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1st lesson is free!

1st lesson is free!

3D generalist teaching the basics of creating art and concept art for 2D digital and traditional style and 3D animation aswell as the whole pipeline of 3D and the rules of both subjects

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Please specify when requesting which part youre interested in learning.

Any and all lessons will be hosted via webcam on microsoft teams I will email the students with all the details of when the session will take place and add them to a meeting which will automatically give a notification when it starts.

I will be covering Art , concept art and how you create it , also how you get to a final design then I will move on to the 12 principles of animation and teach each principle to the student/s. I will also give them advice on simple rules that make art more visually interesting

Both of these stages will be in 2 seperate 3 hour lessons and a last 1 hour session where i correct the mistakes of the students and justify it. after each lesson the student will have to do homework of what was taught in the lesson and must provide his/her proof of notes as i follow the Kinesthetic learning method of hearing-writing down-doing-writing again.

This will prepare the student to go on further at a higher institute of learning to get the proper certification for 2D animation which opens a variety of jobs like 2D animator, concept artist etc... because most students go in unprepared and a certain amount of skill/ knowledge is needed to prosper.

The second part of what I teach is the baisics of 3D modeling and animation where I teach the students the rules of 3D modeling and how to set up a clean proper workspace in maya (can also be applied to blender) and how to create clean models. This includes objects and characters they create.

This will be divided into two 2 hour lessons. This will prepare the student for a higher institute of learning to prosper because he will already know the important parts of 3D modeling and how the pipeline works and can then focus on other parts like texturing, rigging, animation and rendering when they start at the institute as most affordable institutes tend to throw you into the deep end and causes the student to struggle keeping up with the deadlines and the quality of what they produce.

Note: any extra lessons will be accepted to go more in depth and explain to students who dont understand the topics completely or to help improve their designs


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About Henco

I am a graduate student from the Academic institute of excellence where i got taught how to use maya 3D and animation where i also got taught how the 3D pipeline works and how to work in a studio. I also know how to use photoshop, autodesk sketchbook, substance painter and mudbox to create 3D and 2D art



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