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1st lesson is free!

1st lesson is free!

Language acquisition coach from Italy - over 6 years experience teaching in Universities - C1 English, German and Spanish

About the lesson

Hello there

Start your learning journey today with a trustworthy university tutor with almost 6 years experience teaching.

C1 English, German and Spanish - independent learner - passionate language learning enthusiast - currently learning Polish - musician

If you need:

☐ A conversation partner
☐ Help with grammar
☐ A good balance of both
☐ Detailed, targeted feedback
☐ Independent learning strategy advice

Then I can help you with that

In my sessions, you are the protagonist of your own learning saga. Whatever stage you're at, I can help you get to fluency.

I tailor each session to your needs, interests, etc. I base my methodology in statistics and acquisition instead of learning. I make my sessions as immersive as possible for you to have the right practice and a nice learning environment.

Lessons look like this:

Real life use of English
Tasks, activities, drills, targeted use of English based on each stage and your level.
Clear objectives and a trustworthy learning sequence (8 stages) gathered from years of experience.
Comprehensive, detailed feedback on everything that can be improved from your performance, both spoken and written, either on-the-spot or at the end of each session.
Use of relevant real life input aimed for faster internalization of the language.
Self-study tips, drills and exercises to clearly help you direct your own learning.

You will be constantly assessed and provided with useful, key feedback either in word choice, structure, other ways to say, rephrasing, pronunciation, use of specific words and particles, nuances of the language in general.

Book now a trial session!

☐ Build your own learning strategy
☐ Explain my methodology in more detail if you have questions

See you in your trial class!



  • Oral expression - English
  • Writing comprehension - English
  • Listening comprehension - English
  • +2

    Writing expression - English

    Business English


  • English
  • German


  • Elementary School
  • Junior High / Middle School
  • High School
  • +11



    Adult Education

    Masters/ Graduate School


    Early childhood education






About Anja

independent learner - passionate language learning enthusiast - currently learning Polish - have studied Finnish and Russian

Certified tutor from Italy
Experience as an independent learner
C1 English, German and Spanish

6 years experience teaching in private universities, several schools, all levels.



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