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I am an ambitious teacher, want to help students by sharing knowledge

I have always believed in interactive learning, I like to explain the concepts using charts and flowcharts which would help the student understand the ideas or concepts clearly. I like to do my home-work so any kind of questions are welcome. I like to prepare notes and help student prepare notes of their own.

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Biology student provides individual tuition to improve your English performance at home !

When I tutor student, I only speak English. According to me and all the teachers I had it's the best way to improve your language. Of course some grammar lessons are essential, that's why I always ask to my student to give me some work from one week to another, during this time I correct the copies and give them back with exercices to do.

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Young graduate in Anthropology and Victimology gives homework help / tutoring classes in Brussels!

My teaching methodology is based primarily on listening to the child / teen to best target his abilities and shortcomings. The first is to develop a schedule for the different sessions and the objectives to be achieved. Everything will be punctuated with small 'tests' to see where the child / teen is and to, if necessary, reevaluate the method.

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Professor provides courses in mathematics / French / English in Paris

My classes are designed for students from elementary to high school, we will work over the points, your understanding, your memory and methodology to be adopted. These points will be seen from exercises and scenario. Once your strengths and weaknesses detected, you will be more comfortable to discuss your homework and without stress. I also work by coaching.

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Student Lawyer gives tutoring course from primary to high school in Grenoble

My learning method will depend a lot on the student's goals and expectations.

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MA in Education and leadership with a specialism in English, Drama and experience in dissertation writing . Also hold TEFL certificate and sports/ fitness qualifications . Love supporting people to re

I haven a degree in Drama , Psychology and History . I carried on to achieve my teaching degree and then an MA in education . I love solving a problem and help students to find strategies to solve their own academic struggles or just to improve.

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A freshly graduated agronomist engineer offers an academic support in many subjects

The teaching methodology depends on how the student uses to work, as everyone has their own habits and their own learning strategies. I try to adapt and help the student to improve his own learning techniques : it allows not to shake up the reasoning already acquired, but rather to rely on this to develop competencies.

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London Tutor teaches English as a Second Language - Advanced grammar and conversation, with a specially designed course for you.

I use the communicative method - which is about engaging the student at every point in the learning process. Encouraging talk, practical tasks, interaction, and making the material visual, cognitive and inspiring for each student, according to background and needs.

Muhammad haziq
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University of Queensland Graduate (Philosophy) with experience as a Substitute Teacher available for English, History, Literature, Geography and Science tutoring for Prep - Year 8.

Friendly, motivated and patient Tutor available to help students facing difficulties with school curriculum and/or students who desire a better grasp and understanding of the subject matter. Available to assist with school assigned homework, and where necessary, available to provide extra work and practice questions/assignments.

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A graduate student major in instructional system technology offering Help in Basic Math, Basic Algebra, Pre-Algebra, College Algra

My teaching methodology is to help my student and make sure that they meet all the requirements and successful technique that I help my student and make sure they understand the concepts well I always be happy when I see my student have straight A

San Vendemiano
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Graduated in Law, she offers lessons in English, German and law for middle and high school students.

I give great importance to grammar and spelling which are the pillars of a language but I try to teach using modern techniques.

Spanish Fork
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I can help with most any subject. I have an Assosiates of Science degree and am working on my Bachelors degree. I am especially knowledgeable in Math, English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. I live

I love learning and helping other people learn. I am especially helpful with kids grades K-12. I would be helpful with the general classes such as math, English, and science. I am able to teach in many different ways and can help you find the best way that you learn.

Santa Maria
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Professor of Sciences and Biology at the Federal Institute Farroupilha in Agricultural Technician courses and Bachelor in Biological Sciences. I have master's and doctorate!

I have enough patience and I usually use techniques of memorization and contextualization of the contents covered. My classes are for all levels, from elementary school to higher education.

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Medical student at the faculty of Poitiers, I had a high school degree in science with a speciality in physic and chemistry, I am ready to help every student in the scientifical disciplines.

I try above all to understand the lesson and then to accompany in the exercises until the student understands and succeeds by itself. I can teach and help students in high school or before, whether for homework or exam preparation. I try as much as possible to base my class on what the student saw in class and not what I saw during my studies, and see what the student's teacher expects.

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Graduating in letters offers repetitions for both scientific and humanistic subjects and for languages ​​(English, Italian and French) in Milan

My name is Nicolà and I am a student enrolled in the first year of Letters (modern curriculum) at the University of Milan. I attended the classical address of the science high school Albert Einstein, which gave me an excellent competence in both humanistic and scientific subjects.

Campo Grande
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Student of Law, offers multidisciplinary school aid to formulate argumentative writing! Special writing!

The methodology used will be applied regularly in all classes, without exception, being exempted periods longer than 2h00 (two hours), in order to provide better use of the focus. Featuring three means of learning, books, videos well-founded and consistent with the material), reading current news. Without prejudice to resumption of content and or review of learning.

Port Angeles
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Let's make learning fun again! Master in Elementary Education. First in Family to attend college!

I believe in teaching students how subjects are applicable to their everyday life and future. There is a purpose behind everything we learn in school and unfortunately there isn't enough time in the days for teachers to explain that.

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Masters student at UCL, holding a 2.1 BSc Honours in Biomedical Sciences who is confident in teaching Biology and Chemistry related subjects

As I have studied Biomedical Sciences for my undergraduate degree, I am comfortable in helping with degree level biology and medical sciences related subjects as well as Biology and Chemistry A-levels and Science, Maths and English Language and Literature GCSE

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North Canberra based ANU graduate offering tutoring to primary, middle and high school students in english, maths, geography, history and biology

Hello! My name is Zoe Knight and I am a recent graduate of a Bachelor of International Relations and I am currently undertaking my Honours at the ANU. Having been raised in many countries around the world - Portugal, China, UAE and Australia - I have a solid understanding of various teaching methods which I believe works to my advantage when tutoring.

Cornellà de Llobregat
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Student of Industrial Design Engineering gives classes of revision of primary, ESO and scientific-technological baccalaureate in Cornellá de Llobregat and surroundings.

My method is very personal and adapted to the person who requests it. I always try to know the person and make him feel good so that the work always comes out the best possible. According to the needs of the student, the classes can be thought of in one way or another. I work at home before and after school to take advantage of the time or hours to the maximum.

Leamington Spa
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Business Ph.D student offering coursework and essay support in Leamington Spa area

-Module Support: helping you to gain a deeper understanding of theories taught in lectures. -Essay Support: helping you to structure and proofread your essay. -Coursework Support: presentations, quantitative reports, proposals etc.

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Master of Education with over a decade of tutoring experiences across psychology, education, and ESL

My name is Thomas. As I have gone from being the first in my family to finish high school to earning my graduate degree in educational psychology, I appreciate the effort one puts into advancing academically. Goals are defined at the start of our sessions, and then we refine our approach as we discover what is or is not working for us.

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Medical student, with 3 year-experience as a teacher of Biology and Lenguage (Spanish/English). Experience in individual and grupal classes, as a reforcement for school and as a help to prepare the PS

I am a 5th year medical student, and in my free time I do individual and grupal classes, as a reforcement for school (basic and middle school) and also at "Preuniversitario PreUDD" helping people to prepare the PSU test. Methodology: review of subject (ppt and study guides), help to memorize concepts, exercise (exercise guides, PSU tests, etc) and resolution of doubts.

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Primary and secondary school support in all subjects (including English) in Granada

My name is Alicia, I consider myself a cheerful person, dynamic, creative and committed to what I do. The method that I use is the adaptation to the different individual cases, since each person has its strong point when it comes to learning.

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Last year's student at the Liceo Scientifico offers support for homework and preparation of tests for curriculum subjects

I am a student of the last year of high school, who would like to be available to give repetitions (both at home and online) of curriculum subjects (mathematics, physics, Italian, Latin). Rather than giving simple lessons, my purpose would be to help in carrying out tasks and in preparing tests with a peer to peer relationship.

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Young Student in french Literature gives support to student of primary or middle school in Lille

I am currently in my first year of a degree in Modern Literature, a Bachelor's degree that I chose for my passion for literature. I am able to help schoolchildren and students in difficulty whatever the subject, even if my specialty is French and English (for non-speacker). I want to bring a school support that remains playful s that homeworks stop being a constraint.

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Caserta: PhD offers private lessons (Latin, humanities, Spanish, Biology) and homework help

- Homework support for elementary and middle schools students (all subjects); - private classes for high school students (Latin, philosophy, history, Italian, English language and literature, Spanish language and literature, biology, law); - help for papers and thesis (bibliographic researchs, organization, writing, layout and printing); - Help for university exams (PHILOSOPHY, PHILOSOPHY...

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Professor-Researcher in the Humanities and Social Sciences offers help with homeworks in Marseille from primary to secondary school

Holder of a "Bac S specialization in mathematics" and of a PhD in Social Anthropology and Ethnology (EHESS), I offer personalized tutoring courses to each student with difficulties or wishing to strengthen his knowledge in all subjects from primary school to college. I am available Wednesday afternoon and evening, Thursday and Friday evening, and every other weekend.

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Graduated in Agricultural Sciences proposes homework help for elementary and middle schools, and repetitions in scientific subjects for high schools and professional institutes

I am a master's degree in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. I propose help tasks on all subjects for elementary and middle schools, and repetitions for high schools and professional institutes in scientific subjects: biology, inorganic and organic chemistry, physics, earth sciences, agronomy and food science.

South Shields
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Education specialist with 12 years experience gives academic support in education and academic skills.

Hello, I support adults and young adults of all ages at a range of levels of study from GCSE to Masters. My lessons are individually tailored to the learner and I mainly implement a semi-structured method of instruction within a directed learning approach.

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