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1st lesson is free!

#1 Experienced and Professional Math, Physics and Stat Tutor, with excellent mastery and High Quality in Teaching.


One of our best tutors. They have a quality profile, experience in their field, verified qualifications and a great response time. Hamid will be happy to arrange your first lesson

About the lesson

1. I not only ensure that my students know a concept or subject, but also actually understand it.
2. I try to stay my focus on teaching to my students in optimum time and the best quality.
3. I always ask topics and questions step by step to make sure my students understand better.
Math gets easier when a professional Math tutor is working with you. The proudest moments of my career are when I hear about my trainees' success.
My unique and professional tutoring as the best strategy is based on principles of "freedom, improving and responsibility" and "following up the guys in a suitable trajectory with an emphasis on highlighting the student's strengths and maximizing their abilities and potentials in appropriate time interval.


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About Hamid

I am a PhD holder in Applied Mathematics with more than 20 years successful experience in teaching a variety of Math courses and programs in high schools, colleges and Universities.
In addition, I have experience of Visiting Researching at Computer Science Department in SFU and Marker and Math Guider in north America KUMON as well.
I finished my Bachelor, Master and PhD degree in Applied Mathematics.
Currently, I am working as a professional and experienced Math, Physics and Statistics tutor in metro Vancouver.
To observe my academic background, you can google me in LinkedIn and scholar.
To be more specific, the following list is the subjects in Math, Stat and Physics that I teach from high school to college and University:

1) IB (HL, SL) Math, Stat and Physics, AP Calculus AB & BC, AP Statistics,
2) Pre-Calculus 11,12, Math 7, 8, 9, 10.
3) Advanced Calculus, Calculus I, II, III, IV.
4) Multivariable Calculus and Engineering mathematics.
9) Trigonometry and GEOMETRY.
10) Exam Prep: AMC, SAT, SSAT, CAT, GMAT, GRE Subject.

* Tutoring for Students: UBC, U of T, SFU, UVIC, KPU, BCIT, DOUGLAS, LANGARA, VCC, Alexander College and Queen's University
************Specially UBC Math:

Math 101, Math 102, Math 103, Math 104, Math 105, Math 110, Math 120, Math 152, Math 180, Math 184, Math 200, Math 221, Math 223, Math 226, Math 227,Math 253, Math 300, Math 302, Math 305, Math 317;

Differential Calculus UBC math 100,102,104,180,184,110
Integral Calculus UBC math 101, math 105,math 103
Multivariable Calculus UBC Math 200,253,217
Linear Algebra UBC Math 152, 221

**************Specially SFU Math:

Math 100, Math 150, Math 151, Math 152, Math 154, Math 155, Math 157, Math 158, Math 232, Math 240, Math 251 and MACM 101, Stat 101.

*************** Specially Capilano University Math:

MATH 097 , MATH 101 , MATH 102 , MATH 105 , MATH 108 , MATH 109 , MATH 116 , MATH 124 , MATH 126 , MATH 152 , MATH 190 , MATH 200 , MATH 204 , MATH 205 , MATH 230 , MATH 231 , MATH 235

***************Specially KPU Math:

MATH 1102, MATH 1112, MATH 1115, MATH 1116, MATH 1117, MATH 1120, MATH 1130, MATH 1220, MATH 1230, MATH 1240, MATH 2232, MATH 2315, MATH 2331, MATH 2410, MATH 2721, MATH 2821, MATH 3170, MATH 1220, MATH 3421, MATH 3431

****************Langara Math:
1100,1101,1118, 1150,1152,1153,1170,1171,1173,1174,1190,1253,1271,1274, 2362. STAT 1123,1124,1181

ग्रेट वैंकूवर में अनुभवी पीएचडी मठ ट्यूटर
그레이트 밴쿠버에서 PhD 수학 교사를 경험했습니다.
مدرس دکتری ریاضی با تجربه تدریس موفق بیش از ۲۵ سال تدریس ریاضیات و فیزیک در ایران و ونکوور



  • 5 h: $350
  • 10 h: $700


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  • $ 75/h

free lessons

  • 30min


Our sessions would be set up one on one or online.
The online sessions could be run out by ZOOM, WhatsApp, We-chat and other educational apps and we are more flexible respect to in person sessions. We will charge $75 per hour for online sessions.
Regarding in person sessions, with attention to limited spots in my schedule and priority in locations and programs, I am available in great metro Vancouver, like North Shore (West Vancouver, North Vancouver), Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Maple Ridge, Burnaby, Richmond, and Surrey.
For in person sessions, the hourly rate would be considered between $75 to $120 depends on transportation fee, grade (4 to 12, IB, AP, Prep exams) ,college or University courses and programs.

Find out more about Hamid

  • 01

    1. When and why did you develop an interest in your chosen field?

    It goes back to the time that I was a high school student. Applying mathematical methods which are implemented in solving a variety of real life problems. Actually, it was a strong motivation that made me interested in Applied Math, Statistics and Physics.

  • 02

    2. What makes you passionate about your subject?

    These days, applied technologies like computer and data sciences are involved in problem solving by mathematical and statistical methods. So, accurate understanding of different challenging problems in Math is an adequate reason to make me passionate about my chosen interesting pathway.

  • 03

    3. What do you like about tutoring? What makes you a "Superprof"?

    I believe the tutor's duty is facilitating students' learning. In this way, tutor should find out students' misunderstandings and weaknesses, explain deeply by special and professional strategies based on high experience and knowledge in a friendly, attractive and funny way.
    I always have tried to do my best for all of my students based on these pattern. This is the reason they have always inspired me greatly by their kindness and passion and makes me a "Superprof".

  • 04

    4. Do you have any role models; a teacher that inspired you?

    During my professional life, I have taught numerous students with different talents and abilities. After a quick assessment and asking some questions, I realize their needs completely and apply a suitable and unique strategy based on high quality representation in optimum time.

  • 05

    5. What are your keys to success?

    Undoubtedly, my first fundamental key to success is analyzing my student's situation thoroughly. I do my best for each of them because I believe that their successful is my dream.
    Secondly, by creating a friendly atmosphere, they would trust me and learn without stress and feel free to ask their questions.
    Thirdly, I stay focused on encouraging, motivating and helping them by indicating the correct way and making them independent in problem solving.
    Finally, I do my job as an experienced and professional leader beside them to reach their achievements.

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