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Leila - Prof academic help for reading - Calgary


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  • Academic help for reading
  • Special needs - Autism
  • Special needs - ADD

Former teacher (w/ M.Ed) English, reading and writing for all-age learners, math tutoring k-4

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I am a former elementary school teacher (k-5) who currently works in education technology. I have a M. Ed from Johns Hopkins University in the United States. I have experience working with kids from every educational background (gifted, advanced, struggling learners and kids with autism and ADD). I use a variety of learning techniques to guide students on improving their writing, critical reading and math skills- I understand everyone learns differently! I am happy to work with newcomers on English-language learning as well.

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I use research-based strategies for learning and tailor my instruction to each student's needs and learning style. I like to get to know what you excel in and what you struggle with, what type of learner are you (visual, verbal, kinesthetic, logical?), if you are a minor I like to speak with the parent and the child on what areas we should focus on.

Depending on the subject area, tutoring can include: a review of any homework you may have, any questions or situations you encountered in an academic setting during the past week that you want to get help with, an exercise pertaining to the subject we are studying and a short assessment (sometimes only one questions) at the end of the session to see if you are learning based on my teaching methods. If not, I can adjust it for the next class.

I like to have open communication and provide constant feedback to parents and students each class.

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