Neha - Prof SQL - Calgary

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Neha - Prof SQL - Calgary
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  • SQL
  • Databases
  • MySQL
  • Oracle

I am a graduate student with good experience of relational databases. I can help with SQL, PLSQL, MYSQL and others relational database languages along with pyspark

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I am a Software Engineering graduate. I have more than six years of professional experience with multiple MNCs where I worked as a backend developer and tester for some duration. As part of my graduate courses, I have good knowledge of languages like Java, ML, python, Pyspark, Data structures, Relational databases, big data.

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To have a comfortable relation with any software language, I believe basics are the foundation that should be strong. To deal with any problem, always we can start with understanding the problem statement, breaking it into components, and deal with it one at a time. And we should follow a structure when studying instead of jumping around topics. This would be really helpful as per my exerience.

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