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Barizomdu Elect
« Bismarck is a worthy scholar. He would make a great teacher simply... More »
Barizomdu Elect
« Bismarck is a worthy scholar. He would make a great teacher simply because he was once a great student (i.e., diligent, thorough and respectful). I can testify to the aforementioned because Bismarck and I were once classmates. »
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Taught subjects
  • Spanish
  • Oral expression - Spanish
  • Vocabulary - Spanish
  • Oral comprehension - Spanish
  • Writing comprehension - Spanish
  • Translation - Spanish
  • All Levels

Hablando en Plata: Classes for teenage and adult Spanish Language Learners in Edmonton.


Our focus would be highly dependent on your individual needs and interests.

I am a true believer in learning the language through the Hispanic culture! During our time together I will always encourage you to speak as much Spanish as you can, in order to gain confidence in the language.

I invite you to propose topics (Hispanic culture, literature, music or cinema) that peek your interest and that we can explore together on this language learning journey!

General Learning Goals:

1. Apply Spanish language effectively for purposes of practical communication
2. Recognize and properly apply new Spanish vocabulary learned through videos, podcasts and written/audio material
3. Interpret and analyze written Spanish language through Hispanic literature


Soy nicaragüense de nacimiento y canadiense por adopción. I was born in Nicaragua and I have the equal blessing of calling Canada home. Bilingualism is my superpower!

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Latin American Studies and Spanish Language & Literature and another Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education (with a major in Spanish). My most recent experience as a Spanish instructor comes from teaching Spanish as a Second Lang. (grades 10-12) and teaching in a Spanish Bilingual setting (grades 7-9) as part of my two professional practicums.

Before pursuing a career in Education, I volunteered and collaborated with student clubs and some organizations in the city that focus on language learning and I have also co-taught Beginner Spanish at the university level while I was a teaching/research assistant.

I am enamored with the topic of “cubanismo,” or, what it means to be Cuban; if such a thing even exists. So profound was my interest, that to keep reading about what Ortíz, Lezama Lima, or even Pérez Firmat had written on the topic was simply not going to do. It is in view of this inquisitiveness, that I decided to complete part of my undergraduate degree in Santiago de Cuba at la Universidad de Oriente.

Apart from completing part of my studies in Santiago de Cuba, I have had the opportunity to work there on two separate occasions. My first assignment was as an assistant coordinator for the Santiago de Cuba travel abroad program, during this time I served as an interpreter in meetings for academics as well as translated syllabi and other materials. Most recently, I helped design and coordinate the first Spring course offered in Santiago de Cuba by a Department in one of the top Canadian universities, the course was called: "Cuban Myths and Realities."

My time on the island, both as a student and professional, helped me to continue discovering the richness of the Spanish language. A richness I hope to share with all my students!


Rate for online lessons : $ 25/h


Cancellation policy: 12 hrs notice is required for cancellations or rescheduling.

Lessons offered by Bismarck
The lessons will be held
at their home
Taught subjects
  • Spanish
  • Oral expression - Spanish
  • Vocabulary - Spanish
  • Oral comprehension - Spanish
  • Writing comprehension - Spanish
  • Translation - Spanish
  • All Levels

Bismarck's Resume

Research Assistant (2018)

Conducted research based on hybridity and transculturation. Analyzed English translations of prominent Cuban poets. Authored project-related reports, manuscripts, and presentations. Performed descriptive and multivariate analyses of data with digital platforms such as Genius.com. Verified the accuracy and validity of data entered in databases.

Key Accomplishments:
• Designed and coordinated first course in Santiago de Cuba "Cuban Myths and Realities."
• Instituted online poem database.

Teaching Assistant (2017)

Taught Spanish 111 classes. Collaborated with senior colleagues to create lesson plans. Observed classroom interactions. Developed assignments, exams, and handouts. Assessed student progress and implemented improvement strategies. Maintained weekly office hours to further instruct students. Administered oral exams.

Assistant Program Coordinator (2017)

Interpreted meetings for academics in Santiago de Cuba program. Translated syllabi and other materials. Directed personnel activities. Administered program budget. Gathered student information and followed-up on discrepancies. Facilitated workshops, committees, and conferences designed to promote student welfare. Managed other administrative duties as needed.

Building Bridges Intern (2015 - 2016)

Tutored middle school students in English. Focused on reading comprehension, close reading, and writing prompts. Reviewed class material and other assignments. Evaluated student progress and employed improvement strategies. Kept detailed records on student interactions.

Alberta Truss Ltd (2012)

Processed and assembled trusses for garages, sheds, and farms.

Value Store Fixtures (2012)
Warehouse Assistant

Received incoming materials. Maintained warehouse compliance standards.


Bachelor of Arts with Distinction: Latin American Studies and Spanish Lang. & Lit.
University of Alberta, Edmonton, 2016

Master of Arts, Transnational and Comparative Literature
University of Alberta, Edmonton, 2017-2018
Completed 12 credits toward a Master of Arts
Relevant Courses Included: Postsecondary Language Instruction, History of Translation, Topics in Transnational and Comparative Lit. "Latin American Encounters in the Zone"

After Degree (AD): Bachelor of Secondary Education
University of Alberta, Edmonton, to be awarded in November of 2020.


The Richard Young Scholarship (2015-2016)
• Awarded to a student with superior academic achievement entering the fourth year of an undergraduate degree program in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, with a major or honors in Spanish or Latin American Studies. Selection based on academic achievement.

Graduate Students' Association Academic Travel Award (2018)
• Awarded to graduate students that seek to present their research or simply assist an academic conference

Volunteer Experience

Students For Literacy Volunteer, Fall of 2015-Summer 2016
Frontier College/Collège Frontière
• Helped all individuals, especially young students to understand that literacy is a fundamental right
• Worked one on one with middle school students to strengthen reading skills and encouraged lifelong learning
• Cultivated a discipline and passion for literature

Classroom Mentoring with U School, Fall/Winter 2013-2015 Semester
University of Alberta U School
• Aided students in Photography Assignment which consist of taking them on a tour of the campus and having them use cameras to capture different points of view. Through this they learn the different shots that can be taken, ie. eye-level, bird’s eye, slanted, etc.
• Encouraged U School students to see a future for themselves at the University of Alberta
• Helped students with daily journaling of their week at the University of Alberta

Spanish Group Facilitator, Summer of 2014-Fall of 2015
SVCC Language Group
• Enrolled participants into language group based on language competence and skill level
• Structured and tailored a lesson plan based on the language needs of the group providing a clear pedagogical rationale for the development of each activity in the lesson
• Imparted Spanish classes and work with participants to strengthen reading, writing, and speaking skills

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9 recommendations

Barizomdu Elect

Bismarck is a worthy scholar. He would make a great teacher simply because he was once a great student (i.e., diligent, thorough and respectful). I can testify to the aforementioned because Bismarck and I were once classmates.


Bismarck is one of the most thoughtful students I have had in my classes at university, who displays a thirst for knowledgeand wisdom. His patience and passion are evident in his ability to connect with students and reach into lives with a love for learning. He works diligently in his field of expertise to grow and adapt to the ongoing changes and needs of students and I wholeheartedly endorse him as someone to join in online teaching!
Dr. Bryan Clarke - St. Joseph's College at the University of Alberta and Director of GraceFinder Resourcing Network


Bismarck is a great teacher. He is very personable and has a very good understanding of the Spanish language. I highly recommend him whether you are thinking of learning conversational Spanish, for travel, business or any other need.


I really enjoy Bismarck’s style of teaching It is engaging and it feels like customized learning. He always encourages me to do my best and take it one day at a time. Learning a language can be challenging, but I have more confidence with my Spanish.


Bismarck is a great teacher and always goes above and beyond for his students. With his actions and method of teaching he has proven to be an exceptional listener and very patient. Very outgoing and just an amazing person with a lot of knowledge on many things and best part is his super reliable.


I highly recommend Bismarck to be a teacher, he is a very well spoken man with a very balanced approach to many topic we have discussed. I really enjoy discussing politics, religion and many social issues in our society with ease and never have I felt that my opinion does not matter. I would of liked to have a teacher like him in my school.


Bismarck is an experienced, intellectual, and diligent individual, who brings his considerable expertise in the Spanish language to help every student achieve their best.

I have had the pleasure of knowing him for 8 years, after first meeting at University, and have seen first hand his passion for the Spanish language and sharing of knowledge. He is a well rounded teacher who can help any potential student with their educational needs.


Bismarck is a language lover who transmits his passion for languages to his students while teaching. He is also very patient and adaptable to his students needs.


Bismarck is an honest and hardworking person. He takes every job he does seriously and is always organized which will help him in being a great teacher. He takes the time to get to know his students and always works hard to make sure every lesson meets the needs of every student.

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