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1st lesson is free!

Freelance concept artist and illustrator with a passion for teaching artists of all skill levels. I specialize in figure drawing, anatomy, and character/world design!

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Anthony is one of our best tutors. High-quality profile and excellent qualifications, organised and responsive to lesson requests, appreciated by their students!

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The fundamentals of art are without a doubt the most important aspect of a solid education. As such, I will be walking you through the most basic concepts, such as shapes and forms, space and composition, line quality, etc., to more complex topics like figure drawing, anatomy and character design. No matter your age, experience or background, I hope to aid you on your artistic journey!


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About Anthony

I'm a recent graduate of Sheridan's Visual and Creative Arts program who's been drawing his whole life. I graduated high school with an arts diploma, and have placed and won a few contests in my time at school. I've also qualified for and achieved a few awards and scholarships off of my passion and knowledge of art.

Enough about all that though, as I hate bragging about myself. I'm simply a passionate and well-studied guy who really wants to help others figure out their passions. I also believe that learning about one's artistic voice is a window to understanding who you want to be in life. No matter your interests or skill level, I believe you will definitely gain something of value with me!



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  • Interior Designer & Artist. Art is way of expression, a way of communication and a way of life. Come join me in classes to teach and enable you to do the same.



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  • Drawing Teacher for your child is Not better than who is doing her Master's in Drawing and Painting.


    Navi Mumbai, India

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    i teach student step by step from basic to advance the way simple for them to understand and have funn

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  • Art and Crafts tutor in Victoria for beautiful drawing and painting skills!



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    My classes are going to be a fun environment with lots of learning. I will provide with the most affordable list of art...

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  • Redeem your self through the strokes of pencil. Master the art of expression.



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    I provide them with basic idea and knowledge about drawing and help them to explore themselves

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  • Film Animation student teaching drawing and painting to students of all ages!



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