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Forget learning other peoples songs on guitar! Original music is a lot easier and cool as f!

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I teach in the way I learned to play guitar.start by playing the bass. The bass guitar is the foundation and easier less intimidating brother to the guitar. It has four of the six strings and focuses on the root note of the chord the guitar plays.


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About Vin

I have completed 3 years of music plus 1 year of jazz band classes in high school and i have been playing in bands and performing on stage for 25 years.



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  • 10 h: $400


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I offer a crash course that teaches you all you need to know to start writing your own songs today!


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  • Professional guitarist & qualified music teacher with wide international experience across various genres including Rock, Soul, Funk, Folk, Latin, Reggae, Gypsy Jazz.



    4.9 (10 reviews)

    >> Interactive Notation App I have created custom courses for a wide range of songs and techniques, based on student...

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    • 1hrs free
  • Relax and Learn to Play well with ease and loads of Fun

    Donna lee


    5 (6 reviews)

    I will be teaching in a flexible method depending on students needs .For some an approach that is group and relaxed like a...

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    • 1hrs free
  • Private music lessons, pop, rock, jazz, blues, soul and bossa nova, theory and improvisation.



    5 (11 reviews)

    I'm a patience teacher, I value understanding over memorising my classe have a little bit of everything like, Theory,...

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    • 45min free
  • Experienced professional performing bass player ready to share my passion and the best tips and tricks to learn bass quickly and easily.



    I want to teach you what you want to learn. I can also guide you towards the skills and knowledge needed to become a working...

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    • 1hrs free
  • Professional Musician Offers Guitar Lessons to Students of all ages in Downtown Toronto



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    Interaction between student and teacher is essential in my teaching methodology because it is the cornerstone of being a...

    • $40/h
  • Working musician with music degree and years of teaching experience: offering guitar, theory, and songwriting lessons.



    Music - like all art - is about being creative and unique and finding your own voice. It is also a language, full of...

    • $40/h
    • 30min free
  • Guitar player teaching Basics to Intermediate guitar/bass/uke in Hastings and Prince Edward



    My method of teaching is to teach you what you want to learn. If your just looking for how to play 3 chords and the truth,...

    • $30/h
    • 1hrs free
  • Experienced musician and audio school graduate  offers guitar and bass lessons for all ages.



    4.5 (2 reviews)

    The way I like to teach my classes revolves around the needs of each individual student. After the basics of guitar are...

    • $34/h
    • 1hrs free
  • Music philosophy on a deeper level than the strings strung on a tool.



    During our lessons we talk about incorporation, exterior utilization, & ulterior ramifications of the musical recital &...

    • $24/h
    • 1hrs free
  • Freelance musician gives guitar lessons on all genres to students of all ages in Montreal



    My teaching methods are quick and to the point, teaching is an art in itself and I feel that every student is different in...

    • $20/h
    • 1hrs free
  • Guitar lessons from an instructor with over 25 years of professional experience



    Suited to all styles, I provide the flexibility in course instruction to allow the individual to flourish: not a...

    • $40/h
    • 30min free
  • Professional musician offers Guitar classes in Vancouver. Bass and ukulele classes available as well. Guaranteed fast results!



    I adapt to my students to find what's best for them. I am patient, flexible and love sharing the knowledge I have...

    • $25/h
    • 1hrs free
  • Learning to play songs on guitar that you're favorite rock stars play made simple!



    I would start off by teaching my student(s) the basics of the fret board. Getting to know all open strings first, what the...

    • $25/h
    • 1hrs free
  • Experienced Guitar Instructor gives customized lessons on Soloing, Songwriting, Theory, and Technique



    The lessons I teach are organized around what the students are primarily interested in; the styles, bands, artists,...

    • $40/h
    • 30min free
  • Guitar instructor with 10 plus years of experience ready to help reach your musical dreams breathe into life. You can be the best guitarist you can be.



    I teach variety of ages and in a way that is in a warm and friendly atmosphere, step by step approach, easy to follow and...

    • $30/h
    • 1hrs free
  • Guitar lessons with one of Toronto's best guitar teachers in all styles



    My lessons are based around two important things: what the student wants to learn and techniques and skills that I as the...

    • $30/h
    • 1hrs free
  • Fun Guitar Lessons for Beginner to Intermediate Levels - Online & In-Home Lessons



    My teaching methods are completely based on the student and what they want to learn. I always take a patient approach to...

    • $60/h
    • 30min free
  • All genres of guitar taught from rock to swing! Any age welcome, any type of guitar welcome.


    St. Catharines

    I offer 30 mins. lessons for guitar, bass and ukulele. Note reading, learn soke songs, chords and riffs in any genre and...

    • $28/h
    • 30min free
  • Local Performer and Established Recording Artist with University Degree Gives Guitar Lessons



    I believe firstly in hands-on teaching. All my students have to have an instrument that they bring to a lesson, and we will...

    • $30/h
    • 1hrs free
  • FIRST LESSON FREE, In Person and Online | Voice, Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Drums, Bass, Songwriting



    I am passionate about helping students see the big picture of what it means both to learn and to enjoy...

    • $50/h
    • 30min free