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Md hanif ali
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Expert Engineering Student and Programmer from U of Saskatchewan is Teaching Programming Languages in Saskatoon

I like to teach every lesson in a simple manner so that any student who doesn't have any prior knowledge can also get to know about everything. I like to make students learn by heart. I tried to make everything simple and clear which helps a lot to the new learners.

Thunder Bay
(2 reviews)
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Master's student gives ESL and Computer Science subject classes for high school students in Thunder Bay

My teaching methods are not only theoretical, I structure my courses as theory with practice which makes it easy to learn and remember for long time.

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Web designer teaches you the basics of website design & development in Vaudreuil-Dorion.

What a typical class looks like depends on the student. For those who are more comfortable with coding, we can either work on unique projects to practice your skills (coding a simple website, customizing a Wordpress site, etc), or I can aid you with your own projects/homework/assignments.

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UofT CompSci student teaches high school Math, Stats, and Programming in Toronto

I intend on teaching elementary, high school, and first-year university mathematics, statistics, and programming. I believe in developing a strong foundation such that students can deduce what must follow logically. I will share the practical applications of these subjects in hopes of encouraging interest and deeper understanding.

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Computer programming graduate gives classes for many kinds of computing basics for all ages in the GTA

I'm relatively new to tutoring but ideally I would like to teach students by having them follow along by doing tasks while I perform them too. I care about each and every one of my students and I try to make sure nobody is confused. My subjects are entry-level and students of all ages are welcome.

Thunder Bay
Le truong hiep
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Enthusiastic and caring tutor from the manufacturing engineering program in thunder bay

I started my tutoring job in the college since September 2017, and I had a lot of great memories and experiences with my students. My method of teaching is individually-oriented. I talk with each student and determine what approach is suitable for him/her.

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Computer Science Tutor based in Edmonton (coding, theory, basic computer skills etc. )

I am a flexible methodology, that always depends on the individual student. Usually it begins with a discussion about the student's background with the material and their grasp on the major concepts. We then progress to practical examples and go from there! I typically tutor students ranging from grade 8 through to first year university seeking assistance in math and science.

(3 reviews)
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Looking to use a computer or a device on a more regular basis, but not sure where to start? I can help!

Every student is different, everyone learns in their own style and at their own pace. I fit my teaching accordingly to help you in the best possible way. The way I set up a session would be completely individualized to your needs.

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Enhance your skills with my unique methodology and become expert in computing!

My methodology is to teach students with all my knowledge so far I have gathered. I start from simple with the soft examples and once students become comfortable I start with the complex problems. Teaching with real world examples and methods is main focus.

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Software Quality Assurance professional well versed in the following areas gives microsoft word, excel, powerpoint, mails, basic computer classes to primary and high school students in a very efficien

As a Teacher, i would like to go by the following simple structure 1.Students to first know what they are learning by setting objectives and goals of learning. 2. More Interactive sessions which include multimedia presentations, activities, and demonstrations. 3.

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Ready to deliver my knowledge and experience on "Computer Networks" and "Linux Basics and Administration" in Vaughan, ON

My teaching methods are online, offline and face-to-face. I base my classes on Cisco Networking Academy program. I approach a subject with flexibility and fun. I'm using my own methods and ways. I think the most boring part of learning is getting a lot of theoretical information. That's why a practice along theoretical information is very important thing.

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Engineer offering basic, intermediate and advanced computer lessons in Kelowna with 6 years experience

I teach both young students and adults. I'm a big believer in chunking, relating and putting into practice. I'm passionate and believe education is the key to the future.

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Is Graphic Design your passion? Let's learn the basics of Adobe Design Suite together!

My teaching methods are to be able to provide you with all the skills needed in the programs where you know what tools to use for future designs. I will explain each tool to you, show you what it does and how it works in art work that you decide to create. The beauty of design is that everything you envision you can make it come to life with just a click of a mouse.

Mohammed hidayat
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An passionate Information Technology teacher with interactive & evaluating teaching style in Ontario

My teaching methods are very unique as compare to that of traditional teaching. I will ensure you understand the concepts before proceeding further, I like to keep the teaching interactive and interesting to keep your attention. Also i evaluate your progress and provide one on one feedback for improvements.

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25 Years experience in Computers ready to teach you one on one in your home.

My teaching methods are hands on, teach you the skills to teach yourself, let you be the hero. Assist you in developing the tools to solve your own issues and understand computers more thoroughly. You will be empowered to research and fix your problems.

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College student gives computer basics classes in Montreal (Microsoft, Windows, Phones, Video Editing, etc.)

I like to teach by making the student understand every step by themselves instead of giving a full demonstration and having them confused. In other words, I like to make my teaching an experience rather than simple theory. My classes target a wide public of any age who wants to learn the basics of computers (and phones) and slightly advanced editing softwares.

Prince George
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Computer science student giving classes for Java and basic coding concepts in Prince George B.C.

My methods are to start with the basics and make sure that these are understood. Once the basics are done I feel that working on simple projects that are designed to teach more advanced concepts are the most effective way to get these concepts across. My main language is Java.

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Senior Software Engineering Student offering an introduction into programming centered on Java

I approach procedural programming by covering the core concepts with examples. Then we will get into problem solving with programming, and some basic design patterns. The information i can offer would be great for students looking to start programming with a leg-up. Actual sessions will be conversational in nature, and aimed at fostering an interest in computer programming.

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Teaching Basic Photoshop in Toronto (I have 5 years experience work with Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator)

I have many years to training software for a new guy including student, employee, teacher,... Specifically, I use the real project and help them experience the real project. In addition, I have a couple of years to work in digital marketing. Therefore, I have a deep insight into them.

Medicine Hat
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Web Developer gives lessons in basic coding (i.e. html and css), to build introductory websites in the Medicine Hat area.

Hands-on learning with a little fun and creativity thrown in. Building something from scratch using what you've learned is the best way to learn a new skill. A typical class is one-on-one going through the steps to building an introductory website.

Port Coquitlam
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An IT expert providing scientific topics classes (Math, Physics & Computer Science) for high school students in Great Vancouver area

I provide one-to-one classes into different topics that comply with BC high school curriculum, with major focus on practice rather than pure theory. Basic information are already provided at school, therefore, instead of repeating what the student already know, I'd rather focus on demonstrating how to apply what he/she already acquired as knowledge through extensive exercises.

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Professional engineer gives knowledge of Information Technology related task entry level students or any body who keen to learn about technical's of computer education.

I teaches with flexibility of students with friendly way for entry level/ high school/collegiate or anyone who wants to learn about technical education related to professional in Networking and Database or Hardware and Software as well as basic of computers.

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An Intern Architect giving lessons for students who plans to improve skills in Revit and AutoCAD

Graphic skills: My teaching methods will be specific to individuals and make a unique schedule to each student, making sure they catch up with the learning speed and be really confident to learn continuously. Chinese: Mainly focus on primary and secondary school students who willing to learn Chinese and excellent to speak and write after complete my lessons.

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Master in software engineering teaches Unix/Linux/Windows/Mac operating systems, programming languages and related technologies in Montreal

Depending on the level of the student. Covering the basics (an introduction to the technologie, examples, exercises) and then going to the medium and advanced levels (according to the student's needs). Teaching by examples and exercises are for me the best way to learn. Students of any level are welcome.

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Established IT professional with over 10 years experience ready to teach Information Technology & Physics for All online or in Toronto.

I prefer and follow the simplest methodology when it comes to teaching. A great teacher is someone who can make student of any standard understand the lesson. It is not about how long it takes to teach but if you succeed or not.

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L'informatique pour les débutants - prise en main du matériel et des opérations de base.

Vous souhaitez une assistance pour prendre en main votre matériel informatique et les logiciels de base ? Que ce soit un Apple Macintosh, un PC sous environnement Windows, un téléphone intelligent ou une tablette, je peux vous aider.

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IT Technician and Mobile Technology Specialist in North York will teach how to use Mac OS, iOS, Android and MS Windows

I've been working in IT and Mobile Technology for 8 years. I offer classes focused on using Mac OS, iOS, Android, MS Windows and computer repair. I also offer training in basic elementary and high school subjects. My teaching methodology focuses on using technology for personalized learning. The training I offer will be focused on the students specific educational goal.

(1 review)
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Engineering student gives HTML and also related programming classes in Charlottetown PEI

My teaching methods are based mostly on visuals, that is, I demonstrate all the codes on a laptop or a projector to students while explaining. I try all the possible coding styles for students to grasp the understanding. Since humans remember mostly what they see, I prefer this methodology.

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Mathematics and Computer Private Group TEACHER in Peterborough Canadafor students and colleges

I am MASTER OF TECHNOLOGY (M.TECH) in Computer Science..I own a channel with over 96K Subscribers and over 6000 videos. The videos are educational; cover all Computer Science Subjects (From Basic School to Engineering), Mathematics (From grade 7 to 12) & Remote Sensing and GIS.

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Computer Science student gives Math and basic computer programming to high school students or first/ second-year university students.

I would love to show my tutee the way to find the answer not only for a specific question but all questions in general. I would love to help them to improve their self-study skills instead of relying on a tutor for every subject. I think that is the best for their future.

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Perfect! Kiran is an amazing tutor and is immensely helpful. I had no programming experience going in and now know so much about the c++ language. She is super friendly and very flexible to work with. I would definitely recommend Kiran if you need to learn...

Sakshi, Student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I would definitely recommend Vinit He is very nice and he knows his job well. he works so hard to to make his students happy with the final result whether it was an assignment or a lesson

Hala, Student
2 months ago
(1 review)

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