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Kate - Prof drawing - Sooke
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Fine Art Journaling taught by a Fine Artist and teacher , in Victoria BC Canada

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About Kate

I am a Fine Artist with a BA(Hons) 2:1 in Fine Art Painting and Printmaking from Sheffield Hallam university in the UK. I am also a qualified Art teacher for Secondary school age onwards graduating in 2005 from Canterbury Christ Church university with a Post Graduate teaching certificate. In addition I hold a BC teachers certificate.
In the UK I taught Fine Arts to students 11-18 and supported students through examination and portfolio stages in preparation for Art college and University applications. I wrote and designed all my schemes of work and managed a small team of Art teachers in the last year of my teaching in the UK. I had responsibility of leading teachers in Digital Photography, Graphic Design, Textiles and Fine Art as head of an Art and Design department.
In addition to my teaching career I have always maintained my creative practice. Currently I produce digital photographs, due to a recent relocation, I am still building my studio. Normally I work primarily through painting, drawing and printmaking. I have exhibited in the UK and on Vancouver Island Canada. I ma excited about getting into my new studio and working with new student who I can share my ideas with.

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I would like to offer you a methodology they can use to journal and develop ideas for more substantial works like sculpture and painting. The journals would act as the back bone for your portfolio development. We would work through research, development and outcome stages. At each stage we will be looking at Artists and cultures to give our work context and connect us to new and challenging sources of inspiration.

The Research stage : we will start with a word, image or perhaps even a sound. I will provide you with choices here. We will look at Artists and or cultures which have explored a similar theme. You will make your own research pages showing what you have learned and interpreting their work in ways that show your understanding of the material. This will be both a visual and a written response.

Development: Through online discussion we will create your own unique activity pathway stemming from the original theme. The pathway could include, exploring a variety of media, making a series of observational drawings, or photographs.. there are so many exciting possibilities here that I can develop with you! As a class we will share our ideas and support one another in a tutorial style forum. This can be a real transformational stage for you, opening up can be daunting but is integral to the life of an artist.

Outcome: You will have created a journal which will organically lead you to the genesis of an idea. You may end up using those last pages to make a sketch of the final outcome you have envisioned. You may have already started a series of paintings and the journal has become a key part of your practice.

The journal and methodology I have outlined will hopefully allow you to push through creative blocks and sustain a full body of work to contribute to your portfolio.

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