I know how!

If you want to start making the music you want to hear, I would absolutely love to help you reach your goals and dreams just as I have reached mine!

You can do this, I believe in you! :)



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