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1st lesson is free!

I Am A Holy Righteous And Pure Man of God. Christ Changes Everything, I am an Incredible Student and Therefore am And an Becoming an even more Brilliant Teacher. Ready to produce Brazillian Jiujitsu A

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Holiness, Righteousness, Purity, Gentleness, Loving and Protecting the Saints while expanding to Greater Depths! There is no limit to what we can create With Jesus Christ on our side! You don’t have to love him yet. Love grows over a timeframe as you are loved. Jesus Wants to use all of us to love people for real. To change everything when they step on the screen/Scene. I’m here to use expansive and evolutionary teaching protocols to set Gods People Free. I having many Leaders in my Life that live this way and can testify to every word that I speak. I am covered and blessed by the True Church of Christ, and I am ready to share that blessing with All And I mean all! All are forgiven! All are Loved, All Are Blessed. We get to choose how we want to live in Heavenly Bliss!


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About Tyler

I Started Training in Martial Arts when I was 5 Years old. I love God and I Love Training Giving and receiving teaching and Enjoying the blessing of the Lord! Legitimate Second Degree Blackbelt in Ninjutsu, and Blue Belt in Brazillian Jiujitsu. About to with financial Support connect with the Most Elite Brazillian Jiujitsu teachers on the Planet, get my Blackbelt Find my Wife and Enjoy The Gospel/Jiujitsu life forever!



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  • Greetings, my name is Kristen, and I am super passionate when it comes to supporting anyone I can. My positivity, public speaking, and insightfullness will assure an awesome experience for you!


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  • A place were you learn how to feel good and confortable everytime.



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    I approach students with warmth and a positive attitude. One of my best qualities is unconditional acceptance. I never judge...

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    Actor training can help you find your voice, use your voice effectively, and help you connect to your breath to help calm...

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