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Engineering student teaching all subjects for classes 5-10 all syllabus home/online applicable

Whether online or home(nearest possibilities) i could teach with the syllabus they say and the book they refer.

Le Havre
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Student in engineering school offers support in maths, physics, chemistry, English, French

Student in engineering school (I come off two years in mathematics prep school) offers math, physics, English, for secondary school to end of high school pupils. I also can help with homework and reading for elementary students. I have a lot of experience (thirty students over two years, of all levels and profiles).

Santa Monica
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Academic Tutoring with over 10 years experience. Have obtained both a Bachelor's Degree as well as a Juris Doctorate.

My teaching method varies depending on each student's individual needs. I believe that practice and patience is an important characteristic in being able to successfully teach any subject to any student. I also believe that being able to be flexible in teaching styles to meet each students needs.

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Graduating in science of education in Bologna's University and with scientific license proposes repetitions and help with homework to primary school children and middle school students for all subject

My main target is to make students learn all the concepts with direct experience. Keywords: learning, innovation and skills! The school needs students who want to learn and know what is around them and is not repeating and rereading texts and putting them on your mind without understand that they will love to study and acquire knowledge.

New Delhi
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Work at American Express as a lead Analyst. Former mathematics teacher. Command in spoken English..

I focus on the basic fundamentals of mathematics.. believe in concept and logical based teaching for a better understanding.

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Trento, graduate student in languages ​​offers lessons and repetitions for young and adults

Hello! I am a student of Croatian mother tongue and a graduate in Literature, Languages ​​and Translation at the University of Trento. I offer repetitions and private lessons to students from all schools and universities and to working adults in the following languages: Italian, English, Spanish, German and Croatian.

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If you cann't study or you don't get any result contact me! Help tasks for all adults and children!

I'm a student of the fifth year of high school science bilingual applied science option.

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Experienced teacher and tutor with Master's Degree & 15 years of teaching gives English and Thai lessons to primary students and ESL/EFL adults in Nashua, NH or neighboring towns

My name is Nicha, and I have been an EFL/ESL instructor for over 15 years for the government of Thailand Board of Education. I currently live in northeastern America.I enjoy teaching students of all ages and like to focus on grammar, idioms, real-world usage and having fun, and I have taught hundreds of high school, elementary school, preschool and professional students.

Queens County
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Academic subjects through the visual arts, English language Arts, Literacy, World and American History

I am a graduate of the school of visual arts and university of new England. I possess a bachelors in fine arts and art history, and a master's degree in the science of elementary education. I have been teach in New York Department of education for about 18 years through a grant and curriculum that teaches subject areas through the arts.

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English and Spanish tuition in Liverpool and surrounding areas with qualified (MA, BA hons) and experienced teacher

I am a 30 year old male and a qualified teacher with over six years of diverse teaching experience. Having studied languages myself in an academic setting, I understand the individual needs of learning and the immense pleasure that can be drawn from studying languages. My lessons begin with a diagnostic approach and I then prepare classes and course for individual students or small groups.

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Graduated in Psychology with excellent knowledge of the English language (C2) proposes repetitions of all scientific and humanistic subjects to children of high schools, middle and primary schools in

My approach to teaching is quite free adaptable to the needs of the individual boy. Depending on the needs, help with homework or propose integrations on specific topics. I have worked with boys and girls aged 9 to 18 years.

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All subjects for class 2 to 6 except (Bengali and hindi), cbse or icse

My methodology of teaching is simple yet it will be interactive,to take periodic test and to make the subjects more interesting for the students

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I can teach all classes from 1 to 12 with the guarantee of best results with best understanding.

it's based on the students requirement with my best effort and approach to get the best possible outcome in order to succeed

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Enriched learning offered to build skills, knowledge and experience of working with young children

My teaching method is working from a values based stance and as such I ensure all students individual learning needs are considered and the pace of learning is adapted to meet these needs. I use blended learning techniques which encourage creativity and allow the lessons to be fun.

Rio Grande
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Student of English (with other degrees) with experience in teaching and tutoring offers classes in various disciplines

My name is Deborah Diniz, I am graduated in Law and I am finishing Design. Now I am a student of English Literature because I'm passionate about studying and teaching. I have already taught basic computer and English classes. I managed with my sister tutoring school, where I was a tutor of English and Spanish.

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Student in coimbatore who studied in SRM university mechanical engineering gives home tuition for class one to class twelve for all subjects for both CBSE and state board

I teaching method is both fun and knowledgable. I try to explain each step until the kid understands and i will be calm and easygoing rather than harsh.

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History tuitions available from school till masters level at a reasonable price

I prefer teaching using interactive methods as well as using audio visual aids for better retention and comprehension of the students.

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I teach all academic subjects to students from 3rd grade to 8th grade

I follow the teaching process which has 30 mins of theoretical teaching and 30 mins of practical experience to make learning fun and practical

Navi Mumbai
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I am IT engineer and Image Consultant , love to give knowledge to students to ehance their academics and personal growth .

My teaching style include all the three aspects that is visual , audio , kinestic through which a learner can understand any theory in more better way .

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College Faculty with 21 years of Experience can handle Finance & General Management Papers, Can also assist fr projects

My teaching method is based on subject books prescribed by university and lot of reference materials from the Internet. Additional books by different authors will be referred by me. Teaching includes Explaining the concepts clearly, Practicing, sample tests, Worksheets and corrections. Teaching will be done for various background of students.

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Private tutoring available for all levels and in all subjects. Help with academic writing or research, qualification level PhD.

I base my tutoring upon individual need and tailor my lessons to suit each student. We can meet in person at my home or carry out our lessons online via skype, I am also available to reach by email or telephone.

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Student of it engineering give academic tutoring for school students of maharashtra board.

I teach students with real life examples from their daily life. I try to make them acknowledge about the real life application of academic education.

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Philosophy student and Bachelor of Science offers special support classes for Primary and Secondary. Subjects: Mathematics, Language, Physics, Latin, Philosophy.

The classes are individual and personalized to each student. I put emphasis on explaining the concepts clearly and simply, making useful relations with things they already know; and on establishing the bases necessary in order to proceed to the more complex topics. For this I give the student space to practice with exercises and make sense of the treated subjects.

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Spanish teacher with a huge ability for languages offer any help you need to get the best of you in all your subjects.

Each child is different so I will get the best way to help your through for example, conceptual maps to link ideas

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Student of English and Education, provides tution in English, social science, science, maths, G.K, in primary level

My teaching methodology is pedagogy oriented, based on the needs and demands of the child, also problem solving method and when required

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Ease with Science and mathematics and marks and concept oriented class for needy students

Keep it simple. Go for direct concept. Teach till student understand it. Teach in friendly way so student can ask any query.

Cape Town
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I am a Visual Studies graduate offering academic tutoring and student mentoring for cultural studies, art history and theory, communication and media studies, and the allied disciplines.

My teaching method is to make complex ideas and abstract concepts accessible to my students. I embrace current and real-world examples so that the relevance of each theory is clear. I strive to use language that is easy to grasp rather than overly academic. My lessons are based on staggered learning, continuous assessment, and frequent feedback.

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Specialist Accredited Tutor and admitted Lawyer providing highschool students with tutoring, career mentoring & coaching around South Brisbane area

I have a deep passion for making real differences in the lives of my students and their learning journey through laser-focused instruction, my watchful eye and customised expertise to benefit students directly and witness their sparks of comprehension; equipping them with critical study skills to become independent lovers of learning.

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Hold the roots first and then use the ladder to succeed and move ahead

Learn the basics first. First learn to collect all your arrows, then choose the best bow, then select a prestigious target and finally leave the arrow. It will require patience but it will be worth it. Today's fast world is lacking PATIENCE.

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Postgraduate with diploma student gives tuition in maths,physics,chemistry,english, accountancy from highschool to college in Kerala.

My teaching method is based on subject level. I will make the students to well caliber for facing exams . I'm also taking tuition for b com students.

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