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Sarr - Prof nutrition - Ottawa


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Health science student helps you lose weight, fast and healthy in Ottawa

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About Sarr

I am a health science student at uOttawa. I love what I learn on a daily basis either it's concerning mental health, on how and why sickness appears, how to treat them naturally, ... Human boday has so mush to teach us and it could be so utile. I have also learned many different ways in how to lose wheight. I think I can say I have tried them all, or almost so, trust me, I know what I want I'm talking about. I'm a part time substitute teacher and have been tutoring for more than 8 years. I love teaching as much as I love learning.

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My teaching methods are simple and real. I base my saying on my own experience and what I have been through and think that is better. I also like to teach people in ways they can not only know about something but learn and memorize what they learn because they have learned to understand it relating it to their own life.

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